Hosting Untuk Blogspot

Hosting Untuk Blogspot – How to buy a domain and buy hosting to create a blog or website – In the previous article, we explained separately how to buy a domain and how to buy hosting.

How to buy a domain and buy hosting to create a blog or website – In the previous article, we explained how to buy a domain and how to buy hosting. Why should it be divided? Because sometimes some bloggers are looking for an unhosted domain to create a blog, which usually uses Blogspot as their first platform from the beginning. However, over time, there was a switch from Blogspot to so approval was required before making this switch.

Hosting Untuk Blogspot

Hosting Untuk Blogspot

Blogger or Blogspot is very different from If you create a blog on Blogspot, you will only need a subdomain and/or no domain at all. Even if you need a domain later, you just need to create a custom domain with an existing subdomain. Meanwhile, if you use to create a blog, you need a domain and hosting immediately before creating a blog or website.

Penggunaan Dns Untuk Blogspot

Unlike, this service is almost identical to Blogspot, which offers blogs with free features using subdomains. For example, if you create a blog on, you will have a blog with a domain like this

, if you want a domain on your blog in, then the process is the same as in Blogspot, that is a custom domain, which covers subdomains and domains.

How to buy a domain and hosting to create a blog or website The purpose of buying this domain and hosting is to create a blog on, so before creating a blog, you must first get a domain and hosting, because the blog will be -create is a blog that has its own domain and a self-hosted domain that is not Blogspot or

Before buying a domain, first find out the domain name. This title is usually available as a topic to discuss on your blog. Or if you can’t decide on a domain name, you can use your own name.

Cara Beli Domain Dan Hosting Blog Dan Juga Website Murah Melalui Idwebhost

The purchase price in this example is for domain and hosting only, if your key no. 9 or other additional fees, the fees shown may differ from the examples we have provided.

Payment systems often have deadlines, so if you haven’t paid by the deadline, your order will likely be lost and you’ll have to renew.

Make the transfer as usual by depositing rupiah as per the conditions provided by Idwebhost. For example, the normal amount is IDR 598,800.00, so this fee will be increased by the 10.00% VAT fee of IDR 59,880.00 and there is also a special code deduction of IDR -320.00. Therefore, the total cost of purchasing a domain and hosting is IDR 658,360 , 00. Make sure to use the 360 ​​number behind the purchase, because this will make it easier for Idwebhost to use review purchases immediately.

Hosting Untuk Blogspot

This is how to buy a domain and hosting to create a blog or website that will use this domain and hosting on the platform and not for Blogspot or If you are having trouble buying a domain from Idwebhost, please leave a comment or you can contact us on the contact page Free Web Hosting For Websites & Blogs – Creating a website or blog requires hosting as a security measure. However, not all blog owners use paid hosting, especially for website developers. Most of them use free web hosting for their website file storage needs

Blogspot Vs WordPress

Free web hosting for your website and blog – Creating a website or blog requires hosting as a safe place. However, not all blog owners use paid hosting, especially for website developers. Most of them use free web hosting for their website file storage needs. But for websites or blogs that have a personal style like a company, it would be better if you use paid hosting, not free.

Free Hosting is only used as a tutorial, don’t use free hosting permanently on your blog or website because the effect will damage your blog and yourself. It is better that whatever type of website or blog you have, use paid hosting, although free hosting guarantees maximum performance, perhaps it is better than paid hosting, so don’t use free hosting except only education.

And if you still want to use free hosting, without paying and just signing up, below are some free hosting services that you can use to fulfill your website or blog or other needs. But as we speak, think about it before using free hosting.

Free web hosting for your website and blog Here is a list of free hosting providers from outside or local. Please use it wisely and only as a tutorial in creating a website or blog:

Web Hosting Gratis Untuk Website & Blog Anda

One of the free hosting providers used by blog owners (bloggers) even claims to be the best hosting provider. In addition to offering free hosting, 000webhost also offers paid hosting. We use this free hosting service for other purposes, not for use on premium websites or blogs.

As a tutorial, it is better to use, besides it is easy to use and simple and has full capacity, local bloggers use this service in many places.

