Hosting Vodafone

Hosting Vodafone – The cloud plays a key role in today’s digital transformation, effectively putting data at the center of your busy schedule.

I command to get more of this valuable resource, your data ad provides it, you have to capture, retain this data. We help our customers succeed in the digital world, unlocking the value of your data in the cloud. Advertise your challenges, beat the cloud of simple, witrup jury with the fury of our traditional IT hosting, cloud-ready digital IT advertising services, so that your busyness is coofide in the cloud.

Hosting Vodafone

Hosting Vodafone

Vodafone Bucs ad IBM converged I’m a good boy, which combines the best ad collective across multiple clouds.

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Prepare the way you manage IT by harnessing the power of the cloud Cloud ca used to its full potential is truly transformative

Free up your time ad resources so you can focus This is a safe ad smart way to transform your busy schedule

Integrate the power of network, device advertising platforms to prepare for the cloud

Advice Cloud Let our experts help you build your cloud strategy We have a wide range of services to help you build an end-to-end cloud strategy or refresh your curation. With a comprehensive portfolio of professional advertising consulting services, we help your cloud jury actually deliver your busy ads to ensure your desired results.

Mobile Industry Awards 2022: Vodafone Wins Best Place To Work

Go to the cloud Accelerate your cloud engagement When it comes to Cloud to Movig, different services have different ad needs that don’t fit together at all. Businesses have decided to choose the right fair for the right candidate They also want a clear vision of what it takes to get the ad wheel rolling

Build for the cloud Build services for a cloud-first world To effectively drive your traffic to the cloud, modern standard ad tools require a rage for cloud services expertise. Whether you’re signing up, streamlining stage moves, or doing a full overhaul, you’ll be able to reliably deliver ads quickly.

Mage and Cloud Multi-Cloud Magemate Ad Security Services All aspects of multi-cloud cloud operations require a multi-faceted, multi-faceted skill set. We know it can be daunting for busy people, but we help you bridge the gaps to ensure you get the most out of the cloud. Sals partners were honored for their hard work with the gongs at a ceremony held at London’s Oxo Tower.

Hosting Vodafone

The company recognized the significant contribution of its indirect sales partners at an awards ceremony in London A total of fifteen awards were presented at the Oxo Tower

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The new awards for sustainability, diversity and inclusion and preparing for PSTN shutdown in 2025 reflect the values ​​but also the current challenges facing co-channels.

Current Head of UK Direct, Catherine Platt, was joined by guest speaker Kester Mann from CCS Insight and UK Business Director Nick Gliddon to discuss business strategy and partner channels in light of current business values. Crisis comedian Markus Brigstko hosted the event and helped present the awards

Commenting on the event, Catherine Platt, UK Head of Indirect, said: “It’s fantastic to bring our key indirect partners together to celebrate our joint success and showcase the importance of the indirect channel. It’s testament to the hard work and commitment of our partners that we have more honors tonight than in previous years. All fifteen winners have played a key role in bringing technology to business in the UK and I look forward to celebrating more successes in the future. “

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