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Hosting Terblokir – For some years, the Indonesian Ministry of Communication and Information (Kominfo) has encouraged the blocking of websites considered illegal and harmful to society. Many websites are blocked by the government, such as gambling sites, pornography, the world famous community website, Reddit. Some of these websites are broken and cannot be accessed properly using a browser, from PCs/laptops and mobile devices.

In fact, government blocking by Kominfo is an attempt to protect the public, so that they can use the Internet safely and comfortably. Only, of course, there are many who are not happy with the various blocks created by the government, which work by blocking these IP addresses.

Hosting Terblokir

Hosting Terblokir

The blocked website is available on all devices. From laptops, PCs and smartphones. There are many websites that cannot be opened because they contain negative material on the Internet. But don’t worry, there are many ways to access websites blocked by the Indonesian government. So how can you access a blocked website?

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Before we say more about how to open a blocked site, you should know what causes the government to block a website. Seeing the growing amount of free information on the Internet and the misuse of websites, the Indonesian government, through Kominfo, finally took strong action.

Websites deemed likely to harm users will be immediately blocked and users will no longer be able to access them. According to a statement from Kominfo, here are some of the reasons why a website is blocked by the government:

The number one reason a website gets blocked is that it has been shown to contain phishing content. Phishing is a term that comes from the English, fishing, which means fishing.

Phishing here can be interpreted as baiting users into unknowingly providing personal information. Such as email, password, date of birth, financial information information. If the user provides all the data, the data may be misused, resulting in loss.

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Not only phishing but also malware is the reason why a website gets blocked. Malware itself is short for malicious software. Malware itself is generally defined as a program designed and created to covertly infiltrate or damage a target computer system. Many also refer to malware as a virus.

While the previous two reasons are more technical in nature, the third reason is more about the content presented. Many websites in Indonesia should be blocked because they contain provocative material that offends ethnicity, religion, race and intergroup or SARA. It is feared that the contents of SARA may cause conflict and division.

Meanwhile, pornography itself is one of the biggest content that blocks a website. Content that is inappropriate and may have a negative influence. This is why the website is not accessible.

Hosting Terblokir

There are many ways to unblock blocked websites. Here’s how to open blocked sites:

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The first way to open a blocked website you can try is to use a VPN, i.e. a virtual private network on your device. Using a VPN is the easiest way for Android smartphone users to do this.

The VPN works by connecting the Internet network to other networks, through different IP addresses. A VPN allows users to easily and securely surf the Internet. You can open any website.

One of the VPN apps you can try is VPN Zen Mate. You can find this app in the Chrome Web Store in the search box:

You can also open government blocked websites using SSH (Secure Shell). SSH acts as a network that protects data exchange against virus threats. As such, VPN and SSH have almost the same characteristics. The difference is that you can use third-party applications, especially in the SSH tunneling process.

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Mozilla Firefox, one of the web browsers with the most users in the world. You can install an add-on in Firefox’s VPN feature settings. If you want to access blocked websites through a PC, you need to install the Anonymox add-on in the browser installed on your computer.

Anonymox itself offers several proxy options, which can be customized to their own preferences. You can open any website without fear of being blocked.

Then you can also open blocked websites without using the app. You can use the website. The procedure is very easy and does not interfere with your comfort. The trick is, from the web browser, open

Hosting Terblokir

Once it opens, enter the address of the website you want to open. You can also change the proxy location. If so, please press the yellow button with the words “Visit anonymously”. Please wait until the website is fully loaded.

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If you are an Opera browser user, whether Opera Browser on a PC/laptop or Opera Mini on a mobile device, there is no need to use additional add-ons to access blocked websites. Opera itself has VPN functionality installed in the browser. Therefore, you can enable it anytime you visit websites on the positive internet blocking list.

There are many reasons why a website is blocked. These are some ways to open blocked sites, blocked sites. Both from laptops and mobile phones.

Do you want to have a secure, fast and reliable website? What are you waiting for, let’s make your website with , web hosting, OK?

