Hosting Murah Plus

Hosting Murah Plus – Review – Are You Looking for a Cheap Web Hosting Service Provider? If yes then you are in the right article because in our article this time we will talk about Hoster web hosts, Hoster being the best and cheapest web hosting service in 2021 release.

There’s a reason why we named Hoster as the cheapest and best hosting provider, what we’re talking about here is not cheap hosting with all sorts of issues bro, even though he says the web host’s hosting is cheap, we think the hosting they offer is not wrong.

Hosting Murah Plus

Hosting Murah Plus

No, we wrote this article because we are satisfied with the hosting service they have provided us since 2019, since this blog is built from scratch and we wrote this web host review article based on the experience of using the hosting service. provided to us through advertising.

Best And Cheap Indonesia, Jakarta Vps Server Hosting Provider

When we first met the host we found an ad on facebook, yes like other hosts they advertised on facebook as well, I even found a host on google. At first I thought this hosting provider was really kidding, how come the hosting they offer is selling for Rp. 89,000 for one year With such low hosting prices, you don’t feel really not safe, is it? It must have occurred to you that what they offer is Abal Abal hosting, the answer is no, we have been happy using Hoster for over a year and the hosting they provide does not never had any problems this year.

Talking about hosting crashing or slow hosting services, all hosting providers have experienced this, in 2019 just 2/3 months the hosting provider I was using broke down, the reason of the failure was due to a DDOS attack, in my opinion, this is normal.

And over time the web host will definitely grow, yes.. that’s true so far, since he joined in 03/2019 the web host has improved their hosting performance, and it’s proven that so far the blog has never had any server down issues, and our website is still accessible so far.

There are many aspects that we can see for ourselves, with the prices they offer, as well as the promotions they offer to all customers, while the prices of the hosting packages provided by Hoster are the following:

Beli Web Hosting Murah Gratis Domain Diskon 30% Selamanya

Hoster Web Hosting Plan Specifications and Pricing (Shared Hosting, Semi-Dedicated Hosting, VPS, Cloud Hosting) 1. Shared Hosting (Unlimited SSD Hosting)

The shared hosting web host has the top 3 packages, Littleone, Hosterone and Monsterone, and here are the specs provided by the web host for their 3 cheap hosting packages.

Semi-dedicated hosting is the same as shared hosting, the difference is that this package is here with dedicated server host only, only for 20 active hosting accounts and guaranteed server stability.

Hosting Murah Plus

N.B: For the prices of vps, Dedicated Hosting, Reseller Hosting, Dedicated Servers, Cloud VPS, Vps Indonesia packages, you can check directly with the service provider and for those of you who want to buy a package web hosting at the web host and you need a coupon In the following web hosting discounts we provide web hosting discount link

Buat Web Pribadi, Beli Domain Dan Hosting Murah Di

With the price offered by the host, are you really interested in hosting there? Also, they like to offer unexpected discounts, such as overnight hosting discounts, renewal discounts (hosting extensions), and other discounts that you can take advantage of at the web host.

With different types of web host hosting packages and if you are interested in starting an MSME business or a web business, we recommend that you purchase the semi-dedicated business hosting package because the semi-dedicated business hosting package is perfect for MSME or corporate websites as well as personal

For advice on the cheapest hosting plans and for small blogging websites, we recommend the LITTLEONE shared hosting plan which has unlimited SSDs or you can also get the MonsterOne hosting plan if you already have about 1,000 to 5,000 traffics per day.

We can conclude that the reason, i.e. the price is cheap, the specifications have and not wrong, because I have been using the web host for more than a year and now I am about to ‘enter 2 years of hosting on

Best Web Hosting Indonesia: Top 8 Web Hosts In 2023

What do you think is the price of the hosting provided by the host? Very cheap isn’t it, at this cheap price you are surely interested in using a web host, now for those of you who have experience in hosting on a web host, remember to include comments in the comments column. This review is the result of 12 months of research since October 2021 and buying cheap web hosting packages from 16 of the most popular hosting providers in Indonesia. This review can be useful for both small and medium-sized businesses and personal needs.

Stable uptime, fast speed and good support are the three main indicators when choosing a web hosting service.

I know many websites and blogs can work well with a cheap hosting package, but when you are looking for a cheap web host, you obviously don’t want a cheap web host either, do you? ?

