Hosting Mengirimkan Email Sendiri

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To configure email with your own domain You need to provide an active Gmail account that can connect to your email hosting.

Hosting Mengirimkan Email Sendiri

Hosting Mengirimkan Email Sendiri

If you have active hosting and domain You can directly login to cPanel by typing into the browser search box.

Cara Membuat Email Dengan Domain Sendiri Gratis Selamanya

After your first cPanel login, you can create an email account. Here are the steps you can take.

2. To create a new email using the site’s domain Enter your email address and password that you will use. Then click the Create button as shown in the following image.

At this point, you have successfully created an email with your domain name. After that, you just need to link it to your Gmail account.

How do I connect my email account in cPanel to my Gmail account? The first thing you need to do is verify the POP3 and SMTP information:

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1. On the Email Accounts page, you can check the POP3 and SMTP information by clicking the Connect Devices button as shown below.

2. On this page, cPanel presents two setup options: Secure SSL/TLS Setup and Non-SSL Setup. Secure Setup is recommended. But if it doesn’t work You can use non-SSL settings.

You can save this information to a note or directly open a new browser tab to go to the next step.

Hosting Mengirimkan Email Sendiri

OK, now you have information about POP3 and SMTP. This information can be used to connect your cPanel email account to Gmail.

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In general, all emails that come into your cPanel email account will later appear in Gmail as well. So with Gmail, you can use email with your own domain. Great, isn’t it?

1. Select the Settings menu at the top right corner of the Gmail page, then click View All Settings.

2. In the settings page Select the Accounts and Import tab. In the Check email from other accounts section, click Add Email Account. to configure email reception

3. A new window will appear to set up your email. Enter the email address you created in cPanel hosting in the column provided. Then click the next button.

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6. You now need the POP3 information you received in the previous step to complete this form.

7. Take the username and password you used when creating your email hosting and enter them in the Gmail pop-up form.

8. In the POP Server field, enter the host name of the incoming server. Make sure the port you use is the same as the configuration information from your email in cPanel.

Hosting Mengirimkan Email Sendiri

After filling out all the required information. Click the Add Account button. If the configuration is successful You will see a message similar to the image below:

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If you receive an error message Please double check that the configuration is correct. If the error still appears You can contact the hosting service you are using.

5. Configuring Gmail to Send Emails IMPORTANT – SMTP is required to configure sending emails directly from Gmail. If your hosting service does not allow SMTP, you will not be able to send emails using Gmail.

Previously, you already know how to receive emails from your domain using Gmail, now how to send emails from your domain using Vmail?

In this case, you need SMTP information. If your hosting allows SMTP, you can go directly to the Gmail configuration guide to send emails from the following email hosting accounts:

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1. In the previous successful message, select Yes, I’d like to send mail as… and then click the Next button.

Don’t worry if the message closes successfully. You can still configure Gmail to send email from your email hosting account by selecting Settings > Accounts & Import. Then click Add another email address.

2. In the next step In the Name field, enter a name that will appear in the recipient’s email address. for other options You can leave it as the default option. Then click the Next Step button.

Hosting Mengirimkan Email Sendiri

Port – Make sure the port is the same as your email settings. (If you use the service and get an error when you add account, please use port 587.)

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Finally, you must choose to connect using either SSL or TLS (depending on the hosting you use). You can leave it as default.

You can verify by clicking the verification link sent to your email or by entering the verification code in the Verify column. To check the confirmation email You can access your email hosting via webmail.

When all configurations are complete. Now you can select the desired sender email when sending an email as shown in the following image:

You can specify a different color for each email account connected to Gmail, in this example for email.

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It’s pretty easy to create an email with your own domain and connect it to Gmail, right? Basically You only need to do these five steps:

Your website email is now linked to Gmail. With this, you can send and receive incoming emails on your website using Gmail.

Most importantly To be able to configure email with your own domain. First prepare the best web hosting and your own domain. This could be the Indonesian hosting service for you!

