How Does Web Hosting Work

How Does Web Hosting Work – Web hosting is an arrangement that provides users with online settings for storing data, images, videos, or any content available over the web. Web hosts are companies that provide space for their consumers on a server they own. Once a website is hosted on a server, other users can access it at any time.

There are several elements that make web hosting possible. Let’s take a brief look at all of them to understand how web hosting works.

How Does Web Hosting Work

How Does Web Hosting Work

To use a live website, you need to start by purchasing a domain name from any domain registrar. A domain name is like the identity of a website. Just like you have a name, your web property must have a name. People can access your website using this name.

How Does Website Hosting Actually Work?

For example: ” is the domain name of our website. Similarly, you can find thousands of examples like,, etc. There are different types of domain names and they end with extensions like ‘.com’, ‘.net’, ‘.in’ and so on. You can choose any one depending on your requirement.

This is a technical topic and I will try to explain in simple terms. When someone visits your website by typing in the domain name, there should be something that directs them to the correct computer where all the information is stored. This is done by associating your domain name with an IP address. So every time someone visits your website, they are directed to the associated IP and the information is transmitted.

Therefore, setting up a DNS or name server is a very important step without which you cannot host your website. Once you’ve done that, you can move on to the final step of hosting.

This is the server where all the files related to your website or web property such as images, videos, content, etc. are stored. In layman’s terms, it’s just a computer with a certain amount of disk space and bandwidth. There are different types of accommodation. System configuration and resource sharing depends on the type of hosting you choose. Depending on your requirement, you can choose a suitable hosting plan. We have explained each type of hosting in a separate article to give you a clear overview. Below is a brief overview of the most important types of hosting.

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Once you’ve configured the above three, your website can be accessed by anyone on the internet just by entering a domain name. Here is a small illustration to explain the above setup.

Follow the steps below to understand the web hosting process and the steps required to successfully host a website online.

Through this article, the complete basics of web hosting and how it works have been shared to enable any new person in the industry to successfully host a website that suits their needs.

How Does Web Hosting Work

Hosting is like a place where all your data is stored. Everything related to your website is stored on this server. Shared hosting is a type of hosting where you share a site with other users. It simply means that the server has data related to multiple domains in one place.

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While this is the best way to start, it has some drawbacks, which I’ll cover later. We understand some of the factors to look for when choosing shared hosting.

I’m sure you’ve come across the term “cloud”. Cloud hosting is the newest form of hosting where the load of a single website is shared across multiple servers. This results in efficient resource balancing while providing near 100% uptime. There are big players in this space like Amazon, Microsoft and Google.

The concept of depending on only one server makes webware vulnerable to server problems. The fact that this site is now hosted by a network of servers makes it a very promising hosting method.

As the name suggests, this is a type of hosting where a company primarily buys medium to large hosting packages from a hosting provider, rebrands it, and sells it as its own service. It is a booming industry and has its advantages and disadvantages. Let me explain with an example how reseller hosting works.

Web Hosting For Beginners

Scenario: Steve owns a digital marketing company called “Webrite”. Since the company offers web development service, it is quite obvious that all their clients need web hosting. Instead of referring them to a hosting provider, Steve plans to offer his own hosting services under his own company brand.

He goes to a big hosting provider like Hostgator or Bluehost, buys a package that suits them, and then turns it into his service. This is a win-win for both Steve and his clients. Customers have a single point of contact and Steve can generate additional revenue with this service.

The hosting services discussed so far use Windows as the operating system on their servers. Linux hosting services use the Linux operating system on their servers. It has many advantages as Linux is an open source operating system. This means that the code is publicly available to everyone, which leads to more customization. Hosting services are relatively cheaper, mainly because the OS is free and open source. Here are some pros and cons of Linux hosting.

How Does Web Hosting Work

A virtual private server has a network of systems located somewhere other than your own. Hence the name “virtual”. Although server resources can be shared among multiple users, this is quite different from shared hosting.

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It allocates processing power (RAM and CPU) to each user using Hypervisor technology. This ensures that your assets are not only affected by the increased load on other users’ websites. Let me explain this with a simple example.

Scenario: Assume that the total amount of RAM on the server is 100 GB. In a VPS system, the number of users is limited and set to a fixed number. In our case, let’s assume that the server is shared between 10 users. Thus, each user has a dedicated virtual system with 10 GB of RAM. If the load on other shared systems increases, your processing power will not be used. The other user needs to either update their system or the website will not be stable.

Since you have access to the system, you have more flexibility to make changes and configure it as needed. This is not the case with shared hosting, as changes affect all users of the shared network.

Dedicated web hosting is a special type of hosting service where the server is configured for only one user/organization. Which means all resources like disk space, bandwidth, RAM, processing power are dedicated to a single user. This type of hosting is suitable for businesses that have several large applications or websites to host.

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Scenario: Let’s say John runs a SaaS company with a very good user base of over 1000 customers. This means that all app data and user data must be stored safely and securely. Using shared hosting would make the data vulnerable to security threats. Therefore, dedicated hosting would be the best option for John.

It provides the highest level of privacy and security compared to other types of hosting. John has two options: he can set up a dedicated server himself, or he can get service providers to do it for him.

Colocation web hosting is a new form of web hosting that is gaining popularity among small businesses. This is similar to dedicated hosting, but the difference is that your hardware is shared over a location. So a colocation hosting provider would provide space for similar dedicated hardware. Don’t confuse this with shared hosting, you don’t share your system configurations with anyone. This helps save on physical maintenance costs.

How Does Web Hosting Work

You can look for a service provider that offers both rack space and technical maintenance, or simply choose a physical space to host your server. This reduces costs and makes it cheaper than dedicated hosting, while performance remains more or less the same.

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