Hosting Server Overload Di Blogspot Akunadsense

Hosting Server Overload Di Blogspot Akunadsense – Google AdSense or commonly called AdSense is the most used advertising network by advertisers or publishers. Adsense is a way to earn money from the internet. There are many people who make money from the internet. I personally never get money from the internet, Adsense is one of them.

To make money with adsense, we need a media to place ads so that we can earn, as far as I know adsense ads can be displayed on youtube videos, applications or games and blogs. Blogs, in my opinion, are the easiest media we can create, there are many free blog generators that you can use.

Hosting Server Overload Di Blogspot Akunadsense

Hosting Server Overload Di Blogspot Akunadsense

A blog is a type of website that prefers writing as its main content, although some images may also be included as supporting content for the writing. In the years of 2010, blogs are mostly used to write whatever the writer/blog owner likes, it is a diary, a place for us to write complaints, or for those who like to write works such as short stories and poems, a blog can be a good place to display works. Today there are some people who make blogs not only a place to write things for fun but also a place to earn money. Content is no longer private but is now more public that people want to see.

Alasan Kenapa Google Adsense Ditolak Dan Cara Mengatasinya

Blogger or some people also call it Blogspot is a blog creation service from Google that we can use for free. If we create a blogger blog we will get a blog with blogspot subdomain. To disable the Blogspot subdomain, you need to buy or rent a TLD (Top Level Domain) domain from a site like Namecheap or Rumahweb and then link it to your Blogger blog.

Currently the development of smartphones is very fast. Everyone, especially young people, has a cell phone, usually an Android phone. That’s why Google, as the developer of Blogger, slowly started changing the look of Blogger to be comfortable for smartphone users. Not only Blogger, AdSense is also very easy to access from smart phones. So, now just using your smartphone, you can manage Blogger blogs and even register them with AdSense. This time I will give a simple tutorial on how to register your Blogger blog with AdSense through an Android phone, so you can earn money from the blog you manage. If your blog is already using the TLD domain, BlogSpot will not use the subdomain.

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You must do this tutorial through Chrome, you cannot use any other browser application. Open the Chrome application then enter the link Since we will create an AdSense account, then you click on the “Start” button.

Tips Penempatan Iklan Google Adsense, Klik Tambah Banyak!

Fill the URL of the site with the domain of your blog, for example, you write it with the prefix www, not without www. For Email Address, enter your email address. You can choose “Yes” or “No” in the section to get useful adsense information, I suggest choosing “Yes”. Then click the “Save and Continue” button.

If you are not signed in to your Google Account in the Chrome browser you are using, you will be prompted to sign in first. Enter your email in the field provided then click the “Next” button.

Choose a country, choose Indonesia to simplify later. Mark “Yes, I have read and agree to the agreement”. Click on “Create Account”.

Hosting Server Overload Di Blogspot Akunadsense

You select an individual account type. Then you write your name and address as written on your KTP, you must use the real address because later this address will be used for the KTP verification step and sending the AdSense PIN. This is optional for this phone number, it can be ignored if the Google Account or email you are using is already linked to a phone number, but if your Google Account is not yet linked to one you are not associated with a phone number, so you need to fill it. section of your active phone number. Then you click “Send”.

Cara Cepat Memasang Google Adsense Di Blog

Go back to the Google Adsense Page tab then check “I have pasted the code into my site” then click “Done”.

Finish You have successfully registered your blog to Google AdSense, or more precisely submitted your blog to Google AdSense, because later your blog will be checked first by AdSense and then by e-mail. eligible to appear on AdSense. Ads or vice versa, your blog is rejected.

