Hosting Yang Pakai Alaamt Ip

Hosting Yang Pakai Alaamt Ip – For a website, you must know the IP address. Especially for SEO service providers. But do IP addresses matter for SEO and impact rankings? So let’s discuss the following. We start by looking for meaning first.

An IP or Internet Protocol address is a series of numbers (1 to 3 digits separated by dots) that identify a device connected to the Internet or other computer network. An IP address is basically a code that allows all devices, computers, phones, servers, etc. to communicate with each other.

Hosting Yang Pakai Alaamt Ip

Hosting Yang Pakai Alaamt Ip

Each number ranges from 0 to 255, so an IP address might look like IP addresses are currently the most important technologies. So what about the website’s IP address? Websites also have an IP address assigned by the server that hosts them. A site may have a dedicated IP address, or it may share an IP address with other sites on the server.

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Each computer on the network can be identified by a unique code. The first version was Internet Protocol version 4 or IPv4. This protocol uses a 32-bit address to determine the IP address. A much newer version than the previous version, namely Internet Protocol version 6. This version was developed in 1995 and is still being modified. This protocol uses a 128-bit address to define an IP address.

IP addresses do not directly affect SEO. But that doesn’t mean it’s not important. For a long time, it was believed that if you shared your IP address with sites that weren’t good enough or that violated Google’s policies, you would be penalized.

For example, if a server has 99% of sites that violate Google’s policies, it would be easy for Google to blacklist everything on Google and ignore 1% of them. In 2003, Matt Cutts said in his video, “If you use shared hosting, Google and I understand that you can’t monitor the people who are on the same hosting as you. Spammers and scammers know this very well, and they can easily switch servers and change IP addresses. so it’s not the most comprehensive way to handle any problem.”

However, this does not mean that a specific IP address is correct for your SEO. However, there are several advantages to using a dedicated IP address.

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Your own unique IP address gives you complete control. You can easily set up a private SSL certificate because Google really likes such sites. Privately owned IP addresses can provide better SEO performance and sites can load faster.

Most hosting providers offer “shared hosting” or “dedicated hosting”. If you have a hosting package, of course you want to know how much shared hosting is per IP.

Dedicated IP hosting is of course a single site, but shared IP hosting can be distributed across multiple sites simultaneously. That’s what was bothering me earlier. Sites that are already large in size and e-commerce are better suited to use dedicated IP hosting, because they require a lot of bandwidth for their visitors, and of course they should already have SSL.

Hosting Yang Pakai Alaamt Ip

Well, now it is clear that the IP address does not have such a significant impact on SEO, but its existence and attention should be paid to it. Of course, both types of hosts have their pros and cons. Dedicated IP addresses can have many advantages, especially when it comes to security. However, if you don’t pay attention to your site’s SEO strategy, your site won’t necessarily rank on page one of Google. In order to connect a website to the Internet and be accessible to many people, it is necessary to know several components, such as IP addresses and domains. What is an IP address? How is it different from a domain and how does it work? Here is the explanation.

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What are IP addresses? An IP address or IP address is a collection of numbers that every device connected to the Internet must have. This set of numbers is very complex and difficult for users to remember and is unique and different for each device. An IP address must be owned by every device connected to the Internet, including Internet users such as laptops, computers, cell phones, and websites that are sources of information. Both have different IP addresses and are connected to each other when a user accesses a website using the Internet.

In general, IP addresses consist of 32 binary bits and are divided into 4 octets (1 octet = 8 bits). Each octet has a value from 0 to 255. Each octet is converted to a decimal and separated by a dot (period). For example, the IP address is 175.22.345.1

An IP address consists of 2 parts with different functions: a host ID and a network ID, separated by a subnet mask. The host ID is the identification of the host (router interface, workstation, device) connected to the network, and the network ID is the identification of the path on the network. The network ID is then used to identify TCP/IP hosts located on the same network.

Functions of IP Addresses As one of the most important components of Internet topology, IP addresses have several functions, which are summarized in the following points.

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The main function of an IP address is to facilitate the process of communication on a computer network. Every device with an IP address that uses the Internet can communicate with each other. This will allow the devices to communicate with each other.

An IP address also serves as a device identifier. An IP address can track and store computer identifiers such as geographic location and where the computer was at a given time. Therefore, you should be careful and more careful when using the Internet in public places. In this way, the PC’s data security level and identity can be properly maintained.

The IP address on this website may also be used as an identifier by security systems. Whenever a device requests access to a website, the website server immediately checks the incoming IP address. If the IP address is found to be secure, the server will allow access to the website. Conversely, if the host is a malicious threat, the server will automatically deny the request.

Hosting Yang Pakai Alaamt Ip

IP Addresses and Domains The difference between IP addresses and domains are two related things. An IP address is an address in the form of a collection of numbers that allows access to the Internet or a website. A domain is a simple form of an IP address translated into a language, and we usually write it in the URL column. Using a domain allows Internet users to access a website at any time without having to remember the set of numbers in an IP address.

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The term IP address is widely used at a basic level and is useful as a means of communication between devices. In addition, on a surface level, the public uses more domain terms to access websites. The main differences between an IP address and a domain are:

IP address: Focuses on finding locations by identifying points on the Internet. The term IP address is often used in computer technical terms (computer friendly). Domain: Focuses on naming or labeling.

If the term IP address is widely used in technical terms, then the use of domain names is used in the wider community.

How IP Addresses Work Whenever you visit a website through your web browser, the website’s address is sent to your Internet Service Protocol (ISP) as a domain name. The ISP converts the data into datagrams. This datagram is sent to the website’s server via IP address for inspection. If the datagram is deemed safe, the requested website will appear on the web page of the user’s web browser.

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How to Check IP Address There are several ways you can find the IP address of a website. One of them is to use a web application that provides online IP address tracking services.

A website page that works to find a website’s IP address. Users only need to enter the domain address they are looking for, and the DNS checker will provide results in the form of IP address information along with the DNS location of over 25 DNS-checked domains. DNS Checker can help users see DNS domain query results from different DNS servers in different countries. Visit for details and complete information.

IPaddress.My is another free IP address checker that you can choose. At IPAddress.My, which is slightly different from DNS Checker, you will get detailed information about the domain. Starting with IP address, connection speed used, ISP and usage type. If you need more detailed information about the website, you can directly access it at

Hosting Yang Pakai Alaamt Ip

Unlike the previous 2 tools, Domain IP Lookup allows you to check multiple urls at once. This website will provide information in the form of time zone, ISP and domain owner contact information. Domain IP lookups are used as a tool to help improve SEO rankings. A domain IP lookup can be found at Conclusion As a basic component of a website or device, IP addresses are very important as a means of communication between computer networks. If you have a dedicated (non-shared) public IP address, your website is simply unreachable

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