Hosting Wex

Hosting Wex – Wax Inc. (NYSE: WEX), the global trading platform that simplifies trading operations, is hosting a Virtual Investor Day today beginning at 9:00 a.m. ET.

“Today, I am pleased to announce that we are reaffirming our ambitious and achievable growth goals over the next five years.”

Hosting Wex

Hosting Wex

Melissa Smith, WEX’s President and CEO, and other members of the executive leadership team will provide an update on the company’s strategy to drive long-term growth and create value for the businesses’ shareholder.

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“I’m pleased to announce today that we are reaffirming our ambitious and achievable growth goals over the next five years,” Smith said. “Today, WEX is better positioned than ever as a market leader in each of our businesses, with proven product differentiation, deep expertise, data-driven insights and a platform that is both reliable and scalable. Taking advantage of strong secular headwinds, we will continue to expand addressable revenue opportunities by introducing new products, entering new customer segments, and expanding our agent geographic reach. We remain committed to delivering superior shareholder value to shareholders by harnessing our leading-edge technology, developing relationships with customers and people, and continuing to help customers.

In conjunction with today’s event, WEX reaffirmed its long-term financial goals. Assuming stable exchange rates and fuel prices within the next 5 years, the company expects to achieve:

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Hosting Wex

The Washington Examiner would like to invite its readers to ASK WEX. We’ll be hosting a Facebook Live event today, Wednesday, October 12 at 12 noon. EDT, continuing every Wednesday until the 2022 midterm elections.

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Washington Examiner political editor W. James Antle and investigative and political reporter Sarah Westwood will answer public questions and debate important issues.

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If you’d like to submit a question first, please email feedback@ and put ASK WEX in the subject line or follow our Facebook page and ask questions in real time. Fintech services provider WEX on Tuesday (April 26) launched Flume, a digital payments platform to accelerate payments for small and medium businesses, according to a company press release.

Flume is a digital wallet designed to help the 30 million US businesses with less than $15 million in annual revenue that rely primarily on similar payment methods.

Jay Dearborn, president of corporate payments at WEX, said: “For a small business operating in a market that typically caters to the needs of larger businesses, time is short. Flume provides retail stores with a personal CFO at their fingertips. wants to level the playing field.

Hosting Wex

Powered by an FDIC-insured digital wallet, Flume will enable SMBs to focus on growing their businesses while improving productivity, saving money and reducing costs, he added.

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Flume’s digital payments platform eliminates the need for manual accounts payable (AP) and accounts receivable (AR) processes. Businesses can send, store and receive funds through mobile and web apps, and Flume’s digital wallet will enable fast and real-time payments.

Matt Roy, co-founder and general manager of Flume at WEX, said: “Most SMBs still rely on paper-based processes to run their businesses, which have served them well for decades. “But looking forward to the next 10 years, we hear from many of our customers, especially across industries, that their current workflows cannot keep up with skyrocketing demand.

“Most of the equipment on the market today is built for more modern, technology-enabled companies, leaving many of these physical businesses unfocused; That’s why we built Flume. Flume puts the power of customizable, accessible software in their hands so they can focus on development, not paperwork,” he said.

The first Flume phase will focus on existing WEX fuel card users and new customers. Later this summer, WEX plans to release new software add-ons that will extend Flume to builders and merchants.

Facilities And Rentals

In January, WEX partnered with BestPass, which provides toll management solutions for commercial fleets, to launch a new product. WEX customers also have access to Complete Pass Scout, a BestPass product accepted at every major toll road in the US. Premium Product customers no longer need to manage multiple accounts with multiple national collection agencies.

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Hosting Wex

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