Hosting Webpack Vue And Laravel

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Notice: This guide was written using Laravel 8 It also works with Laravel 9 which is using Laravel Mix Follow this tutorial if you are using Laravel 9 with Vite

Hosting Webpack Vue And Laravel

Hosting Webpack Vue And Laravel

Laravel is by far the most popular open source PHP framework I have been using it since version 4 and today we are celebrating the release of the 9th version What a success!

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The beauty of this php framework is not just how easy it is to write code, but the community behind it, which is always looking for new ways to improve the code, develop new packages, and lead integrations with other awesome frameworks.

For example, if it wasn’t for Taylor Otwell, creator of Laravel, I don’t think View would be popular today. Years ago he claimed in a tweet that View is easier to learn than React… and I couldn’t agree more. So even today, even though Laravel has scaffolding for both JS frameworks, I’ll always choose Vue over React, because it’s easier.

So what I’m trying to point out is, Laravel will always try to adopt and support the newest JS framework or any other tool that really changes the game. Inertia.js and Tailwind CSS are just two of the tools added to the book that are really awesome

Before we dive in, we want to make sure we have all the equipment we need We will be using PHP 8 so make sure you have it installed, Composer and NPM I will briefly review how to install Composer and NPM

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The easiest way for me to do this on WSL2 Ubuntu on Windows 11 is to add the path

To install Laravel, you can use the Laravel shell, which will contain a Docker container, or you can use the old Laravel installer. I’m using Windows 11 + WSL2 running Ubuntu and I prefer the Laravel installer so I have to run the following commands one by one. Please note that I am using Laravel 8 and PHP 8.0

Making sure we’re in the desired folder, let’s order the Laravel installer globally and use it to create a new app called “wonder-app” (it will automatically create a folder with the same name).

Hosting Webpack Vue And Laravel

Now that we have our new installation, we can go ahead and add Inertia.js, Vue.js and Tailwind CSS

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… and add our template files so that the Tailwind JIT knows what classes we use in our templates and creates them. So open up

Which uses Laravel Mix to build our assets We’ll come back to our webpack configuration file later, but for now it should look like this:

We will be using version 3 of Vue Please note that as of February 7, 2022, version 3 has become the default version.

Vue 3 has two different API styles It still supports Vue 2’s alternative API, but makes the Composer API available If you don’t understand that, you can read this brief introduction For simplicity, we’ll use the options API, since most elopers are used to it and have been using it forever.

Set Up Vue, Vuex, Vue Router & Sass In Laravel 8.

Next, we need to create the Irtia middleware that handles requests and also helps us share data with all of our viewports.

Next comes the client side of Inertia We’re using Vue 3, so let’s install Inertia with the Vue 3 adapter:

Let’s add the inertia progress bar This will be used as a loading indicator within the page navigation

Hosting Webpack Vue And Laravel

Inactivity uses Laravel’s routing, so we don’t have to use the client-side router, but use Laravel.

Set Up Vue, Vuex, Vue Router & Sass In Laravel 8

Routes, we have to pass them to the DOM somehow The easiest way to do this is to use Ziggy

Now we have everything installed and ready to go We have installed Vue 3, Inertia and Tailwind CSS

Let’s continue configuring our app.js file This is our main file that we are going to load into our blade model

What it does is import Vue, Inertia, Inertia Progress and Ziggy and then create the Inertia app. We are also passing

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You can see that while we’re specifying the version of Vue we’re using, we’re also setting and aliasing (

We take care of almost everything We don’t just need to create routes for every view page we create

Answer which takes 2 parameters The first parameter is the name of our Vue page and the second is an array of attributes that will be passed to the Vue page using

Hosting Webpack Vue And Laravel

Knowing this, we can convert our pages to the following template and add a navigation to them:

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That’s all you need to know Of course there’s more like using Laravel’s lang files, view layouts, server-side rendering… but maybe in part 2.

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Gradient animated text with Tailwind CSS

Geowrgetudor consistently posts content that violates the Community Code of Conduct by being offensive, offensive, or spammy. Rendering pages on the Universal Rendering Server and making them interactive in the browser using the same visualization components built with libraries like React, Vue.js, Angular, etc.

Frontend Scaffolding Part 1

Nowadays, JavaScript frameworks like Next.js, Nuxt.js and NgUniversal make this task easier. However, how can we achieve this in a non-JavaScript framework like Laravel?

NovaView is not yet rendered, we need to implement NovaProxy to render on the server side and include NovaView.

Nova Derivative provides a placeholder that contains the information needed to enable the Nova proxy to communicate with the Nova service and to include the Nova view.

Hosting Webpack Vue And Laravel

Nova Proxy is a service for implementing universal rendering with any visualization library (React, Vue.js, etc.) on any web platform (Laravel, Flask, etc.). For example, in this demo, we will provide a scenario using Vue.js in a web application built using Laravel.

Vite With Laravel And Vue 3

Finally, in the browser, JavaScript is used to progressively enhance the application and make it interactive. Read more about the new architecture here

Now to see how NovaView is displayed, NovaProxy includes NovaView in pages coming from Laravel applications.

View is just providing a simple title We can make it interactive by adding an input element that changes the title text

The new view now displays an input element, but when we type something, the header text doesn’t change. This is because we need to add client-side scripts

How To Set Up And Use Vue In Your Laravel 8 App

Hydration is the process of integrating a display element in the browser using the used state presented on the server

Nova Proxy allows us to use modern display libraries in any web framework So, if you previously developed a web application using a JavaScript framework (Laravel, Flask, Ruby on Rails, etc.), Nova Proxy can help you gradually migrate to a JavaScript Vue library (React, Vue.js). A short period of time

A platform for IT developers and software engineers to learn, connect, collaborate, learn and experience next generation technologies. Laravel is one of the most popular web frameworks today due to its elegance, simplicity and readability. It also has one of the largest and most active communities The Laravel community has produced a ton of valuable educational resources, including this one! In this tutorial, you’ll create a buggy game as two separate projects: a Laravel API and a View frontend (using view-clay). This method offers some important benefits:

Hosting Webpack Vue And Laravel

Before you begin, you’ll need to set up a development environment with PHP 7 and Node.js 8+ / npm. You will also need a Chokta account to be able to add user registration, user login and all other user related functionality.

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Fun Fact: Did you know that View owes much of its current popularity to Laravel? View is built with Laravel (including Laravel Mix, a great webpack-based build tool) and lets you start building complex single-page apps without having to worry about translators, code packaging, sourcemaps, or any of the other ‘dirty’ aspects of a modern front-end. Gives Development

Before we get into the code, let’s set up our Chokta account Chokta is an API service that allows you to create, edit, and securely store user accounts and user account data and connect to one or more applications.

🇧🇷 Select the default app name or change it as you see fit Select Single Page Application and press Enter

The Okta CLI will create a single page OIDC application in your Okta Org This will add the redirect URIs you specified and grant access to each group It will also add a reliable

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