Hosting Traveller Adalah

Hosting Traveller Adalah – Your community. our route. By using , you can leave the details to us. You can choose a destination, strengthen your brand, connect with the community and support the local economy.

The most rewarding experience I’ve had in creating memories, sharing moments and deepening relationships with audiences.”

Hosting Traveller Adalah

Hosting Traveller Adalah

This trip changed my life. I think it will do something for those people too. We still reveal each other in ways that no one knows.”

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The first step is to create a hosting account with the application. Use the form on this page to enter your information and we will send you an email to activate your account.

After that, enter the portal and look around! This is where you can access audience survey data, manage bookings, revenue and more.

Understand your audience’s level of interest and travel preferences. Once you’ve collected enough data*, use it to plan the perfect trip!

*A minimum of 50 qualified responses is required to start planning. Eligible responses are respondents aged 18+ with a travel budget of more than $2,000. Even if the required number is 50, we strongly recommend that you collect as many responses as possible to increase the chances of successfully selling your trip.

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Use audience insights from surveys to determine the best experience for you and your passengers. Choose from 150+ professionally designed itineraries in 51 countries. You can even do a workshop on your trip if you want!

Earn revenue by adding a margin to the base price of each passenger seat. Your survey data on Traveler budgets allows you to maximize revenue while keeping trips within your audience’s price range.

Once your trip is planned, share it on social media, your blog, email list or wherever your audience is.

Hosting Traveller Adalah

Once you have collected enough bookings for your trip, your trip will be confirmed! You will receive half of your earnings one month before the trip and the other half after the trip starts. This World Tourism Day, inspired by the increasing demand for tourism and Indian travelers embracing new ways to travel, Airbnb has come up with a series of essentials to take away. emerging travel trends in India and reflecting how consumers perceive travel in the new normal.

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Indian travelers continue to enjoy traveling to domestic destinations. This means more people have explored new destinations that are next to metro stations, in the mountains, and further afield that offer local experiences. The search for international locations is also growing as more places start to lift restrictions.

The data also shows how homestay hosts benefit from renting out their space, with millennial and older hosts expecting high returns and growth.

Airbnb highlights some of the key trends observed in the first half of 2021 that paint a picture of travel in the new normal:

Do you know your destination before you go on a trip? No need. With the global release of Flexible Destinations, planning trips to unique accommodations such as tree houses to castles has become much easier. This feature incorporates new flexible product innovations designed to completely transform the Airbnb browsing and ordering experience.

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Clicking “I’m Flexible” will bring up unique listing categories, from houseboats to domes and A-frames to even private islands, with the one closest to the visitor’s location at the top of the list. Guests can also view search results displayed on a map and simply enter travel dates or search for flexible dates such as weekend, week, or month to easily book trips to unique properties. .

According to data from Airbnb India, travelers are discovering new stay experiences when they travel. The Flexible Destinations feature of the Airbnb platform helps travelers explore and mark points of interest near and far. In addition, our data shows a growing interest in unique accommodations.

Goa remains a major domestic destination. Popular domestic destinations remain in high demand for organized tours. Goa continues to be the most sought-after homestay destination followed by Delhi, Lonavala and Bengaluru.

Hosting Traveller Adalah

Hosted travel is key across generations and demographics. Lodging is a great way to ensure that the economic benefits of travel are distributed within the communities where our hosts live. Hosted trips are also back.

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Consumer confidence in international travel continues to grow. With travel bubbles popping up to various countries, sentiment towards international travel is on the rise, as evidenced by searches for destinations such as Canada, UK, Europe and the UAE.

The future of sustainable travel. There is a growing interest among Indian tourists in making sustainable travel choices. Most visitors actively look for eco-friendly features in their chosen accommodation.

The emergence of digital nomads and the need to stay connected is important. As the flexibility to live and work from anywhere continues to grow, the ability to determine a venue’s Wi-Fi speed before ordering is a must for digital nomads.

Amanpreet Bajaj, General Manager of Airbnb India, Southeast Asia, Hong Kong and Taiwan said: “Demand for travel is growing and the sector is showing positive signs to face the challenges of recovery. Indian travelers are always eager to find unique accommodation options that they may not have experienced before. Additionally, travelers are becoming increasingly aware of sustainable travel and making eco-friendly choices when traveling. We also aim to grow our microbusiness and are pleased to see hosts across all demographics benefiting from the recent growth in travel.” It has been said many times that work and travel have fundamentally changed. This is not news. But what’s interesting is how the line between work and travel, activities that used to be on the far end of the spectrum, has become blurred. People working outside hotel rooms. More and more travelers are choosing to stay at home rather than resorts. Tourists choose non-touristy and sustainable destinations. And many of us like to take vacations while working, or vice versa, work while on vacation?

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Airbnb (along with YouGov) recently commissioned a report to understand and measure the depth of these changes. Needless to say, their findings were quite enlightening.

Yes, work and travel have fundamentally changed… but perhaps we underestimate how much. The post-pandemic spread of travel across much of the Asia Pacific region has not only created a paradigm shift in tourists, but also created a gap in the travel industry that local communities need to fill.

Post-pandemic travelers are showing a growing interest in scenic rural destinations. This may be due to working from home for the last two years or just wanting to find hidden gems.

Hosting Traveller Adalah

In South Korea, for example, the number of out-of-town nights booked in the second quarter of 2022 reached a significant 180% compared to the pre-pandemic second quarter of 2019. Out-of-town bookings were also a hit in India (+140%) and Australia (+60% ).

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Airbnb internal data also shows a significant increase in searches for destinations outside major cities in the second quarter of 2022 compared to the second quarter of 2019. Some examples are Haldwani, India (330%), Nasushiobara, Japan (200%), Levin, New Zealand (130%), Siquijor, Philippines (280%) and Yeongdeok-gun, South Korea (580%). Searches for Mount Field in Australia and Marang in Malaysia doubled during this period.

The willingness of more travelers to venture outside urban areas has created a high demand for accommodation in previously untapped areas. Local communities have recognized this gap in the market and are starting to benefit greatly from the travel revolution.

According to Airbnb, hosts in many non-urban areas (Asia Pacific) earned more revenue in the second quarter of 2022 than in the second quarter of 2019.

For example, hosts in Australia and South Korea more than doubled their revenue, while in India it increased by 40%. New Zealand experienced a 60% increase, while Malaysia’s statistics increased by about a third.

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The willingness of more travelers to venture outside urban areas has created a high demand for accommodation in previously untapped areas.

Work From Anywhere allows travelers to book longer stays abroad – sometimes up to nearly a month. Comparing statistics for Q2 2022 and Q2 2019, the number of long-term stays in areas outside major cities has increased markedly across the Asia Pacific region.

Geelong, Banora Point, Mandurah and Bundaberg in Australia Arambol, Naggar, Kullu, Agonda and Almora in India Dapa, Panglao, Dumaguete and Silang in the Philippines Niseko, Nago and Otaru in Japan Kang-neung, Jeju-si and Suncheon in South Korea Ipoh , Kuah, Semenyih and Port Dickson in Malaysia Kerikeri, Wanaka, Tauranga and Napier in New Zealand Koh Pha Ngan, Koh Lantra and Krabi in Thailand

Hosting Traveller Adalah

The Economist Impact study and analysis commissioned by Airbnb, which surveyed more than 4,500 participants in nine countries in the Asia-Pacific region, found that more than two-thirds of people believe it is important to make a positive impact on local residents.

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Specifically, more than 60% of people recognize that a particular community needs economic revitalization and will consider where and how they will travel next. This is in accordance with the fact that

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