Hosting Para WordPress

Hosting Para WordPress – We’ve renewed our hosting service and now it’s much easier to create a website on WordPress. The new WordPress hosting gives you WordPress already installed on your Plesk panel. We have improved security and speed features to suit the needs of WordPress and browsers.

The hosting is fully adapted and optimized for WordPress and ready to start designing your website from the first moment. We also offer a website migration service completely free if you don’t have one.

Hosting Para WordPress

Hosting Para WordPress

WordPress hosting services make it easier than ever to create a WordPress website. During the contract process, you can choose whether to provide hosting services with WordPress already pre-installed and with plugins and templates of our choice. This way, you can access WordPress and start designing on your website, even with the theme and basic plugins installed.

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Or, if you prefer, we can provide you with a blank Plesk panel so you can do your own WordPress installation.

Our WordPress hosting service currently has the best technology to provide optimal loading speed for your website. Nginx server with HTTP2, PHP 8.0, caching plugin and image optimization… all the configuration you need to give you a top position on Google.

Our hosting servers are 100% optimized for WordPress with SSD drives. It runs in a VMware cloud environment with redundant servers. Because all components of the service are highly available, a site may no longer be visible due to a physical failure. We offer 99.9% annual uptime, so you won’t lose any traffic to your website or Google queries.

Use the latest recommended PHP version with an optimized configuration to make your website run as fast as possible. If necessary, our experts will advise you on choosing the best plugin for your specific case.

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The new Interdominios WordPress Hosting service gives you the option of installing a Let’s Encrypt certificate on your website.

To enable HTTPS on your website and provide secure browsing to your users, you need to obtain an SSL certificate from a Certificate Authority (CA). Let’s Encrypt is one CA that offers free SSL certificates.

Let’s Encrypt is one of the most used certificate authorities in the world because it is free, automated and open. Of course, we do not provide any type of guarantee or insurance in case something goes wrong, as is the case with other certificates we work with.

Hosting Para WordPress

WordPress is one of the most used content managers in the world, but it is also one of the most hacked content managers.

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Our WordPress servers have several security rules that are updated almost daily to block the most common attacks on your favorite content manager.

Our support team is on standby at your WordPress servers 24 hours a day, 365 days a year to provide advice and assistance for your website.

Likewise, you can find dozens of WordPress articles, tutorials, best plugins, and more here. If you have any questions about WordPress management, feel free to contact us by leaving a comment below. We will be happy to answer.

We have our own data center centrally located in Spain connected directly to our main neutral point to ensure availability 24/7.

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It is very important to locate your hosting service in a country where your potential customers are most likely to hang out in order to give your website a faster loading speed.

Migrating your website and emails from one hosting to another can be a bit complicated and can be a real headache if you don’t know how to do it as there are paid plugins that exist for website migration. That’s why Interdomains offers a free migration service. So going to Interdominios will not entail any complications for you.

All you have to do is grant access to your old WordPress and our dedicated technicians will migrate all your website content to WordPress optimized servers. It migrates absolutely everything your website embeds on other hosting, even your posts, pages, comments and products in your Woocommerce store.

Hosting Para WordPress

Contact us and we will perform a non-disruptive migration so you can enjoy your WordPress hosting as soon as possible without any complications.

Shared Hosting Vs Hosting Administrado De WordPress

You can rent Interdominios WordPress hosting service here for 3 euros per month. With the annual plan, you get a non-perpetual, 2-month free domain (either registered or transferred) for free.

Our WordPress hosting plans come with a 15-day money-back guarantee on annual payment methods. Also, there are no perpetual commitments associated with cross domain hosting plans.

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Hosting Para WordPress

The same goes for our tips below on renting WooCommerce hosting to help you grow your online business.

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As mentioned on other occasions, there are different types of WordPress hosting and websites in general. We do not recommend using free hosting unless you are only considering a small or test project, such as applying to a university. This is usually due to slow connections, very low memory, and limited resources.

The most popular option is basic web hosting offered by many web hosting companies. Today we will be looking at a solution designed specifically for WordPress and other content managers, so it is a solution to consider.

Shared hosting can also be a good middle ground between the previous two options, as it’s geared towards smaller sites that aren’t used more than a thousand times a day.

Lastly, if you have really serious needs, such as business nature, VPS hosting (Virtual Private Server) is for you. Likewise, dedicated servers are ideal for high-traffic sites, but of course they cost more.

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Since the dawn of the internet age, the general recommendation has always been contract hosting close to you or your users. This is true. A better SEO positioning.

Today, however, there are many high-quality web hosting services with blazing speeds that beat local offerings. In other words, the deciding factor should be the quality of the service itself, not the location. Because renting cheap hosting in your country is of little or no use to us if servers in neighboring countries are better. all the way.

A quick ping test using the Windows command (-T ping “website address”) can get you through quickly, but there are also specialized tools like Google Page Speed ​​and Pingdom.

Hosting Para WordPress

Some hosting providers offer specific features for websites built with WordPress, such as automatic installation, advanced security, and anti-spam tools. Therefore, we recommend that you choose:

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