For free website providers, we cannot describe them in detail. And here is a list of others that provide free hosting:

Hosting Untuk Blogspot

Using free web hosting as mentioned above has advantages and disadvantages that you must accept as a user. Fortunately, you don’t have to pay anything and the bottom line is the limited storage capacity, of course, except for the fast installation, this is also a limitation when using free hosting. So, wisely consider using free hosting for your website or blogging needs. As you know, apart from choosing the right domain, hosting is an important factor in creating a blog, so the choice of hosting for a blog should not be arbitrary, because it will greatly affect the “survival” of your blog. .

Cara Membuat Subdomain Menggunakan Dan Tanpa Hosting

Choosing the best hosting is important, especially for those who want to blog as a source of income, you will need a web hosting with good performance.

There are many types of hosting that you can use, shared hosting, VPS, dedicated hosting, cloud hosting and many more, I will explain it in another article.

Niagahoster is a website provider from Yogyakarta and has been around since 2013. According to the official Niagahoster website, they have provided 29 million website owners from 127 countries with up to 99.9% server uptime and 24-hour customer support. any. .

IdCloudHost is a service that provides hosting and SSD benefits for storage, so you can access your blog data quickly.

Cara Buat Website Sendiri Untuk Peniaga Online Dan Blogger (2022)

Like WordPress for your blog, then you will have no problem, everything can be done with just one click.

Qwords is the provider I chose when I first created a blog, the reason is simple because it was highly recommended by friends and when I used it, there were no major problems until today, if you have a problem it will be solved .

If you are a millennial generation and have a young soul, then Jagoanhosting can be the right choice for you because Jagoanhosting has a great look and dashboard that uses the language of the youth.

Hosting Untuk Blogspot

When you transfer, you will often see the words “Please wait” or similar, but in Jagoanhosting, the script is changed to a more youthful version “Wait a moment, brother.” Hmm… You may still be confused about the difference between a blog and a website. At first glance, they are similar. But actually blogs and websites are different, you know. So, the goals you can achieve on each platform are also different.

Cara Membuat Blog Yang Menarik & Menghasilkan Cuan

So, are you curious about the difference between a blog and a website? Relax, we will thoroughly examine the difference between a blog and a website in this article. From understanding blogs and websites to recommending the best option for your needs.

A website is a collection of web pages that exist in a certain area and that you can access from the Internet. For example:,, , etc.

From here you can see the difference between a blog and a website. But to make it clear about the difference between a blog and a website, let’s first see what a blog means!

A blog is an online publication that contains content in the form of articles, videos and photos and focuses on a specific area. It can be lifestyle, money, technology, and more. Blog content is updated regularly.

Memanfaatkan Blog Agar Bisnis Online Semakin Meroket Bersama Ardhosting, Web Hosting Terbaik Indonesia

As you know, a blog is actually a type of website. But the difference between a blog and a website, the purpose of a blog is more specific:

So it can be concluded that websites are good for pursuing brands and businesses, while blogs can reach the audience in a communicative way. That is, even though they are different, both can work together.

Blogs often have content that resonates with their readers. The style can vary depending on the niche and the owner. For example, articles, videos, and podcasts have specific topics.

Hosting Untuk Blogspot

Often the content of a blog is also the experiences, thoughts and activities of the blogger. Meanwhile, if it’s a corporate blog, the content must actually discuss something related to or support the business.

Ssl Error Harus Setting Ulang Https Di Dasbor Blogspot

Therefore, blog content should be strengthened with SEO techniques. So the content is easy to find by search engines.

Meanwhile, website content usually contains information about a company’s products or services. For example: history, address, product, company contact.

Because the most important keywords for website content are company names and keywords related to products or services, SEO optimization has its own tricks.

For example, when people are looking for information about a cheap domain. The name will appear on the first search page. Therefore, the power of clicks is even higher.

Keuntungan Cloud Hosting Bagi Website

This means, if you want your business to be easy for potential customers to find, optimize for keywords related to your product/service offering.

On a blog, your readers can comment on any content. You can also answer, along with others. This means that the discussion space on the blog is wide.

However, websites are different. Instead of a comment column, many prefer to submit

Hosting Untuk Blogspot

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