Currently, an outsider like us does not know what are the requirements for our blog to be accepted by AdSense. But I have some tips to at least make your blog more acceptable to AdSense, that is, write original posts, don’t copy and paste other people’s blog posts, it’s fine to copy one or two paragraph. Unless you copy the entire content of the post. Also try to choose a blog template that is easily accessible via cell phone. Your blog should also have a lot of posts, at least 30 posts because I registered a blog with 30 posts and it was successfully accepted by Adsense. The most important thing is visitors, your blog must have visitors, although I have not found the number of visitors to be a factor in determining the possibility of a blog being accepted by AdSense. , but if your blog is accepted, if there are no visitors to your blog, it is worthless. Adsense ads make money if someone clicks on the ad, otherwise it’s just displayed on our blog.

Above I said that your blog must have used a TLD domain when registered with AdSense. Honestly, even if you use a blogspot subdomain, you can register it with AdSense, but until now I have never been accepted by AdSense for a blog that is a blogspot sub. Domain uses, worse, there. There is no answer whether my blog is accepted or not, maybe I use the best way to register a blog in adsense with blogspot subdomain or I don’t know how. For this reason, I recommend that you only find it safe, use a blog with an installed TLD domain.

Langkah Cara Mengatasi Anda Sudah Memiliki Akun Adsense

If you want to ask anything about the simple tutorial in this post, you can write it in the comments column below or contact the admin through the contact page.

Keywords: blogspot adsense, google adsense blog, how to register adsense blog, how to register adsense blog 2019, 2020, 2021, 2022, 2023, adsense blog wordpress, how to register 2020, adsense blog in 2020 How to get AdSense ad script code registration has already been mentioned here. Now of course we are wondering how to install the script code on the blog? For bloggers who have been working on it for a long time, the way to install the adsense ad script code is very easy, just put it in our posts or put it in your favorite gadget. But they all still have steps so that there is no failure to install the script code later.

While the use of this script code for new bloggers may not be known to many. But this is a very helpful solution for those who already know because they don’t have to wait long to create an Adsense account first. For new bloggers, installing this type of Adsense ad script code will make it very easy for them to earn from their managed blogs.

Hosting Server Overload Di Blogspot Akunadsense

If we don’t have adsense account then we can’t get Adsense ad script code. But that does not mean that there is no other way, we can still install the ad script code by partnering with blogger friends who already have an Adsense account. And if you got the ad code, you can immediately follow the procedure of entering the ad code in the blog that we manage.

Cara Mendapatkan Uang Dari Blog Terbaru 2023

To install the script code from Google AdSense ads, there are many procedures and steps that need to be done. The installation of this script code will work if you follow the installation procedure correctly.

For those who already have an AdSense account, you can create one first. And for bloggers who don’t have an AdSense account, they can borrow or partner with fellow bloggers.

To install the adsense ad script code first change the mode from compose to html mode.

After completing all the steps to install the ad script code, the next step is to check the results from the advertiser. To check it normally, click “Preview” to see the results before publishing the article.

Cara Membuat Subdomain Di Blogspot

Follow the above steps properly. And if this is correct, then our blog’s installation script code will look like this:

If it is like above, the installation of AdSense ad script code we created is successful. And the next step is to have the article published immediately.

If the ad doesn’t show, check again that something might have gone wrong, usually what often doesn’t show the ad is an error in the script code. Because for the script code, if a letter or number can mean that the ad will not appear on our blog. Easy Way to Register Google Adsense from Blogspot – As a blogger, of course we want a blog that we want to earn. . In fact, the process for blogs to make money often takes a lot of time. Most bloggers can develop for the first time, taking 1 year from a blog, etc. But if you are consistent in blogging, always update original articles at least twice a day, then you should get paid from blogging within 3 months. The point of playing on the web is consistency.

Hosting Server Overload Di Blogspot Akunadsense

There are many ways that the web you manage can generate income, it can be web sales, affiliate websites, online shops, etc. One way is to register a blog with Google Adsense. Google AdSense is one of Google’s features aimed at making website owners their partners. And the website owners get paid based on the number of clicks and CPC amount. For example, you get 10x clicks and your CPC amount is Rp. 20,000 If you get 10 clicks, your earnings will be 10 x.

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