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DCE and DTE networks. Telefonetz refers to the telephone network. EIA-232 is also called RS-232, the serial communication standard.

Hosting Terminal

Hosting Terminal

Data Terminal Equipment (DTE) is a device that converts user information into signals or retransmits received signals. These can also be called tail circuits. A DTE device communicates with data circuit terminating equipment (DCE). The DTE/DCE classification was introduced by IBM.

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The DTE is the functional unit of a data station that serves as a data source or data sink and provides data communication control functions to be performed according to the link protocol.

Typically, the DTE device is a terminal (or computer emulating the terminal), and the DCE is a modem or other device owned by the carrier. Data terminal equipment can be a single piece of equipment or an interconnected subsystem of several pieces of equipment that perform all the necessary functions to allow users to communicate. A user interacts with the DTE (eg through a human-machine interface) or the DTE can be the user.

For the case of DTE-only inclusion in the topology, two different types of devices are assumed for each D of the interconnecting cable (for example, a hub, DCE), which is a mutual device of the same type. common connection case: DTE-DTE or DCE-DCE. In such cases crossover cables are required, such as a null modem for Ethernet or RS-232.

A general rule is that DCE devices provide the clock signal (internal clocking) and DTE devices synchronize with the provided clock (external clocking).

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The term is often used in the context of telco and Cisco equipment to designate network devices, such as terminals, personal computers, but also routers and bridges, which cannot or cannot be configured to generate clock signals. A direct PC to PC Ethernet connection can also be called DTE to DTE communication. This communication is done through an Ethernet crossover cable as opposed to PC to DCE (hub, switch, or bridge) communication which is done through an Ethernet straight cable.

V.35 is a high-speed serial interface designed to support both high data rates and connectivity between DTEs (data-terminal equipment) or DCEs (data-communications equipment) over digital lines.

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