Hosting Precios

Hosting Precios – Fortunately, we have a very large and mature hosting market in Spain with a good selection and very different prices. Let’s see how much hosting costs and how much you need to spend to really make the right decision.

In this post, I will focus on servers that, while affordable, have very good value for money.

Hosting Precios

Hosting Precios

There are hosting deals for around 2-3 €/month (final price, no discount), but in these prices it is difficult to find a service that does not cause problems. However, add a little more, around 5-6 €/month, you will find very interesting options.

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Examples of this type of hosting that I personally use for my projects and that I find highly recommended are Webempresa, SiteGround, Raiola Networks, and LucusHost as spanish hosting options, and Hostinger, Ionas and Sered as a super cheap host.

But it also has a downside: there’s a red line between cheap junk hosting and good quality affordable hosting.

In this post, I’ll explain exactly where that line lies and what prices are acceptable depending on the type of hosting you need to rent. And since a website, in addition to hosting, also needs a domain name, we will also talk about domain price.

I’ll start with the domain name, since the domain name price issue is much simpler than hosting.

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The benefits are roughly the same across domains, but the pricing is not. They all tend to offer high entry prices in the first year, but renewal is a whole different matter…

Example: Ionas (current cheapest provider and my recommendation), first year of domain name

However, the famous domain registrar GoDaddy charges the same for the first year, but then €19.99 + VAT for renewals. A huge difference, not reflected in the later benefits. Other than that, I consider Ionas to be the best provider.

Hosting Precios

So this already gives you a price range for the most in-demand generic domains (.com, .org, .net, etc.).

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Since there isn’t much difference between them, I would personally choose the one you like best, whatever it is: its user interface, etc. You can’t go wrong with any of them.

For a small to medium blog or website, I always recommend starting with WordPress, even if it’s the free cloud version of WordPress (no hosting required) which is

The bottom line is that with you’re forced to pay around €4/month to have your own domain name and not use a WordPress domain name (like These 4 euros also include a small service improvement that tries to justify this additional domain cost.

Just when you want to do something a little serious, you run into restrictions that force you to sign up for more advanced plans that are already paid for.

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In the end, you’ll pay more than using with your own hosting, and you’ll still have limitations that you don’t have with For this reason, if you are “serious” with your project, I recommend starting with with its own hosting.

The first thing you need to figure out before hiring hosting is the type of website you want to create.

In the early years of the web, almost all networks were based on simple, static web pages. This means that web pages are immutable documents written in HTML.

Hosting Precios

Over time, this has turned 180 degrees to a CMS (content management system) that allows users to edit content visually, and WordPress is the absolute leader among them, both for blogs and websites. “regular” site. Also, its pages are “dynamic” and its content is no longer static, it can change (e.g. due to user-added comments).

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To enable this dynamic way of working, these CMS applications use a database for this content and create pages “on the fly” as readers visit them.

A lot, because hosting this kind of application (almost all coded in PHP) along with a database (usually MySQL) is more demanding on the server and technician than it is on the server and technician. caching simple HTML pages as before.

Because of this, you cannot throw out endless prices. If a service provider goes over the price limit, they get noticed in service and a lot of people. This happens with junk hosts just trying to attract their customers at extremely low prices by using “dirty tricks” such as hosting. Multiple websites on the same server.

As I said before, hosting is more complicated than domain name service, so you will find a wide range of products, features and prices.

Godaddy WordPress Hosting

The range of affordable but very good quality hosting I mentioned above and in my experience is more than enough for 99% of users and above, starting from around 5-6 € per month. .

In this case, we are talking about a type of hosting known as shared hosting (different websites of different clients on the same server, but in completely separate spaces).

Both this blog and my main site Ciudadano 2.0 are shared hosting. Namely SiteGround and Webempresa respectively.

Hosting Precios

Other very good options, especially in terms of their support, are Raiola Networks and Sered. With Hostinger and Ionas, you can charge higher prices but also slightly lower quality. The details of the features of your plans already depend on which option works best for you.

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The price range for the specifically agreed plan is from €5 to €15 per month, highlighting the Hostinger initial offer with a discount of €1/month.

There are also more and more cloud hosting services in this price range that add flexibility to meet the big ups and downs in server demand.

The price range is very wide, depending on the specific plan agreed, ranging from €10 to over €100 per month.

The case for low-quality hosting is simple: in general, these are hosting services that fall below the limit of 5-6 € per month (final price, that is, no discount). Therefore, I recommend assuming that the minimum investment in hosting is 5-6 € per month and rejecting cheaper alternatives due to the high probability of getting poor service.

Fly Wheel Hosting

And finally, of the premium options and in Spanish, the cheapest is the Hostingas Inicio SSD plan from Raiola Networks.

So far, I’ve focused on shared hosting, which is the lowest price, although that doesn’t mean you can’t rent high-quality shared hosting services.

These service ranges are VPS hosting (short for “virtual private server” in English) and dedicated servers.

Hosting Precios

He doesn’t want to analyze the technical differences between them here, as you can see in this post:

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A well done website needs web hosting. ✅ Here I explain what hosting is, how it works and how to distinguish good from bad.

Here I just want to tell you that this type of service is for advanced technical needs and does not necessarily support higher traffic (more on that below).

These are more expensive options, especially if we talk about dedicated servers, whose prices usually range from 100 to 300 euros per month. You can find this type of hosting at SiteGround or Raiola Networks, for example.

In short, unless you have a project with huge traffic forecasts (hundreds of thousands of visits per month) or you are a small to medium business or a large company that can afford the investment. this money to the hosting service, then you won’t need any more. than just shared hosting.

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Finally, I want to draw your attention to three typical mistakes that are often made when hiring a host.

In fact, this point is a bit redundant, as I mentioned above my recommendation in general to avoid using hosting that costs less than 5-6€ per month.

We only recommend renting hosting for less than this price, or even renting free hosting, if the website you are planning to set up is just a word of mouth and receives almost no traffic. access.

Hosting Precios

On the other hand, if your project is serious, one in which you plan to invest a lot of working time and it is important to you that expertise, income, etc., it is worth spending 2-3 euros per each. project is meaningless. five. month

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You’ll pay that small savings multiplied by the hours lost due to technical problems, not fully paying attention or not meeting your needs, and other problems that hosting will cause you. .

Websites are created almost always based on PHP technology + MySQL database.

All popular programs follow this scheme: WordPress, Joomla, Drupal,

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