Hosting Pelajar Personal Bisnis Niagahoster

Hosting Pelajar Personal Bisnis Niagahoster – It could be a million rupees. Or even tens of millions of rupees. With Niagahoster you can start building your own website for less than twenty thousand rupees per month.

Of course it can. Niagahoster is one of the few hosting companies that has been able to offer hosting services at low prices but with top quality services. Let’s take a look at the services offered by Niagahoster.

Hosting Pelajar Personal Bisnis Niagahoster

Hosting Pelajar Personal Bisnis Niagahoster

First, shared hosting. Four packages are offered here: Baby, Student, Personal and Business. As you can see, the cheapest package is the child package, only 19,800 rubles per month. Seriously, it’s so cheap. You get 500 MB of disk space, unlimited bandwidth and unlimited databases. This package is designed for beginners who want to have a simple website.

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If you want something more suitable, you can choose a personal package with a subscription price of 67,800 rubles per month. The features are pretty comprehensive: unlimited disk space, unlimited bandwidth, unlimited POP3 email, unlimited databases, unlimited additional domains, and unlimited free SSL. Why not just a cheaper student package? The student package is definitely sufficient, it just doesn’t have SpamAssassin Mail Protection yet. Safer is better, right? Twenty grand is more expensive, but you won’t regret paying them.

In addition to the above three packages, Niagahoster also offers the most complete package called Business Package. The features are very comprehensive, and you get SpamExpert mail protection, automatic Magic backup and priority support services. The price is not one hundred thousand rupees per month, only 91,800 rupees. That means you’ll only pay a million less per year for an annual subscription plan.

Later your website can be developed as you want. The series of packages above includes the Softaculous auto-installer with over 320 apps that you can install yourself. WordPress, Joomla and Prestashop are included. Just select, install and your website is ready to go. If this method is not suitable, you can also use the functions of the website builder, you know.

You don’t need to worry about your domain. All Niagahoster packages, except the Baby package, come with a free domain that you can choose yourself. True, you don’t need to pay more for this domain. Just choose as you wish.

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Creating a website instantly is a dream of many people. With Niagahoster, even without technical knowledge, you can have your own website. Niagahoster’s WordPress hosting plans let you do just that. Its main feature is automatic deployment. That is, your website is activated as soon as you activate it. Sounds interesting, right?

Just pay, choose a template and get your WordPress website up and running in minutes. The price you have to pay is not expensive either, just the personal package at IDR 67,800 and the business package at IDR 91,800. This service also has features that are no less great than shared hosting packages, such as automatic data backup, SSD MySQL and Cache, Apache+LiteSpeed​​API, CloudLinux and CageFS Security. You can see complete information on Niagahoster WordPress hosting official page.

The above two types of hosting are enough to help you have your own website. However, if you want complete control over website settings and performance, you can opt for Niagahoster’s Virtual Private Server (VPS) package. This service can fully execute the website without interruption because it already uses cloud computing technology. You’ll have full control over website resources, the flexibility to install more than 350 web scripts on a cloud server with just one click, and of course, a very affordable price for reliable performance for a VPS.

Hosting Pelajar Personal Bisnis Niagahoster

Niagahoster VPS is different from the usual traditional VPS services. Niagahoster uses CloudFlare technology to boost your website performance. With this feature you can optimize speed, security and SEO. The DNS pointing process becomes faster without any delay in performing the DNS propagation process. Then NGINX Proxy technology, Cloudflare CDN and caching features save speed. This caching process allows visitors to immediately see the appearance of the website without having to load scripts directly from the website. Additionally, you can also use a combination of Http/2 and SPDY to store the server resources you are using.

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Cloudflare also improves the security aspect of your website. The website will be protected from spam and botnets so that only traffic from human visitors enters it. DDoS attacks and hackers can also be prevented with this Cloudflare.

You can choose a VPS package that suits your needs based on CPU, RAM, disk space and bandwidth. You can customize the panel using Webuzo, cPanel or even without a panel. The cheapest Niagahoster VPS package is called Nano and its Webuzo control panel is available for IDR 134,000 per month. This package has a 2.4 GHz CPU, 1024 MB of RAM, 20 GB of disk space and 1000 GB of bandwidth. If this is still not enough, you can choose another more powerful package: Micro, Starter, Business, Bizextra or Enterprise. More complete information about Niagahoster’s VPS service pricing, features and benefits can be found directly on Niagahoster’s website.

