How To Hosting Rdp Server Windows 10

How To Hosting Rdp Server Windows 10 – In Windows 10, you can enable Remote Desktop to allow remote access to a computer using the Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP). Typically, you would use this feature to provide support or control a device or server without being physically present on site using a modern “Remote Desktop” application or a legacy “Remote Desktop Connection”.

The ability to allow external access to a device has been available for many years, but it was a feature you had to configure using the Control Panel. However, in Windows 10, the settings to enable remote access are now included in the Settings app.

How To Hosting Rdp Server Windows 10

How To Hosting Rdp Server Windows 10

In this guide, you will learn the steps to enable Remote Desktop to manage the device or remotely access your files and applications using the Settings app as well as using the Control Panel in Windows 10.

Remote Desktop Service Installation In Windows Server’s Add Roles And Features Wizard

Important: Remote Desktop is not available in Windows 10 Home, only in Windows 10 Pro and Enterprise. If you are using Windows 10 Home, you can use Chrome Remote Desktop as an alternative.

Once you’ve completed the steps, you can connect to the computer using the Modern Remote Desktop app (recommended) included with Windows 10 or the Remote Desktop Connection app.

You’ll also see two new additional options to ensure you can always connect when you’re away, including “Keep my PC awake for connections when connected” and “Discover my PC on private networks to enable automatic connections from remote devices create.”

On the Advanced Settings page, you’ll also find additional options, such as the ability to require the computer to use Network Layer Verification to connect. This feature makes the connection more secure by requiring users to authenticate with the network before connecting to the device.

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The Settings page also displays the current Remote Desktop port if you need to configure the router to allow remote connections from outside the network. If nothing changes on your device, the port number should always be 3389.

Although the Settings app makes it easy to access your computer remotely, it is still possible to enable RDP using the Control Panel.

After completing the steps, you can use one of the available clients from another computer to connect to your device remotely.

How To Hosting Rdp Server Windows 10

It should be noted that as you enable the feature using Control Panel, the option to require network level authentication is also selected by default, which is the option you want to enable anyway.

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While you can use Control Panel to configure Remote Desktop in Windows 10 and earlier versions such as Windows 8.1 and Windows 7, the ability to enable the feature using the Settings app is only available from Windows 10.

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