Hosting Murah Plus

Unfortunately, out of the 16 web hosts I studied, none of them performed well on all of the review factors.

Beli WordPress Hosting Murah Gratis Domain & Ssl Diskon 75%

So, to be honest, it’s hard to recommend an Indonesian hosting provider right now. Even so, I can explain which provider is better between one and the other.

If you’re still interested, I’ve summarized the top 7 cheap Indonesian shared hosting providers based on search data for the last 12 months and other factors, such as guarantees provided, updates or improvements. provided and the features offered by each hosting provider. the short review below.

Disclosure: Your support keeps this website going! We use affiliate links, where we will receive commissions (ranging from 10% to 70%) on your hosting purchases at no additional cost. We’ve even been able to negotiate lower rates for some vendors. Learn more.

DomaiNesia is a balanced choice for those of you who want good quality hosting, relatively low prices and reliable support services.

Beli Hosting Cuma 16 Ribu Sebulan? Disini Tempatnya!

Is in the “Starter” package which is offered from IDR 12,250/month (2-year contract) or IDR 14,000 (1-year contract)

The advantage of the “Starter” plan or the cheapest DomaiNesia hosting plan is the amount of resources you are given compared to the price you pay.

A good deal for someone looking for an affordable web hosting plan with enough resources to build a new website, right?

Hosting Murah Plus

DomaiNesia is one of the few hosts able to maintain the stability of their servers with an average uptime of 99.948%. Their servers are average

Beli Domain Murah Terbaik, Cek Domain Sekarang!

For 22 minutes and 36 seconds in a month. It’s a good score or not. 2nd best out of 16 providers I reviewed.

. I’m trying to send 10 virtual users (or visitors) to explore the DomaiNesia test website using the open source tool The goal is to see how the DomaiNesia server handles quite a lot of traffic and compare it to other providers I’ve reviewed.

The results are not very good. The average server response time is relatively high (high means slow), which is 3642.86ms or only the fastest number 14 out of 16 providers.

I once asked Mas Willih Angga as CTO of DomaiNesia about their poor load test results. Here is the answer :

Kelebihan Jasa Hosting Murah Yang Wajib Kita Ketahui

At DomaiNesia, we believe that to provide a good service to users, it is not only about the best and fastest hardware used, but also about customization and optimization which is done by default during the first deployment. hosting, where most people will get it (it just works), so customers get the best performance when the service is on and just focus on the content to view. In Hosting 3.0 we are also doing more customization than before in addition to nginx optimization which is faster and more efficient, new scripting features which may not be available on other hosting providers , which we believe is another benefit for our customers up to 3x usage data replication that not all hosts can provide. Willih Angga (CTO – DomaiNesia) Strengths and weaknesses of DomaiNesia

Ambiguous Explanation of Daily Backups (Tip: Your website is actually only backed up every 2-3 days, not daily/daily)

Now the latest DomaiNesia hosting price (hosting 3.0) with monthly payment terms increasing by 25% from the previous price (hosting 2.0)

Hosting Murah Plus

And you can choose monthly, quarterly, semi-annual hosting payments for up to 3 years with a fairer pricing structure than its competitors.

Cara Pemesanan Reseller Hosting

What does it mean? There is no pricing game they are playing to force consumers to choose a higher payment term to get a much cheaper hosting price.

Ever since I started tracking IDCloudHost server uptime in August 2019, I have always claimed (based on data of course) that IDCloudHost is one of the providers with the worst uptime.

It’s just that I’m happy to see that IdCloudHost’s monitoring data for the last 12 months shows a stable average uptime with a score of 99.961%. Even of all the providers I have reviewed, they are the most stable at number 1.

Our main data center since 2020 is in Bogor The main obstacle for data centers in Indonesia is the fiber cut At the beginning, we thought to save the network, but it turns out that the primary and backups were both breaking, today the connection from our data center in Jakarta/Telkom/APJII/IIX/OPENIXP there are total 6 different lines, we also experienced 4 dead links at the same time but as there are 2 more saves, all keep uptime on user side. For our Cloud VPS, we currently use shared storage technology. when a HV/Server is down, you can enable VPS/Cloud VPS on a server that is not dead, this also minimizes downtime for VPS clients. IDCloudHost currently has servers at the following locations: DCI IDC BaliFiber DC

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