Hosting Makalah

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Hosting Makalah

Hosting Makalah

We thank almighty God who has given each of us his grace and talents, so that I can complete my

Laporan Dedicated Hosting

Greetings are still given to our lord the prophet Muhammad who saw, as well as his friends and followers, may we continue his high ideals. I want to express my gratitude to the director of this course who gave us guidance, and to those who helped me prepare this work, I want to thank him very much. I realize that there are many shortcomings, weaknesses and limitations in the preparation of this work. So please forgive me. Hopefully this short article can fulfill all our expectations and benefit all readers.

Background The development of a Technology program is increasing rapidly, making the need for computers and other technological devices related to Information Technology more and more a separate need. When technology began to develop rapidly, more and more programmers developed applications or the latest features. And talking about applications at this point is very useful and perhaps very familiar to use, because almost everyone needs this technology, especially for those who use the Internet. At this time, the Internet is very accessible to many people, there are even more andro users, and more and more people are using dedicated hosting servers as a way to make money. Therefore, I am completing this task to be able to particularly understand the history of dedicated hosting server. A

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