Hosting No 1 Di Indonesia

Hosting No 1 Di Indonesia – Indo Web Hosting – What is Cheap Hosting and Domain Services? When you hear the words hosting and domains, you will surely recognize those of you who often dabble in the online world. Both are inseparable brothers. If a website is hosted but does not have a domain, the website you create will not work and vice versa. For this, you need to buy both if you want to build a website.

Hosting is a space used to store website data or files online through an internet connection. Without hosting, your website will not be able to display the information you create later. Whereas a domain name is the address or name used on a website. People visiting your website must use the domain name. If not, it will be difficult for people to visit your website later.

Hosting No 1 Di Indonesia

Hosting No 1 Di Indonesia

If you already know what domain name and hosting are, you should also know about hosting and domain services. Hosting and domain services are people who provide or sell hosting and domain names. Those who need domains and hosting look for hosting and domain service providers. Usually they find it through internet by visiting the website.

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There are many hosting and domain providers to choose from. Each service provider has its own advantages. There are people who prefer hosting and there are people who prefer domains. Anyone who wants to buy it will definitely check the place first. Cheap prices and quality are definitely the target of customers.

Many people are interested in cheap domains and hosting. This is because their position makes them less qualified to get a lot of money. Also, sometimes newbies prefer to use cheap domains and hosting first. If they master its techniques, they will buy more expensive and higher quality domains and hosting services.

You can buy quality domain names and hosting services in several ways. Here are some ways you should do it!

The first tip you can do is to look for a reputable domain name and hosting provider. Generally, well-known hosting and domain providers are definitely cheap and of good quality. Of course, most people visit to find a provider with a well-known name. This way, it is easy for you to maintain the website after purchasing the hosting and domain name.

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Generally, every domain name and hosting provider always offers attractive offers. You can visit several web hosting and domain name providers and inquire. If you see a website offering a promotion, you can buy it there. You will definitely save more money with the campaign you receive.

Usually, new hosting and domain providers sell it at a lower price. This is considered as the first campaign to attract many customers. Well, for those of you who want to get cheap hosting and domains. You can do this with a tip, you will get the exact price later. This way your money will not go to waste.

Stable server and good speed, not disappointed, price is very affordable and server quality is ok. Highly recommended, so far so good for UPtime, no issues and never down when I want to access my website. You will always get the best and fastest support here. Thanks to Indo Web Hosting support team who are always loyal for support.

Hosting No 1 Di Indonesia

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And the best tools supported by reliable employees. Ensure maximum customer satisfaction when you use our cheap and affordable hosting services. Features We support PHP, MySQL, we use cPanel, which is widely used by web service providers worldwide. With the highest availability in the hosting industry, we offer a 99.9 percent uptime guarantee. In addition to Indonesian hosting

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Before we continue the discussion about cheap hosting providers, do you already know what web hosting actually is? Web hosting is an electronic data medium that is connected to the Internet. As an example of a Facebook data center, the company has its own web hosting that stores all the data you upload to your Facebook account.

Similarly, along with cheap hosting service provider JETORBIT, the company offers data storage services at a reasonable price. Indeed, there are many web hosting services in our country with various good offers and services, but according to many travel experiences, Jetorbit has many advantages over other web hosts.

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Jeterbit is a web server managed by experts in its field. This company offers many services, such as cheap and quality web hosting services, cheapest domain name service in Indonesia, email hosting, cloud VPS, website creation services and not forgetting reseller hosting services.

One of the most popular benefits is cheap hosting services and reseller hosting. By becoming a reseller, you get many benefits. Hosting is already cheap, so is reseller, of course you can get extra money to pay for hosting later. And you can say it’s free, right?

PT Jetorbit Teknologi Indonesia started its operations in 2010 with a centralized data center in Yogyakarta. If you say you are still young, then yes, but you have to remember that young people are still agile and fast. Similarly, Jetorbit has the best quality and guarantees up to 99.9% uptime.

Hosting No 1 Di Indonesia

These days there are a lot of websites, both personal and business. But beginners, sometimes they hesitate to use hosting services. By using these services, your sites are more visible to search engines and readers.

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Google has updated many things related to the conditions for building a website, one of which is the speed of the server or web host. Of course, Jetorbit also offers the best service to make your website faster and lighter because Jetorbit servers are really fast.

The question of monthly or annual payments, you can choose according to your pocket, which is definitely cheaper. There are several packages that you can choose from as follows.

This personalized package is suitable for those of you who are still beginners as the price is very cheap. This package allows you to create websites, landing pages and static web.

The packages offered are quite cheap, starting at IDR 12,650/month and IDR 17,650. It won’t reach 200 thousand if you calculate annually, it’s crazy that jetorbit is really cheap.

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This business package is very cheap in my opinion, from 30,000 to 70,000 rubles per month. By using this professional service, you get many advantages, one of which is that you can create a website that requires a large storage space. For example wallpaper sites, photography sites, video sites and many more.

Jetorbit offers only 3 packages, but these 3 packages are very “able” to build a site full of visitors. And one more Jeterbit offers free SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) as long as the web host is still subscribed.

Using this email hosting service, you can easily create your own email with your website’s domain extension, for example [email protected] This service is perfect for you who want to create an online store.

Hosting No 1 Di Indonesia

Apart from online stores, e-mail needs are also used a lot. The marketing results are very good. The price offered is also very cheap, starting from IDR 59,000 to IDR 179,000 per month.

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Indirectly, if a buyer receives an email from your domain, the business has added value. One of them is highly trusted by both buyers and business partners of the company you manage.

Thanks to Jetorbit’s data security, you don’t have to worry about the privacy of your email content. So there are no errors in sending emails and spamming content.

Jetorbit’s proprietary system is very good, so the email you send will reach the email address instantly. In addition, the email does not go to the spam folder. Because Jetorbit implements a very strict filtering system.

When you use email with a company domain extension, you look stylish and professional. Conversely if you use free emails like and

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Jetorbit’s proprietary web email system is equipped with many features to meet all your needs. Not only that, you can also create multiple emails that can be used for your employees or your team.

Apart from the 5 advantages of Jetorbit’s email service, the latter is very easy to use anywhere. Both on Android, Laptop and PC.

Jetorbit also provides domain purchases with many extensions starting from .com, .net, etc., just to suit your needs.

Hosting No 1 Di Indonesia

Oh yes, Jetorbit offers a cheap DOMAIN PROMO, namely .XYZ for only IDR 25,000 per year. Apart from that, is also available, priced at just Rs. 15,000 is.

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Actually, there are many services owned by Jetorbit, but I don’t need to describe them one by one here. Because it will be too long and you will get bored reading it. You are better off peeking directly at the website.

There is a cloud VPS service, yes

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