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Hosting Web Badge – There is no such thing as free web hosting. It’s just a bold headline to get your attention.

Looking at the search queries coming into our site, I think the top five most mentioned links are “free php hosting”. Also, Google AdWords constantly offers to bid on keywords like “free hosting”. And we find that people are especially drawn to free events. But hey, we don’t do shady business here! Our platform is a truly sophisticated and high-quality hosting service.

Hosting Web Badge

Hosting Web Badge

Back to the 90s. Until then, large companies offered to present themselves on the Internet. Several universities offered the site to students. And the first hosting services for end consumers emerged: services like GeoCities, TriPod and AngelFire offered free hosting while displaying banner ads. My theory is that it somehow became Facebook and Tumblr later, but that’s another story. A little later, classic accommodation was established. It offered cheap shared hosting plans. Fake Free: Providers often used “zero price” tags to tell customers their plans were free.

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Today, users know the pitfalls of subscriptions. Disabled to the rescue. Freemium is a low-touch marketing ploy: a service provider gives away a key part of the product for free while trying to push the user into a paid plan. The premium tier for Software-as-a-Service is mostly fictitious: operating costs are almost zero. The service is worth … well … whatever works for you. It saves you time, it saves you money, you can be more productive, you can do things differently, or you can even do things that you couldn’t do before. Excellent. Stunning. Essentially, SaaS providers need to ensure that the conversion rate from freemium to premium is high enough. The same benefit values ​​apply to our platform service. But we also rent IT resources and these always cost real money. That’s why it’s so hard to offer a good freemium product here. We want to be as open as possible for people to experience the benefits of our service, but paid plans should not (over)pay for these free tiers. We carefully calculated how much we could spend on it. As a result, apps running on the free plan freeze after 48 hours of inactivity. Now, we see people getting upset about it: and we can understand. Our goal is to provide a free PHP cloud development environment. In an ideal world we would like our customers to convert to a paid plan because they like the service so much, just like we all bought a Sublime Text license because it’s a nice editor. We see our PaaS peers struggle with this as well. Appfog just released a limited free (forever) offer. DotCloud has completely canceled its freemium plan. Quality PHP hosting cannot be free. We are carefully considering whether we can improve the entry level for free.

Frank Lammer is a mature graffiti boy. He takes care of user experience, design, culture, frontend development, product and ongoing business. Did you know that system state visibility is one of Jacob Nielsen’s 10 heuristics for user interface design? According to the world-renowned and respected Internet usability consultant and researcher of human-computer interactions, who holds 79 patents to facilitate the use of the Internet, system status should be displayed on all Internet platforms regardless of niche, scale, age and market.

A decade ago, this advice was met with particular coldness and only big names followed this advice. Today it is a well-established standard for companies in the digital field. Recent studies show that transparency is a key factor in creating a great user experience. This ensures a strong brand reputation, strengthens healthy customer relationships, generates leads and extends the life of the product and the organization.

Visibility into system health is primarily achieved through status site tags, which immediately indicate operational status, and public status pages, where an online audience can view critical information such as system metrics, maintenance schedules, and event data.

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While the latter is on everyone’s lips, the status site badge seems like uncharted territory. However, it is not. It goes hand in hand with the status page and reinforces its presence right from the start. Let’s dive deeper into status site tags and consider some great examples of status site tags to see how SaaS companies have come up with this solution.

As the event management team says, a status tag is a visual cue designed to grab visitors’ attention and provide vital information about a dynamic component.

On a web platform, this is a visual or textual representation of the site’s health, also known as system status. Like the deployment status page that automatically displays the current state, it stays in sync with the monitoring tool and updates to show the current state.

Hosting Web Badge

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Depending on the niche, the scale of the business and the information that the target audience considers valuable, it can indicate the state of the product, a specific feature, a service or all the units and functions of the system at once.

Each country has a representative. Some incident management teams prefer labels (you may see a label labeled ‘system confirmation’ or ‘system shutdown’). However, others prefer a color-coded signal, using green for healthy status, orange for in-process resolution, and red for system inaccessibility.

In general, status identifiers are read-only indicators or tags. However, some teams make them interactive by turning them into buttons or adding little tooltips to icons or labels to briefly describe the situation. Sometimes teams combine the two approaches by expressing system health through a combination of well-designed labels and symbols.

It is customary to add a distinct condition to the foot. However, some platforms, whose target audience is based on system integrity, may appear in the header to minimize users’ efforts to obtain essential information. Status IDs are associated with status pages so that online visitors can quickly navigate to the report and learn about the problem, general status, and resolution details.

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Much has been said about the importance of including public status pages on web platforms; However, what about this small component that takes up quite a bit of space on the foot?

As successful companies and professional marketers agree, today’s digital business is also very important, especially for those who have strong relationships with clients and customers.

Hosting Web Badge

Similar to the Google Partners badge, which demonstrated how the company is progressing in meeting the partner’s requirements, thereby building trust in the company, the status site badge increases trust and improves the company’s reputation.

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It also offers other serious advantages that can help a company secure its position in the market. for example:

Visual indicators are not new to the UI landscape, and status site tags are no exception. They are digital natives. They are also simple but effective devices for conveying the right message. For this reason, they believe they are an excellent tool for communicating information and avoiding incidents and possible confusion in maintenance procedures.

Before getting into the routine of creating and adding status tags to your website, it’s essential to understand the basics of implementing visual indicators in web design. Consider the following best practices:

Last but not least, don’t use situational indicators to emphasize situational information unless it is important enough to avoid cognitive load.

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The status site badge can be displayed in two ways. First, it can be a visual indicator made as a circle or any other geometric shape or graphic element, such as an icon or pictogram. Second, it can be given life as a label. Depending on the preferences of your target audience, you can choose one option or another. It should always speak to the target market and resonate with potential customers and visitors.

Displaying the status site badge is not a problem, especially in the tech department: whether it’s a circle with three states or a label. Both can be easily achieved using cascading style sheets. The main problem is to create a real-time connection between the graphic representation and the health status of the system. Because of this, it can be complicated and challenging, especially for non-tech-savvy entrepreneurs.

The solution is to use online tools to create and add status site tags across platforms. Consider Pulsetic as a case in point. This is a popular site uptime monitoring service where small and medium businesses monitor system health and inform their stakeholders of general operational status and key metrics through public status pages. It is also a reliable crafting tool

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