Hosting Terbaik 2018

Hosting Terbaik 2018 – Earlier I shared about the best free domain and web hosting providers. This time I tried to compile a list of the 10 best web hosts in Indonesia. Good advice for you who are building a website.

Based on personal experience, there are three best domains and web hosting providers in Indonesia, namely Niagahoster, Qwords and Rumah Web.

Hosting Terbaik 2018

Hosting Terbaik 2018

So far I have signed up with three domains and web hosting providers. Are these three providers the best web hosting in Indonesia?

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Other articles about the best web hosting in Indonesia. I got it by typing the keyword “best web hosting in Indonesia” into Google.

I mean “suspect” because I “suspect” that some of the web pages with articles about the best web hosting in Indonesia are information pages for the latest domain providers for web hosting in Indonesia.

They create their own website for promotion (internet marketing) targeting the keyword “best web hosting in Indonesia” and then list their own hosting service company.

I have doubts because the names of “senior” providers such as Qwords, Rumah Web and Masterweb are not included in the list of best web hosts.

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You see, the list of the 10 best web hosts in Indonesia is compiled based on the assessment of market share and the number of users or customers.

I have listed below the best web hosting in Indonesia from news. New content related to the importance of companies or companies creating websites to promote products online.

Creating a business website like an online store requires hosting in addition to a domain. Yes, domains and hosting can be ordered from domain hosting providers. Below is a list of the best web hosting versions by Rendra Yuangga, Executive Account Manager at Value Media Solusindo.1. Hostinger

Hosting Terbaik 2018

Since its founding in 2004, this web hosting company has grown steadily. Some of the host developments we may know are niagahoster and 000webhost.

Kriteria Web Hosting Terbaik Dan Berkualitas Untuk Bisnis Anda

By looking at hosting reviews for more information, you can find different hosting services, from shared hosting, virtual private servers or VPS to dedicated servers. idcloudhost

Idcloudhost is a newcomer to the world of web hosting, with an office in Jakarta, idclodhost was founded in early 2015.

Not only in Indonesia, Idcloudhost also has customers from abroad, with more than 40,000 customers. Indeed, this is a significant achievement for a new cloud hosting company.

This is because Idcloudhost is a hosting company that uses the latest cloud technology that no longer uses traditional cloud technology. Even on the official website of Idcloudhost it is promoted that the service already uses the fastest processor ie E5 processor and SDD. Idwebhost

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Idwebhost is an Indonesian web host used by bloggers. The packages provided are varied and very low budget. Not only that, but the equipment is fully equipped.

The hosting package provided by also comes with free SSL. Plus, if you order directly for a year, you’ll get a free domain.

You also get a 30-day money-back guarantee if you are not satisfied with the hosting. At, there are also various services such as blog/website design services, online promotion services, online store design services, and dedicated servers. Jetorbit

Hosting Terbaik 2018

The next best host in Indonesia is Jetorbit. Jetorbit is a hosting company that manages the price and quality very well. the average

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It is fast and has an average speed of 0.783 seconds. But unfortunately, Jetorbit has strict insurance policies, and in fact no insurance. Niagara

Niagahoster is recognized as one of the best hosting companies in Indonesia with more than 52,000 users, and it is under the international hosting umbrella, managing more than 500 servers worldwide.

Since its inception in 2014, Niagahoster remains committed to providing the best service at the best price.

Niagahoster 2020 hosting package prices are not too expensive because they are compatible with the services and tools you get. There are several package options that you can try depending on your needs. Qwords

Top 10 Web Hosting Terbaik Di Indonesia » Romeltea Online

Qwords was founded by a student at the Bandung Institute of Technology (ITB), Rendy Maulana in 2005. Initially, it was designed to help fellow students in that campus to facilitate teaching. Then officially in 2011, Qwords company was under PT. Qwords International Company.

