Hosting With Ip Browser Vodien

Hosting With Ip Browser Vodien – If your domain name and web hosting are purchased from Vodien, your domain name will be automatically associated with your website. However, if another provider hosts one of these, you will need to manually connect your domain to your website. The same applies if you have just changed providers. Follow the steps below to connect your domain to your website.

Note: The steps given here are for Linux hosting. If you have Vodian WordPress hosting, follow the steps to connect your domain or subdomain to your WordPress hosting.

Hosting With Ip Browser Vodien

Hosting With Ip Browser Vodien

The hosting IP address is the IP address of the server where your website files are stored. Learn how to get this information below.

Pointing Your Domain To Hosting With A Records

An A record is a DNS record that resolves to an IP address. Follow the steps below to check the current A record for your domain name.

4. Check if the results match the hosting IP address obtained in step 1. If so, your domain name is already associated with your website. Otherwise, go to step 3.

The name servers for your domain name indicate where your DNS is hosted. This is where you edit your DNS records, including the A record for your website. Learn how to discover your nameservers with the steps below.

If the results end with VODIEN.COM, your DNS is hosted on Vodien. Otherwise, it may be hosted by your domain name provider or email provider.

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Update the A record to match the host IP address obtained in step 1. Follow the instructions below to update the A record based on your DNS host.

Tip: You can change nameservers in Vodian to easily manage your DNS records. Make sure no email will be affected.

Once the A record is updated, go back to step 2 to check if your domain is already associated with your website. Some users may not want to use the default Vodian nameservers; So they want to use their own which is associated with their domain name. VPS hosting plans, dedicated servers and resellers can use their own custom name servers. Follow the instructions in this article on how to register custom domain name servers for your account.

Hosting With Ip Browser Vodien

Step 6. Enter the desired name servers. As an example in the screenshot below, is a custom nameserver and is the assigned IP address of your reseller hosting package, VPS or dedicated server. Click +Add Nameserver to add more than 1.

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Step 9. Check the basic settings, on the right side of the page is your IP address.

You can also check the welcome email you received upon purchase with the subject “New Server Info”.

Step 10. Once you have registered the nameservers in the billing client area, check if it matches the information in the nameservers area in WHM when you go to the main cPanel and the WHM settings page. It’s at the bottom of the page.

For domain names registered with another registrar, please contact them to set them up and provide them with your IP address.

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Step 1. Create a cPanel account with a domain name that uses custom nameservers in WHM.

In the sample screenshot below, the result shows that the nameservers and point to the IP address 111.222.333.444 for the domain name (Be sure to replace and with the correct information.)

Check if Google can find the name servers and it should show the ones you created for the domain name. A hosts file entry contains a domain name and the IP address of the hosting server. When you access the domain name, our browser will redirect you to a hosting server that may be different from the actual website. This is necessary if you are testing a test site as it is hosted on a separate server. Add and edit a hosts file entry using the guides below.

Hosting With Ip Browser Vodien

Add a hosts file entry if there is none for your domain name or website. Follow the steps below to add an entry.

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Tip: Type the name of the text editor in the Windows search box next to the Start button to find it quickly.

4. Open the hosts file following this file path WindowsSystem32driversetchosts. Open the file with the same text editor you ran in step 2 as an administrator.

Tip: If you can’t find it, show hidden files and folders on your Windows PC.

Edit an entry in the hosts file if you want to change the IP address of the same domain name or website. To disable it, you need to do the same so that you can access the original live website.

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5. Search for your domain name or website and change the IP address to change it. If you need to disable a host entry, remove it from the list.

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