Hosting Mongodb Di Indonesia

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All developers want to write the best applications. But that’s hard to do when you spend so much time managing your IT infrastructure. With cloud computing and cloud architectures, you can outsource these tasks to professionals who ensure you are secure, available, efficient and on time the moment you need it. With cloud computing, your infrastructure just works and you can get back to writing great numbers.

Hosting Mongodb Di Indonesia

Hosting Mongodb Di Indonesia

This article will discuss the principles of Cloud Architecture and show that Atlas, ‘s Data-as-a-Service platform, leverages cloud architectures to increase productivity, availability and reliability. We will also explain how Atlas App Services can become an integral part of such a design.

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Cloud Architecture refers to the way different components are integrated to create a cloud environment. A cloud environment offers as many services and infrastructure as needed with almost unlimited resources. The main points are:

Your cloud architecture will be based on one type of cloud; In general, you can create an architecture that uses several of the four primary cloud functions together.

Using Atlas and Atlas App Services allows you to take advantage of the power of cloud, multi-cloud and hybrid solutions:

Let’s imagine a web app that combines the web interface and the user interface – for example, the interaction with the user’s post. The front end will be hosted on App Services Hosting and the code will use Javascript Realm to perform authentication and backend operations using Atlas and Realm services.

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Atlas App Services provides customers with SDK and hosting services. You can host the frontend account and access the backend with an API request from

While each application and business effort is unique, there are general cloud architecture principles to consider when designing your cloud architecture.

When we create an application, whether it’s in the cloud or not, we need to consider scalability as an important part of our design. Atlas Scalability is one of the main reasons why developers love the platform.

Hosting Mongodb Di Indonesia

Atlas allows you to scale your data (Atlas Auto-scaling) and backend seamlessly, while we take care of tools and development tips to help you design or improve data paper performance.

Connecting A .net Application With Mongodb Atlas

You can turn to multiple sharing sites with a few clicks, and your computing power can be boosted all the time, giving you peace of mind.

Modern cloud architectures take into account that software and hardware cannot. To follow the error, we need to create the offending products that can be easily changed or cannot harm people’s health.

In a cloud environment, replacing or rebuilding equipment is available by design. Clusters use replication and replica sets to ensure availability. The MongDB Atlas cluster uses a three-node deployment for each replica set by default.

The elasticity and flexibility of cloud components make them an excellent choice for hosting many applications. That said, there are many dangerous experiences:

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Users expect uptime and availability, disaster recovery and profitability are key to our deployment process. It is best to deploy applications to multiple sites in a region to ensure availability when one site or the entire cloud goes down or is unavailable.

Atlas and Atlas App Services make it possible to host applications and data centers in multiple regions with automated deployment and maintenance processes.

The world of cloud architecture is big and getting bigger, but Atlas and Atlas App Services provide useful products for creating cloud-first applications:

Hosting Mongodb Di Indonesia

Ready to start? You can start as small as a free cluster and grow your application and business to a multi-terabyte cross region/cloud cluster.

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Cloud architectures are a topology of things used in a type of cloud and accessed through the network to create your system.

The installed systems are integrated and connected using the cloud as computing, communication and storage levels. Cloud architectures allow you to scale as needed and expose your system to the outside world.

PaaS (Platform as a Service) allows you to build, deploy and manage your applications using a complete platform: hardware, software and infrastructure. SaaS (Software as a Service) on the other hand provides the software to you and installs it with permission and maintenance, updates and so on.

Cloud computing architecture is a combination of service-oriented architecture, event-driven architecture and data-driven architecture hosted on the cloud.

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You create cloud models using the best cloud models and cloud designs relevant to your business needs. Starting with a small model and expanding in the future is the recommended way. MongoDB has introduced a large expansion of integration over the years with Amazon Web Services (AWS) to make using Weather easier for customers.

Under the agreement, which will last for six years, MongoDB and AWS have committed to several initiatives designed to make it easier for customers to integrate to complete their journey to the cloud.

This includes go-to-market integration across sales and marketing, development and training through collaborative relationship-building activities with technical integration and business support to facilitate workstation migration to MongoDB Atlas on AWS.

Hosting Mongodb Di Indonesia

The companies note that this agreement builds on the existing multi-year relationship between MongoDB and AWS to drive customer adoption of MongoDB Atlas on AWS.

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The two companies have agreed to work together across sales, customer support, solutions and marketing to help MongoDB Atlas reach its full potential on AWS.

In addition, as part of this strategy, increased operational support has been implemented as well as improved tools to help customers move from legacy assets.legacy in on-premises databases to MongoDB Atlas on AWS.

The companies will also work together to deliver new integrations to customers in the areas of serverless, AWS Graviton processors and AWS Outposts.

In addition, this partnership will facilitate MongoDB’s expansion into AWS regions worldwide and the US public sector with FedRAMP authorization.

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These include the pay-as-you-go MongoDB Atlas offering on AWS Marketplace and updates to the AWS Management Console that make it easy for customers to find Atlas and also offer direct purchases from AWS Marketplace.

“A few years ago, we started a strategic plan to migrate the entire Shutterfly eCommerce platform to the public cloud because we knew that the complexity combined with all the costs of managing our own infrastructure was taking away our ability to innovate,” Shutterfly’s original technology . said police officer Moudy Elbayadi.

“Using MongoDB Atlas on AWS has increased the resiliency of our platform as well as the overall performance of our applications, enabling our platform to scale over time.

Hosting Mongodb Di Indonesia

“Additionally, eliminating the day-to-day workload associated with managing our own data allows our team to focus on creating experiences that delight our customers.”

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MongoDB says it uses AWS’s global reach and range of services to improve the performance of its database services, adding that this enables customers to store, access and create documents. Apply from anywhere in the world.

As part of this partnership, MongoDB supports the AWS Marketplace to enable customers to run MongoDB Atlas on AWS and build scalable applications on a global, secure platform, highly engineered and compliant with privacy standards.

MongoDB on AWS works with a wide range of AWS services to help customers analyze data with the broadest set of analytics and integrate advanced services in machine learning and the Internet of Things.

“MongoDB has been both a customer and a trusted AWS partner for many years, leveraging AWS’s breadth and depth of functionality, proven performance and security to help organizations move their software and data faster into the cloud with a seamless user experience, ” Amazon said. Web Services Global Channel and Alliance Vice President Ruba Borno.

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“Running MongoDB Atlas on AWS provides customers with great value for building applications and helps customers make better use of their data.

“MongoDB demonstrates a vision to drive innovation, improve reliability and enable us to support customers’ efforts to get organizations to use more data in the cloud, whether they are enterprise or enterprise working in the private or public sector. “

MongoDB is a modern, general-purpose database platform that helps innovators create, transform and impact business through software and data.

Hosting Mongodb Di Indonesia

Headquartered in New York, MongoDB has more than 33,000 customers in more than 100 countries, and the MongoDB database platform has been downloaded more than 210 million times.

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“Designed for developers by developers, MongoDB delivers enterprise data applications that span multiple geospatial, cloud and delivery formats to solve the data challenges of business operations and applications today,” said MongoDB Worldwide Partners vice president Alan Chhabra.

“The continued growth and reach of our partnership with AWS means more customers across more industries will be able to use MongoDB Atlas to power next-generation applications.”

MongoDB APAC senior vice president Simon Eid says the partnership is already having a big impact in Australia and New Zealand as well as the wider APAC region.

“From some of the most trusted names in the region to the fastest growing startups, our Application Data Platform on AWS is helping to transform the industry.

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“I am very excited to build this relationship

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