Hosting WordPress Ecommerce

Hosting WordPress Ecommerce – When it comes to creating an online eCommerce store, WooCommerce is the obvious choice. Currently, WooCommerce powers 42% of all online stores, and this number will only grow as more users come on board.

WooCommerce is a popular choice because it is secure, extensible and future-proof (thanks to the efforts of a dedicated community).

Hosting WordPress Ecommerce

Hosting WordPress Ecommerce

The answer is no. To make your eCommerce business successful, you need a robust and robust WordPress hosting solution that can keep pace with the growth of your business.

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In this article, I will discuss the features of such hosting services and introduce solutions to your eCommerce hosting challenges.

To make the online business successful, it is very important to understand the changing factors that must be accepted. For this, you need to know the answers to these questions.

This is important because not all online stores are created equal. Due to the differences in the type of businesses and service needs, each online store requires special services and tools for a smooth transition. If you provide the best location for your store, visitors and customers will have a great experience and can support high availability and security for success.

A dedicated server can give you a lot of computing power, but you still need to invest in resource management and regular updates, patching, and possibly a system administrator to perform these and other related tasks. .

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WooCommerce runs on top of WordPress, which in turn runs on a stack consisting of a PHP processor, a web server (Apache/NGINX) and a database (MySQL or MariaDB). In addition, WooCommerce and WordPress also require additional services to manage caching, traffic spikes and backups.

Putting all these things together on a server requires different skills. On the one hand, you will soon realize that server management is a big problem that can become an obstacle in other areas of business.

To see if a hosting service fits this equation, I decided to check out Cloudways, a cloud hosting provider for WordPress.

Hosting WordPress Ecommerce

Cloudways is a managed cloud hosting engine for WordPress, WooCommerce and other PHP-based web applications. The platform solves all server-side problems, while users enjoy the power of cloud servers running under the hood.

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One of the most important features of Cloudways is the choice of cloud resources that it offers to its users. Currently, the platform allows you to choose a server from the top five cloud providers.

As a user, you can convert a server to the desired size in minutes. In the case of AWS and Google Cloud, you can also add other factors, such as bandwidth, storage and data storage.

The option to choose from five cloud providers gives you access to a large number of data centers around the world. With Cloudways you can host your server in any of the more than 60 locations available to Cloudways users.

For eCommerce stores, it is important to be as close as possible to the target market. This reduces delays and therefore stores load faster. Likewise, it’s easy to add more servers without changing your cloud provider.

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At the beginning of this article, I explained the setup required to run a WordPress-based eCommerce business. Cloudways offers all that and more. In this model, Cloudways is a platform that runs on your cloud server and ensures optimal server performance.

Under the hood, it runs and manages multiple functions. The purpose of these services is to provide maximum time and efficiency for online transactions.

Cloudways uses both Apache and NGINX as web servers. The mixture is used in many places of use. Without going into technical details, I would like to mention that Cloudways Platform uses Apache for flexibility and NGINX for speed.

Hosting WordPress Ecommerce

With Cloudways, your eCommerce store runs on the latest stable version of PHP. The platform supports PHP 7.x, an important part of store performance and compatibility. The best part – you can choose your preferred version from the many PHP versions available on the Platform.

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The PHP version is set for the entire server and is applicable to all applications hosted on the server. As you read this, Cloudways supports PHP versions 5.6 to 7.4. Although I recommend using the latest version of PHP for your WordPress website, you can also use the older version if the situation requires it.

Cloudways uses Debian, a Linux distribution, and since Debian 9 only MariaDB is supported. Overall, MariaDB offers better performance and flexibility with support for different storage engines.

Caching is a technique used to save server resources by serving data or requests that have been served before. It plays an important role in the efficient use of server resources. Cloudways has a state-of-the-art security system that is built to optimize server and application performance.

If you’re thinking about your online business, it’s hard to ignore security. But do you need to worry when it is hosted on a managed cloud hosting like Cloudways?

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Fortunately, Cloudways also takes security very seriously. In addition to having a firewall in place, the servers are protected with other security measures such as encrypted SSH and SFTP access, 2FA and IP Whitelisting.

Many security vulnerabilities can be avoided with regular updates and patching. Since Cloudways is a managed hosting solution, you don’t have to worry about this and the server is always patched and updated.

The Cloudways platform is user-friendly and modern. I’ll walk you through some of the main features and leave the rest for you to discover.

Hosting WordPress Ecommerce

When you sign up for a Cloudways account, all you have to do is choose a provider, name your store and your server. Select the required server details, select the data center and get started. In a few minutes, the server and the website are ready for action.

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The server management screen contains all the options to manage and manage the server services. In this section, you can see your server’s IP and credentials for SSH and SFTP access.

From the side menu, options such as server monitoring, security, backup and settings can be accessed. There are quick action buttons to perform tasks like stop server, pause, delete, submit, etc.

The control section of the application contains all the options and credentials for your website specified on the server.

Here, you can access the WordPress database and credentials. The section menu contains options for domain mapping, SSL certificates, backups and migration tools.

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It is possible that more than one team is working on your ecommerce store and each one is looking for a personalized job opportunity and credentials. Cloudways solves this problem with their Membership option.

With this feature, you can add members and define access parameters according to their role. This is a useful feature that eliminates the hassle of managing everything yourself. Having team members on board streamlines operations and improves productivity.

Scalability is important for a growing online business. If your hosting service is not scalable, your ongoing business processes will be limited to the current server settings. Ultimately, this will require switching to a new host, a tedious process at best. Cloudways understands this well and offers features that can help you scale as needed.

Hosting WordPress Ecommerce

No matter which cloud server you start with Cloudways, you can always increase its resources without switching to another provider.

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Vertical Scaling options allow users to increase their server resources (in the case of Google Cloud and AWS, downward scaling is also available). All you have to do is click on the desired distribution size and click the SCALE NOW button.

Other features such as Staging Management and Server Cloning Options can also help you manage resources on your Cloudways servers.

Cloudways offers flexible pricing based on a payment model. Customers are billed only for the service they use.

Flexible pricing gives you more control over your monthly hosting budget so you can remove servers you no longer need and restart them when you need them.

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The lowest plan starts at $10/mo which gives you a 1 GB server with 25 GB of storage from DigitalOcean

No matter how good a job is, having support has its benefits. Cloudways has several support channels through which customers can resolve their queries.

Customers can contact support 24/7 via live chat and can create support tickets at any time. There is no phone support available, however, for more urgent issues, users can be contacted by phone.

Hosting WordPress Ecommerce

For a closer collaboration, you can choose a premium or premium support add-on that enhances your support experience with Senior Support Engineers who work as an extension of your internal team.

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Running an online business is challenging and requires your attention to various things. Choosing the right partner can help take that burden off your shoulders. Performance, ease of use, scalability and security are key factors to look for when choosing an alternative hosting provider.

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