Qwords claims that its company is a reliable web hosting provider at a price ready to compete with its competitors, according to its theme, which is fast secure web hosting at a reasonable price! To ensure the quality and value of several Qwords products.

Tony. This is what I said on a news site and only mentioned the names of six web hosting providers. Here is the complete list, 10 best web hosts in Indonesia.

Hosting Terbaik 2018

I recommend Nyagahoster as the best web host in Indonesia. Click the link and order a hosting package at a huge discount! There are many types of hosting that you should know about to start your professional website. In addition to checking the requirements, you should clearly consider whether you will completely copy your website or use a CMS such as WordPress. You start to realize that there are many hosting options available to you. From free hosting, shared hosting, VPS (Virtual Private Service), dedicated hosting, and more. There are hosts that offer hosting for less than US $ 5 per month, on the other hand, there are also providers that offer hosting for $ 100 per month. For beginners, it can be very confusing.

Review Lengkap Layanan Dedicated Server Idwebhost

WordPress is the most widely used CMS service among bloggers today. With WordPress, creating a website is a very easy task. If you use WordPress, the hosting you use must first meet these basic requirements:

What if the host only has old PHP or MySQL? WordPress can also work with PHP 5.2.4+ and MySQL 5.0+. But unfortunately, using an older version can increase the security risk of your website. The most important factors for you when choosing hosting are specifications, price, tools and additional features. You can read details about these important things in our previous Panda review: 10 Things You Should Consider Before Choosing Web Hosting.

After reading the article about what you should consider before choosing web hosting, the next step is to find the types of hosting. Identifying these types of hosting will make it easier to choose the right hosting for your needs.

Free hosting is certainly tempting, but is it right for your needs? This may be sufficient if you are creating a site that does not take up a lot of space and bandwidth, or a small site with low traffic. For example, for the needs of assigning a school or a specific site without thinking about the development of the company. Free hosting usually has limited bandwidth, disk space, email accounts, technical support and technical features. Also, keep in mind that free hosting means little customization. One of them, users cannot use their domain names, but only subdomains. For example, when you create a website on, your site name is On other domains, your site may have a site name of One result is that your domain name is longer, tied to the hosting domain name, and harder to remember. Panda free hosting is not recommended if you want to create a content rich website, more professional and need to reach more visitors and choose the right domain name for your website.

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Shared hosting is a paid hosting service where multiple hosting accounts are hosted on the same server with the same type of service. With shared hosting, each hosted website uses its own domain name, and is placed on a single server that can host 100 other websites simultaneously. Compared to VPS or other types of dedicated hosting, shared hosting has a lower cost. Hosting companies usually offer shared hosting at prices ranging from IDR 10,000 to IDR 50,000 per month. By using shared hosting, a website can receive thousands to thousands of visitors per day.

Dedicated Hosting is a type of hosting that can use dedicated resources for a single customer. Unlike Shared Hosting which supports multiple users simultaneously, Dedicated Hosting supports only one user per web host. With this, you can freely use resources, bandwidth and disk space to store your files. Each hosting company usually offers different packages and different prices for a particular hosting service package. This price difference is usually due to differences in hardware, resource allocation and additional features offered. Dedicated hosting is very powerful for websites with high traffic and cannot provide more space than shared hosting. When this happens, like it or not, users have to upgrade their hosting to their own hosting.

A VPS is a virtual private server which is a type of web hosting that provides a virtual server to the customer so that the customer can manage the server as they wish. The virtual concept of VPS has similarities to shared hosting systems, where one web hosting company can host multiple websites. However, most hosting companies tend to dedicate a VPS to a single user. With a single user system, VPS hosting can guarantee the resources available to customers using a virtual technology system. This makes the web server and servers more robust and stable. This VPS hosting is perfect for using high traffic websites.

Hosting Terbaik 2018

Cloud Hosting is a type of hosting that uses cloud computing concept technology. This hosting service is supposed to have higher speed

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