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Hosting Support Yii2

Hosting Support Yii2

Earlier I mentioned how to integrate CDN with Symfony. Today, I will show how to integrate CDN with Yii2. Yii2 is a powerful framework that is already very popular among PHP developers.

How To Deploy Your Yii2 Basic Application Project To Heroku

For the purposes of this article, I’m assuming you’ve already set up a server with a custom PHP application for PHP MySQL. If not, I suggest you sign up for a 3-day free trial account.

First log in to the Platform and go to the Admin page. Here you will find the basic credentials you need to log into the SSH terminal. Once logged in, go to the app store.

Yii2 can be installed on the server using Composer. The good news is that Git and Composer come pre-installed.

Once the process is complete, go to the Applications tab and select Yii2. Copy the app’s link URL and paste it into your browser’s address bar. Add /base/site/ to the URL and press Enter. You will see the Yii2 app’s welcome page.

Biladina/yii2 Ajaxcrud Bs4

Go to the application management tab and open the PHP application. You will find the CDN configuration section at the end of the options available in the left pane. When a new screen opens, you will see a URL that requires you to enter it in the WEBSITE field. Click the Create button.

Yii2 has an open source CDN service for serving resources such as CSS and JavaScript files. For the purposes of this article, I will be using the blacksmoke26/yii2cdn package developed by Junaid Atari.

In the first step, I will install the package in the Yii2 application through the SSH terminal. Run the following command:

Hosting Support Yii2

Once the configuration is complete, create a directory called ‘cdn’ in the root directory and install the Font-awesome library. The folder path will be something like: cdn/fonts-awesome/css. Your files will live Inside the css folder.

Yii2forbeginners By Oscar Arturo Escamilla

Now move to the open folder and open the web.php file. Add a new cdn property under the section, similar to the following code:

Now, you can define two versions of the file, one local and one live:

Next, go to the app and refresh the page. View the source code in a browser (use the source view mode). You can see that the CSS file is served via CDN.

In this tutorial, I showed how to serve CSS files using CDN. You can extend this idea to provide JavaScript files. If you have any advice on how to improve the code or have any questions about how to integrate CDN with Yii2, please leave a comment below.

Yii Png Images

Shahroze is the PHP community leader at – Managed PHP Hosting. Apart from his working life, he loves movies and traveling. You can write to him at [email protected] What you need to know How to Install Yii Using Programming Say Hello Working with Forms Working with Data Data Code with Gii Preview

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The first project is to build an Application from Scratch Console Commands Docker Core Validators International Declaration of Conformity Shared Environment Modeling Machine and Third-Party Code Using Yii as a Subclass.

Hosting Support Yii2

This section will explain how to use Gii to quickly generate code that implements certain web applications. Using Gii to automatically generate code is a matter of entering the correct information according to the instructions on the Gii page.

Php Yii2 Framework Advanced Certification On Itvdn

Gii is provided in Yii as a module. You can enable Gii by setting it in the program module. Depending on how you created your app, you may find the following code already provided in the

Thanks for that link, your app is in development mode, and will be running Gii, as above. You can now access Gii using the following URL:

Note: If you access Gii on a machine other than localhost, access will be automatically denied for security reasons. You can configure Gii to add a valid IP address as follows,

To use Gii to generate virtual classes, select “Model Generator” (click on the link on the Gii page). Then fill out this form as follows:

Yii Vs. Laravel: Comparison Of Frameworks To Choose The Right One

Listed in the output file of the operating system. You can click on the file name line to view its contents.

When using Gii, if you’ve created a file and want to overwrite it, click the button

Button next to the file name to see the difference between the code to be executed and the current version.

Hosting Support Yii2

While writing the current file, check the box next to “up” and click the “Run” button. If you are creating a new file, you can click “Generate”.

How To Install Yii On Windows Or A Mac

Next, you will see a confirmation page showing that the code has been submitted successfully. If you already have the file, you will also see a message saying that a new code has been written.

CRUD stands for Create, Read, Update and Delete, which represents four common operations performed with data on most websites. To create a CRUD function using Gii, select “CRUD Generator” (click the link on the Gii page). For example “country”, fill out the resulting form as follows:

Next, click on the “Preview” button. You will see a list of generated files, as shown below.

File (in the directory directory), check the “top” box to replace it. (Previous versions did not have full CRUD support.)

Host Yii2 Framework Project Using Cpanel

You will see the data grid showing the countries from the database table. You can sort the grid, or filter it by specifying a filter condition in the column headers.

For each country shown in the grid, you can choose to view its information, update it, or delete it. You can also click on the “Create Country” button above the grid to get a form to create a new country.

The following is a list of files generated by Gii, in case you want to investigate how these things are implemented, or modified:

Hosting Support Yii2

Info: Gii is designed to be a unique and extensible code generation tool. Using it correctly can greatly speed up the development speed of your software. For more information, see the Gii section. Summary ¶

Programming With Yii2: Using The Debugger

In this chapter, you learned how to use Gii to generate code that implements full CRUD operations on objects stored in database tables. Yii2 Hosting refers to a website that is configured to support Yii2 applications. The Yii2 framework is a PHP framework used to develop applications. Hosting Yii2 using cPanel is easy just follow the steps mentioned below:

First, you need to create a zip file of the yii2 project and install it and download it from cPanel. To upload a zip file to cPanel, log into cPanel and go to File Manager. In the File Manager, click on public_html and click Download to download the zip file. public_html (creates a project using the browser’s hostname) is the default directory for creating a project using cPanel. After you finish downloading the zip file and extract it as shown in the image below:

The root directory of the wii2 project is called web. Web root folders such as www, htdocs, and public_html for web servers. We need to move all the files in the web directory to public_html as shown in the image below:

If server is apache server then add additional file .website or public_html directory where index.php file is located. The .htaccess file contains the following content as shown in the image below:

Yii 2: Automated Deployment On Heroku

Edit the .php file in the site directory and move it to public_html. If it doesn’t move then move it to public_html as shown in the image below:

To understand the process of creating a database, please refer to our previous blog which contains detailed information about creating a database.

When you have finished creating and importing the database, edit the db.php file in the configuration folder inside your project that is connecting to the database. When you open the db.php editor, enter the database name, username and password as shown in the image below:

Hosting Support Yii2

After that is done, enter your name in the address bar of the browser and create a project online. The following figure shows a basic example of how to implement a yii2 project as shown in the figure below: What you need to know Setting Up Applications to Run Yii Saying Hello Working with Forms Working with Data Data Code with Gii Looking ahead

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Creating a Validation Form Downloading a File Collecting an Input Table Accessing Data for Multiple Models Extending ActiveForm on the Client Side

The first project model to build an Application from Scratch Console Commands Docker Core Validators Internationalization Functionality Integration Sharing Environment

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