Trying to help people easily understand websites, domains, hosting, digital marketing. Writing about computers is as fun as writing about football. An admirer of Sir Alex Ferguson and Iksan Scooter. When buying hosting, the price of hosting is definitely a factor to consider. So, you might be tempted to try too cheap hosting. Even those that cost less than IDR 100,000 per year, for example.

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Eitsss…before you rush to checkout, remember the saying “there’s a price, there’s a way”. Probably, the service is cheap accommodation with false quality.

Do you already know the dangers of cheap hosting? Alternatively, consider the incident that happened to Hotama, a web agency that was a former client of a bogus hosting:

It’s really scary, isn’t it? In fact, this time, we will tell you in depth about the dangers of cheap hosting, if you look at it from different aspects.

Hosting Terblokir

The talk about the dangers of cheap hosting is endless. But at least there are 12 downsides you may experience from the temptation to host at unreasonable prices, namely:

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The first risk of cheap hosting is that the website will be slow. You may not know if you are subscribed. But give it a try, the website is very busy with people accessing it. Guaranteed, website speed drops immediately.

Again, there are many factors that cause a slow website. Regarding fake hosting, it happens because the bandwidth capacity provided is very limited. When you have it, you can get emotional and lose track of time, right?

Usually the servers used by these web hosts tend to be fake with outdated hardware and software. Therefore, he could not bear the work because he was too heavy.

We remember an incident where the website of a service company called Posnetindo used cheap hosting. But unfortunately, the hosting server is so fake that 30 Posnetindo client websites cannot be accessed in one day:

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Because cheap web hosts should try to group as many customers as possible on one server. This results in bad server capacity for every website.

Therefore, you are not free to manage the website because you are constantly hampered by the fear of running out of server resources and the website will suffer in terms of performance.

If you subscribe to cheap hosting, one of the things you will encounter is a notification asking for a hosting upgrade. Reasonably, because cheap hosting resources are actually not enough to meet the needs of the website.

Hosting Terblokir

But unfortunately, sometimes the cost of upgrading to fake hosting is actually very expensive, with the real quality not being much different. Because the technology used in hosting is still old.

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So, even if you want to upgrade the hosting to the highest package, the website performance will still stop. So you can say that fake hosting performance issues cannot be fixed with package upgrade option.

The danger of cheap hosting lurking next is outdated technology, both hardware and software, such as operating systems and web servers.

For example for LiteSpeed ​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​latest version of each year. Of course, this latest version comes with more sophisticated features and increased performance.

For this reason, hosting providers need to regularly upgrade their hardware and software to keep their hosting performance running at peak performance and meeting the needs of customer websites.

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Whereas with fake hosting they usually lag behind using the latest technology. The goal is to reduce the selling price to remain affordable. Unfortunately, the customer becomes the victim.

Besides outdated technology, another risk that cheap hosting can hide is limited backup options. For example, the lack of an automatic backup function or the inability to fully back up data.

Even if you know it, backup files are very valuable if at any time your website has problems. At the very least, you always have a copy of the website data.

Hosting Terblokir

An example is the advanced case of point 2 experienced by the Posnetindo company. After the website became inaccessible, they requested a backup file from a cheap hosting provider. However, the supplier seems irresponsible.

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In short, the price factor must be taken into account when creating a website. However, if you sacrifice the trust of your visitors, this should of course be reconsidered. Also, if your website is used for commercial or professional purposes.

Uploading a website to one hosting provider is like leaving your business to another. You really hope the website is in good shape, right?

Well, a “reliable” hosting provider will definitely do their best to protect your website from various malicious attacks. The trick, of course, is to provide layered and up-to-date security features.

Moreover, the vulnerability gaps can come from different domains. Be it a third party plugin or theme, the website itself or the server architecture. Therefore, quality hosting definitely provides comprehensive security features to fix various vulnerabilities.

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Different stories of fake hosting services. Maybe the security features they provide are not very comprehensive. When it comes to the latest developments related to security issues, it’s hard to keep up.

Regarding the previous point, the dangers of cheap hosting with limited security features are, of course, websites prone to malicious attacks. From malware, DDoS, hacking or other types of cyber crime.

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