No matter which Niagahoster service you choose, from the cheapest package to the most expensive, the Niagahoster technical support team is always ready to help you whenever you need help. Their additional customer support team is available 24/7. You can contact them via live chat, support tickets, email or phone.

If you ever change your mind, Niagahoster also has a 30-day money-back policy. Yes, you can claim and get 100% of your money back in full within the first 30 days of your hosting launch. Later, your money will be transferred directly to your account number.

Ini Dia Semua Tentang Niagahoster, Kamu Sudah Tahu?

Sometimes I can’t stop thinking how this company, founded in 2013, can reach more than 38 thousand active users and become one of the leading hosting providers in Indonesia. In fact, according to, Niagahoster now has the most users in Indonesia! They managed to beat other companies that have been around for a long time like Qwords, Rumahweb and Masterweb. And they achieved this feat in less than four years.

After seeing and trying their services, the curiosity gradually disappeared. Niagahoster has a solid service line, ready and available support team at very affordable prices. I can only come to one conclusion: they deserve the best. Did you know that the number of .id domain users reached 500 thousand users (February 2021)? Data from the Internet Domain Manager (PANDI) is proof that more and more people are aware of its importance

In the digital age. In addition, the Covid-19 pandemic has increased digitization in all sectors. On the other hand, .id domains are not the kind you can get for free. You have to build

Hosting Pelajar Personal Bisnis Niagahoster

Around the world. Niagahoster itself has been operating in Indonesia since 2014. Despite being relatively young, it seems that they managed to catch more than 52 thousand subscribers. Even in 2020, Niagahoster ranks third as the hosting provider with the most users in the country. In addition, they are also always connected

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Reached 99.99%. At first glance, this claim sounds far-fetched or impossible. However, if Niagahoster is really bragging, then how come they have so many customers and they are

In less than ten years? Another reason Niagahoster is quickly gaining popularity is its unbiased packages. Would you believe this supplier?

Niagahoster’s offer does not always apply to this percentage. On the other hand, it still provides access to the user

Achieving 99% means they still have 1% of the time when they are not working. That is, there are 3.5 days when

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How does Niagahoster handle this? Apparently they have a data center called Green Data Center level four run by DCI. The data center is located in Jakarta and was built

Up to 174 milliseconds. However, make no mistake! Although the difference between 16 milliseconds and 174 milliseconds is very large, the truth is that 174 milliseconds is considered very fast, even faster than clicking a button.

From countries with the best internet service, including Singapore, Hong Kong, Monaco, Switzerland and South Korea. However, the opportunity to compete with neighboring countries showed Niagahoster’s ability to cope

Hosting Pelajar Personal Bisnis Niagahoster

Those of you who work as an IT expert or work in the field may be familiar with the speed boost feature. However, for those who are new and inexperienced in management

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You have to learn first. The reason is that one of Niagahoster’s features can help you improve service and visitor satisfaction.

That doesn’t end there are other features you get from the latest version like QUIC & BROTLI and HTTP/3 for data transfer as well as seamless compression.

Without incurring huge costs to consumers. This service is considered profitable, especially for beginners who will get packages at the lowest prices. You don’t need to bother either

Slow or no response. You can also focus on creating accessible features and services to increase customer satisfaction.

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In Google search results. If the ranking is high or on the first page of search results, the chances of being selected by users are even higher.

. From here, you only need to find the information you need about Niagahoster services or other related matters

Do a Google search and you can find the general information provided in Niagahoster’s article. However, Niagahoster has made sure that the content they upload is relevant

Hosting Pelajar Personal Bisnis Niagahoster

And compiled by experienced writers in their fields. While on the forum, you can share information or experiences with other Niagahoster customers.

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Each package offered is tested not only for the bold price but also for the best facilities and customer service. Therefore, it is no exaggeration if Niagahoster has achieved several achievements at a relatively young age.

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