Hosting Precios España

Hosting Precios España – Fortunately, we have a very large and mature hosting market in Spain, with a wide variety of good options and also very different price ranges. Let’s take a look at how much hosting costs and how much you have to spend to have a really good solution.

In this article, I will focus on hosting that is affordable and has a very good quality/price ratio.

Hosting Precios España

Hosting Precios España

There are hosting offers around 2-3€ per month (final price, no discounts), but it’s hard to find a service in these price ranges that won’t give you any trouble. However, for a little more you can already find interesting options for around 5-6 €/month.

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Examples of this type of hosting that I personally use in my projects and that I think are highly recommended are the Spanish hosting options Webempresa, SiteGround, Raiola Networks and LucusHost, and the very low cost hosting options Hostinger, Ionos and Sered.

But it also has a downside: There’s a fine red line between junk cheap hosting and quality affordable hosting.

In this post, I’ll clarify exactly where that line is and what prices are reasonable depending on what type of hosting you need to rent. And since a website needs a domain other than hosting, we will also talk about domain prices.

I’ll start with a simpler question than hosting, with domain prices.

Precios De Hosting Y Dominio ¿cuánto Cuesta Un Hosting?

With domains, the benefits are pretty consistent, but the prices are not the same. They all tend to offer aggressive entry prices in the first year, but renewals are a whole different matter…

For example, with Ionos (the cheapest provider ever and my recommendation), the first year of a domain name

However, GoDaddy, a well-known domain name provider, charges for the first year, then €19.99 + VAT for renewal. A big difference that won’t show up in benefits in the end. Also, I consider Ionos to be the best provider.

Hosting Precios España

Thus, it now offers you a price range for the most demanded general domain names (.com, .org, .net etc.).

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I personally would choose the option you like best, regardless: user interface, etc. You can’t go wrong with any of them.

For a low-to-medium complexity blog or website, I always recommend starting with WordPress, although has a free cloud version (no hosting required).

The thing is, if you want to have your own domain instead of using WordPress domains (like, with you would have to pay around €4 per month. This €4 also includes some minor service improvements that they try to justify this extra price for the domain name.

Since the least you want to do something pretty serious, you’ll have limits that will force you to contract their already paid more advanced plans.

Qué Es Un Hosting Y Cómo Funciona?

You will eventually pay more than a with your own hosting service, and you will continue to have limitations that you don’t have with So, if you’re “serious” about your project, I recommend starting from scratch with your own hosting service at

The first thing you need to clarify before getting a hosting service is what type of website you want to set up.

In the early years of the web, almost all of the web was web based on simple static web pages. That is, web pages are immutable documents written in HTML.

Hosting Precios España

Over time, it has turned 180 degrees to CMS (content management systems) that allow the user to edit content in a visual way, with WordPress the absolute leader among them for both blogs and “regular” websites. Also, their pages are “dynamic” and their content is immutable, subject to change (eg due to comments added by users).

Host Fusion Hosting

To enable this dynamic way of working, these CMS programs use databases for this content and create pages “on the fly” when a reader accesses them.

Most, because hosting such applications (almost all coded in PHP) with a database (usually MySQL) requires more effort for servers and technicians than hosting a simple HTML page as has been done before.

Therefore, the eternal price cannot be ignored either. If a provider crosses the line in their aggression towards price, it will be noticed in its service and many. This is what happens with junk hosting that only tries to lure customers in at very low prices by using “dirty tricks” like hosting many websites on the same server.

As I said before, a hosting service is more complex than a domain service and therefore you will find a wide variety of products, features and prices here.

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Affordable, but very high quality that I mentioned earlier, and in addition, the range of hosting, which in my experience is more than enough for 99% or more of users, starts at a price of about 5-6 € per month.

In this case, we are talking about a method of hosting known as shared hosting (different websites of different clients on the same server, but in completely isolated areas).

Both this blog and my most important website, Ciudadano 2.0, are hosted on shared hosting. Specifically SiteGround and Webempresa respectively.

Hosting Precios España

Other very good options are Raiola Networks and Sered, especially for their support. You can push the prices even higher with Hostinger and Ionos, but the quality is also slightly lower. Here, the details of the features of your plans depend on which option best suits your needs.

Hosting Web Gratis Para España

Pricing ranges from €5 to €15 per month based on the specific contracted plan, highlighting Hostinger’s initial discount of €1 per month at the price level.

There is also an increasing number of cloud hosting offerings in this price range that provide extra flexibility in the face of huge ups and downs in server demand.

The price range is very wide, from 10 € to 100 € per month, depending on the contract.

The case of poor hosting quality is simple: it’s hosting that goes below this limit, which is usually 5-6 € per month (fixed price, i.e. without applying a discount). So I would suggest assuming the minimum hosting investment is 5-6€ per month and ignoring the cheaper alternatives as they are more likely to contract bad service.

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And finally, among the best quality and Spanish options, the cheapest plan is Raiola Networks’ Hosting Inicio SSD plan.

I’ve focused so far on shared hosting, which is the lowest price range, but that doesn’t mean you can’t rent quality shared hosting services.

The following service ranges are VPS hosting (short for “virtual private server”) and dedicated servers.

Hosting Precios España

As you can see in this post, he doesn’t want to spoil the technical differences between them here:

Hostinger: Calidad Y Los Mejores Precios En Alojamiento Web Español

A good website needs web hosting. ✅ Here I explain what hosting is, how it works and how to distinguish good from bad.

Here I just want to convey to you that this type of service is designed for advanced technical needs, also does not support more traffic (more on this below).

These are the more expensive options, especially if we are talking about dedicated servers where prices are usually between €100 – €300 per month. You can find this type of hosting at SiteGround or Raiola Networks, for example.

In other words, if you don’t have a project with a large traffic forecast (hundreds of thousands of visits per month), or if you’re an SMB or large company that can afford to invest those amounts in hosting, you won’t need it. not anymore. more than a shared hosting.

Hosting Web Barato, Alojamiento Web Profesional En

To finish, I want to let you know three common mistakes made when renting hosting.

This point is actually somewhat redundant, as I mentioned above in my advice to avoid hosting prices below 5-6€ per month as a general rule.

Renting hosting for less than that or even hiring free hosting I would only recommend this if the web you’re building is really messy and gets almost no traffic.

Hosting Precios España

On the other hand, if your project is serious, you will spend a lot of time and professionally, income etc. .

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You will pay for small savings multiplied by time lost due to technical problems, insufficient attention or support to your needs, and other issues that the hosting service will give you.

Established websites are almost always based on PHP technology + a MySQL database.

All popular apps follow this scheme: WordPress, Joomla, Drupal,

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