Hosting Professionale

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Hosting Professionale

Hosting Professionale

With the term hosting, we define a place on the web where the database and infrastructure of the website is hosted. From the English host, hosting is basically a remote server that hosts all the pages (content, images, videos, and files of various extensions) of the networked site for easy access through browsers for navigation.

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Hosting services, which are provided by specialized companies, allow you to buy or use free space to store content, databases and site structure and make them visible to anyone who wants to access them. Basically, all the websites that we visit every day are hosted on hosting.

We have analyzed many hosting services by comparing speed and performance, geographic location of servers, support and prices, and here we list the best hosting that the market currently offers.

Publishing a website online requires the use of a hosting service that hosts the database. Web host providers (also called ISPs or hosting providers), that is, companies that provide web hosting services, offer different solutions depending on the needs of the site owner: A space that is not too large for a blog, commerce or business. A more organized news site may require more space.

Web hosts, the companies that provide this type of service, are responsible for running the servers on which website owners upload databases, keeping them in good working order at all times and ensuring they are protected from hacker attacks. Therefore, the web host has the job of maintaining your site’s database on their servers; When a user types a site address into their browser, the web host ensures that the site can be reached.

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There are paid and free web hosting services: depending on your needs, you can choose one option or the other, but remember that paid services are recommended for commercial use, they are usually richer in features and more guaranteed.

Web host providers allow you to install a CMS (CMS) on a server, even without in-depth knowledge of computers.

) such as WordPress, Drupal and Joomla, and create a backup copy of the data, which is essential to avoid losing it if any problem arises.

Hosting Professionale

Web hosting services often also include the creation of an email inbox, which is quite large depending on the plan chosen, has an SSL certificate and, in some cases, the possibility of becoming a host reseller. There is also technical support for any need, for example to migrate a database from one server to another.

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When a server hosts a specific site, the site is assigned a number, an IP address, which consists of several digits (12 digits if it is generated using the IPv4 protocol, 32 if it is generated using the IPv6 protocol). To avoid typing a number every time, a URL comes to our rescue, which is an alphanumeric code that uniquely identifies a website, allowing us to access it easily.

A domain name is part of a URL, more precisely the alphanumeric part followed by a double // , preceded by the protocol used to transfer information over the Internet (HTTP or HTTPS). We have first, second and third level domains.

When we type a URL in the appropriate bar of our browser, this sends a specific request to the DNS server: DNS finds and identifies the IP address associated with the domain name and transmits it to the browser. Thus, we are able to connect to the site. For simplicity, DNS is like a phone book, which associates all names (locations) with numbers (IP addresses).

There are different types of domain names. Specifically, we have first, second, and third level domains (or subdomains).

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(TDL), the so-called “stretches”. Today there is a wide variety of extensions: besides the classic .it, .com and .eu extensions, we find more specific extensions such as .blog, .gov and .legal, which indicate precisely the type of site we are visiting. For example, the legal extension is associated with companies or freelancers who provide legal services.

On the other hand, a second-level domain is a piece of text that we choose when creating a site: ““, for example, is the second-level domain of our site. It can be from 3 to 63 characters long, all letters of the English alphabet, numbers and hyphens can be used (however, the latter must not be at the beginning or at the end).

We close with third level domains, also called subdomains. In the URL, it precedes the second level, which is separated from it by a period. Subdomains are useful because they make it easy to access specific services or pages in a second-level domain.

Hosting Professionale

How to choose a domain name? Let’s start with the name of the top-level domain, the extension: With the new gTDL extension, choosing the right extension for your business can be a positive factor.

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For example, a news site might use the .info extension to help visitors instantly understand what it’s about, like the lawyer’s legal extension, which adds an extra touch of professionalism.

However, the “classic” options remain very valid: .com, the most used extension, .it, if the audience is mainly Italian, or .org, if it is the site of institutions and companies.

For a second-level domain, it’s a good idea to choose a unique, clear, short, and easy-to-remember name, perhaps with some keywords related to our business. It is good practice to avoid names that are difficult to type so as not to complicate things for those who wish to visit our site. Therefore, choose your second-level domain carefully: it is the gateway to your site and your company.

We add that before buying a domain it is a good idea to make sure that it is not already in use: hosting providers usually provide a search bar to see if the domain is free.

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The web host providers, along with the hosting service, offer you the ability to register a domain name.

The first thing is to choose a top-level domain or extension: depending on your needs, it may be worth choosing one of the newer extensions, one that reflects the theme of the site or professional specialization. However, “popular” extensions, such as .com and .it, are always a valid option, and are easier to remember because they are more comprehensive.

Choosing a second-level domain, that is, a name that follows a double //, must follow certain rules. Creativity is a good thing, but with a clear need for a short name that is easy to remember, easy to write, and clear. It is best to prioritize simplicity and not overcomplicate users’ searches.

Hosting Professionale

We said that hosting is a service that allows you to “rent” space on the server where you can place the database and site infrastructure. A database is nothing but an organized organization of website data.

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To access the site’s database, you need the access data provided by the hosting provider: once in the database, it is possible to work on the site’s files. In order to be successful, some computer knowledge related to creating and managing websites is required.

Here we will tell you how to install a database on Cpanel, which is a control panel provided by the hosting provider for creating and managing a website.

With the credentials given when activating the hosting, we get to the database section, where we will find the command “MySQL Database Wizard”. Once the name has been chosen, click Next Step, which will allow us to create a username and password for the database. The newly created user will be assigned to the newly created database, giving him administrator privileges.

A number of hosting offers pre-installed WordPress, to facilitate operations for those who are not familiar with the commands of programming languages. To manage your WordPress database, you can also use useful plugins including WP-DBManager.

Hosting Linux: Classifica Dei Migliori Del 2021 E Guida Alla Scelta

Making a backup i.e. creating a copy of the database is essential to avoid catastrophes like loss of website data along with all of the following at every level. Saving your entire site data on an external storage medium or in the cloud is the best way to avoid finding yourself with a handful of flies if our site database is deleted by mistake or by external action.

You can choose from three backup modes: Full Backup, which includes Full Transfer

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