Hosting Mengirimkan Email Sendiri

In addition to the complete features You can also get a free domain for 1 year! To do this Just sign up for a hosting package with a minimum duration of one year. Interested?

Ingin Punya Email Bisnis Profesional? Email Hosting Solusinya!

Get a variety of educational articles. interesting insights and online tips sent straight to your email. Join now and be successful with us! Earn the trust of your customers with a professional email address. The business looks more professional and the company’s good image is enhanced.

Dedicated servers for email hosting without any other distractions make the email process run smoothly and hassle-free. Choose an email hosting package now!

Maximum business productivity with the best security features. Your company email will be virus and malware free. Reliable protection can protect your reputation and prevent your domain from being blacklisted.

Managing your administration and mailing process has been simplified with the cPanel web panel. It’s easy to use and practical, with just a click.

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By hosting emails on a dedicated site. You can always access and manage your business email without server downtime.

The size of documents attached to an email message is quite large up to 30 MB. You can attach multiple documents and files in one email at the same time.

You no longer need to worry about email backups. Because the email hosting server comes with weekly automatic backup feature. Backups are one way of predicting what to do if data gets deleted or lost.

Hosting Mengirimkan Email Sendiri

You can send to multiple recipients in one email, up to 55 recipients, helping you use your time more efficiently. so you can do a lot more.

Wajib Tahu! Ini Cara Menghubungkan Email Domain Ke Gmail

You can send up to 500 emails in 1 hour. You can provide business information to members. But these emails are different from newsletters. (see Terms of Service)

Your mail work will be more convenient because it won’t be disturbed by junk mail or unwanted messages. from unknown senders or unknown persons

SSL (Secure Socket Layer) is a standard security technology for establishing an encrypted connection between a server and a client. Includes email server and email client.

With email hosting You can configure different email applications such as Windows Mail, Apple Mail, Microsoft Outlook, Thunderbird, eMClient, MailSpring, and others.

Cara Membuat Akun Email Di Cpanel Hosting

Quick response 24/7 online customer support, always on standby when you need help. There is always a quick and accurate solution anywhere and anytime.

Communication and collaboration among your company’s teams is enhanced by sharing information using professional email. Use Business Email Today

Feel free to choose here. People prices. Fast customer service. Responsive and professional technicians

Hosting Mengirimkan Email Sendiri

All questions and problems are quickly answered within minutes. Such services are rare. Continue to improve support in this way. I’m happy that I have entrusted my domain and hosting to Elizabeth Janetbrand so far.

Cara Membuat Email Baru Di Hp & Laptop No Ribet, 5 Menit!

Abnormal…!!!!!!! Just transferred and confirmed payment My website is up and running right away… It has proven to be a more reliable and faster service. Sign up here, Aqilla Graniasari is fine.

Email hosting is a dedicated server hosting service for email services used to send and receive email activities.

Email hosting can make your business look more professional and trustworthy. Because you can customize your email address. which you won’t get with a free email service. You also get a lot of great features with email hosting, such as more capacity. Email Backup, Free Ads, and Mass Emailing

Business email hosting will give you a good image. Because you have your own secure email server to share information with each other. To make business transactions via email more secure and convenient.

Cara Buat Email Pakai Domain Sendiri Agar Lebih Profesional

You can easily and quickly transfer to email hosting. Contact our 24/7 customer support and the email hosting transfer process will be completed instantly. (see Terms of Service)

Yes, email hosting is compatible with different devices. including PC or laptop Tablet or Smartphone. Anytime, Anywhere.

Away. All you need to do is place an order and let us know your email hosting needs. Then our customer support team will set up your email hosting for you. We’re also here to give you some tips to make this email hosting easy to use. Hosting-Email For Administrators – It’s very helpful to use email with your own domain. One is that the business looks more professional to customers.

Hosting Mengirimkan Email Sendiri

If you want to send email offers to customers You can use an email account. So that customers trust and are really interested in the proposal.

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Usually you can have an email with your own domain name.

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