Hosting WordPress Tidak Bisa Diakses

Hosting WordPress Tidak Bisa Diakses – Creating a website requires not only the right hosting service, but also the ability to manage it. WordPress is a CMS that can help you manage websites without coding. All WordPress site management features are available on the dashboard page. So you already know how to login to WP admin, right?

And configuration access that can facilitate site administration. In this article, you can find a guide on how to login to the dashboard and how to solve various WordPress login problems. Come on, check out the review now!

Hosting WordPress Tidak Bisa Diakses

Hosting WordPress Tidak Bisa Diakses

WP admin is a WordPress dashboard page that contains various settings for your WordPress site, such as managing posts. This page can be visited by users with account login access. So, if you want to access your WordPress dashboard, you need to have the necessary login information.

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As for the dashboard, you can find various website management features on this page. You can manage posts, media galleries, manage website pages to customize the look of your website design. Access control for multiple users can also be done through the WP admin using the Users feature.

Normally login to WP admin requires credentials. But actually there is also a way to login to WP admin without using username and password. How can that be? If you’re interested, keep listening to the discussion about this method, okay?

There is more than one way to get to your WordPress dashboard page. Here are some ways to login to WP admin including:

This is the most common login method. This method allows you to access the WP admin via the URL of your WordPress site link. However, this method can only be performed if you have the credentials, namely: the username and password of the site owner. Here are the steps:

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In addition to the normal WP admin login method above, you can access WP admin in one click using Softaculous Apps Installer. Make sure it is installed before proceeding with the steps below.

You can also log in to the WP admin login page of your web hosting provider. This method is even shorter and can help you login to WP admin directly without any credentials.

So what if you have tried the WP admin login method above but still can’t access it? There are several ways to overcome this. Below is a detailed overview of several ways to solve the WP admin cannot access the reason issue:

Hosting WordPress Tidak Bisa Diakses

If you cannot access the WP admin because you entered the wrong username or password, you can reset your WordPress password using PhpMyAdmin or you can forget your password. How to forget your password:

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It’s possible that the WP-admin login method you did failed because WordPress login was disabled. Why, who turned it off? Usually, if too many login attempts fail, the hosting service will automatically disable access to the WP admin.

An error message from the hosting service prevents access to the WP admin for 20 minutes after the last attempt. Make sure you don’t try to access again during this time.

If the time exceeds 20 minutes, you can log in to WP admin again. If you still forgot your password, just click Forgot Password to create a new password.

Even if you entered the correct password, sometimes you can’t avoid access to WP admin either. Perhaps the problem you are experiencing is a WordPress redirect error.

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There are three main ways to fix this problem, namely: clear your browser cache and cookies, fix your .htaccess file, and disable themes and plugins. Of course, you can’t disable themes and plugins in error mode. To fix this, you can use FileZilla to open your host’s dashboard page.

Change the plugin folder name using your website hosting dashboard. If after changing the name the error disappeared and you can access the WP admin, then the reason for the error is a plugin installed on the site.

So it can be concluded that WP admin login works to access different WordPress dashboard menus. The main menu accessible through this page includes managing posts, media galleries, site page settings, custom site appearance and much more.

Hosting WordPress Tidak Bisa Diakses

There are several ways to login to the WP admin to access the dashboard page. You can access it via URL as you normally would from cPanel or from your website provider page.

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If you have trouble remembering your admin information, you can use the Remember me option. This way, you don’t have to manually enter your credentials when you want to log in again, because the browser already remembers them.

However, if your site provides access to multiple users, you can create different credentials for each user. This can help maintain security on the admin side.

For increased security and smooth WP admin access, you should also consider switching to the best hosting service. Of course, buying hosting from is fast, easy and really cheap. Come on, check it out now! Waryanto follows a technical content writer, loves the world of technical IT, digital marketing and travel blogging. Likes to share new, useful things for others.

There are several reasons why you cannot login to WordPress. Common problems are actually simple, they just require specific treatment based on the root of the problem. In this tutorial, we will discuss the best ways to solve failed logins for issues like incorrect username and password, unable to login to WordPress after migration, database connection failure, and white screen.

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First, make sure you’ve entered the correct WordPress username and password. If you’ve entered your username and password correctly, but still get the error: Invalid username, try resetting it by selecting the Forgot your password link. The password will then be sent to your email. email address during installation.

If you do not receive a password sent to your email email address, you can try resetting your WordPress password using phpMyAdmin.

In some cases, you can’t enter WordPress wp-admin because it doesn’t appear when you move your site to a new domain. This is due to the difference between the existing URL in the MySQL database and your new domain name.

Hosting WordPress Tidak Bisa Diakses

Since WordPress uses MySQL to store all posts, profiles, and configurations, it’s important to make sure the URLs in the database match the new domain name.

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Another common reason why you can’t connect to WordPress is a database connection problem. In this case, you will usually see the words Error when connecting the database on every page of the website.

This message is usually caused by a number of things, one of which is a corrupted database. To fix this, try the tutorial on how to fix database connection errors in WordPress.

Have you ever seen a white screen like the one above when you can’t login to WordPress? This can be caused by several things. One of them is the plugin and template you use.

The problem of not being able to login to WordPress can happen to anyone. You should be aware of the symptoms of the problem, such as incorrect username and password, unable to login to WordPress after migration, unable to establish a database connection, or showing a white screen.

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We hope that after reading this guide, you will get a solution to your WordPress login issue. If you have any questions or comments about this article, feel free to leave a comment in the column provided. Click Subscribe Now to get the latest articles delivered straight to your email. postbox! 🙂

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Necessary for your website to thrive. Ok, let’s move on to the article WordPress tips: from buying hosting to making your website available

Hosting WordPress Tidak Bisa Diakses

(CMS) is the most popular. Self-hosted WordPress is very flexible in terms of design and functionality and can be used to create all kinds of websites, from online stores to dynamic news sites.

Apa Itu WordPress? Pengertian Dan Kelebihannya!

Before you start getting your website online, there are a few things to consider, one of which is choosing a domain name. It’s an important element of your website’s presence because it helps define it

In some cases, choosing a domain name can be very simple. You can simply use your name or company name followed by a .com, .net or other domain extension.

It is important to choose your domain name carefully. You can come up with something you like because it will be easy for people to remember and write. Of course, you want to avoid long and confusing domain names.

After choosing a domain name, your website needs hosting. There are many types of hosting and shared web hosting can be considered as the first step. This is because it is the cheapest and is perfect for new sites with few visitors. Along with growth

Ingin Punya Website Dengan Hosting WordPress Gratis? Ini Caranya!

Follow the instructions on how to order hosting and domains at and you’ll be presented with a wide selection of hosting packages to suit your needs. After receiving payment confirmation, you will receive an e-mail. email from the hosting service with your account information. Save the email

2. Find and click on the WordPress logo. If not there, select Softaculous Apps Installer (softaculous is a program for installing various website platforms, one of which is WordPress)

5. Upload the WordPress zip file you just downloaded to this public_html folder

Hosting WordPress Tidak Bisa Diakses

Click move or move file from the menu, then delete /WordPress (as shown below) to go to the public_html folder

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6. We return to the WordPress folder. For WordPress to work, you need to create a database. So go back to cPanel and open the MySQL Database app.

Create a new database and user (as shown below), then use a combination of numbers and letters to make it more secure.

7. The last step! Open your website address in your browser and install WordPress. Before you do, you must fill in the information below:

If there is a “Could not establish database connection” error, it means that there is something wrong with your database name, username or password.

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For those of you who still don’t know how to do this

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