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Hosting Lokal – Hello friends, in this post I want to share my experience using local Indonesian hosting services for several years, and I still use them until today.

We hope it can be a reference if someone is looking for the best Indonesian local host and can be used in the long run.

Hosting Lokal

Hosting Lokal

Regarding the price, since we are talking about long-term quality, I do not choose based on the price of the cheapest hosting provider, you can even say that the price is quite expensive, especially the renewal fee. But as long as our business or website can function normally, I think we deserve the price we pay.

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My experience is using super cheap hosting services, usually not being able to meet the needs of large websites/high traffic, rather they tend to be inadequate, for example if there are server issues, or support is difficult.

The host service provider and the domain hosting service were the longest I have used, and while using the services of the host provider I have been satisfied, for the price I can say that it is the most competitive among other domains. hosting service providers I have used.

While using the championhosting service, it is undeniable that there will definitely be some obstacles, for example server maintenance, there are server problems, but thank God all these can be solved with a support ticket.

I use this niagahoster service provider for my online store business site which requires server and fast support if there is any server problem, I chose niagahoster because I found the typewriter support to be the most winning, from my research results of the test.

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The website that I manage using Niagahoster services is quite complex and also has many functions, starting from user login system, transaction records, transaction emails, I trust everything using Niagahoster shared hosting and until I wrote this article, thank God the site is still working without problems.

The only thing I think is a pity is the renewal fee which is much more expensive than the first purchase cost, indeed we pay cheap in the beginning but the second year and so on the price is more expensive , because the first year we have a discount, the second year and so on there is none. hehehe

I haven’t used this third-party domain hosting provider since I wrote this article (I’ve only used it for a few weeks), but based on reviews from friends, and also looking at the idcloudhost client, I think this service provider it is quite large and professional.

Hosting Lokal

The prices on idcloudhost are still relatively affordable, and the service was also quite fast when I first tried to order cloudhosting services.

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Ok friends, these are some of the list of hosting service providers that I have used and even today (for years, some have been used for more than 5 years), and I can testify that their services are quite satisfying not to disappoint.

In fact, I also use domain hosting services other than the ones I mentioned above, but for the main website I manage, I use these 3.

If friends want to create a website or need internet domain servers, you can try using the above list of services. I hope it can be a reference and thanks Best Local Domain Hosting That Never Goes Down – Choosing a service, domain and provider or hosting provider in creating a blog or website is really difficult. The convenience is that you can search for different domain services and hosting providers on Google, then all services in Indonesia will be displayed

Best Local Domain Hosting That Never Goes Down – Choosing a service, domain and provider or hosting provider in creating a blog or website is really difficult. The convenience is that you can search for different domain services and hosting providers on Google, then all services in Indonesia will be displayed. The difficulty is that not all of these providers have the same quality of service.

Panduan Lengkap Menggunakan Xampp Untuk Hosting Lokal

Although both are paid and both have the same services, almost all domain and hosting provider services have advantages and disadvantages. And of course everything that is characteristic of each of them. So who is really good?

Best Local Domain Host That Never Down is one of the best domain and hosting providers in our opinion, although this blog itself does not use their services, some of the blogs we manage, almost all of them use Drakoola’s services. Who is Dracoola? Here’s the explanation…

Dracoola Multimedia is one of the best paid domain services and hosting providers in Indonesia that offers various features and conveniences to its users. Including offering affordable prices, there are no other additional costs either. In addition, the customer service is very responsive and very helpful in every way, even non-technical issues like just asking questions are still well served.

Hosting Lokal

As we mentioned above, Dracoola always provides a very satisfactory service, although since their website looks very simple, the content and quality of their services are still the best. Here are some reasons why Dracoola is so different from others:

Panduan Web Hosting Untuk Pemula Lengkap Dari A Sampai Z

Compared to other services, the domain prices offered by Dracoola are very affordable and there are no other additional costs. By purchasing a domain with Dracoola, you are exempt from VAT charges. So there are no additional costs other than the price of the domain you are purchasing.

As with the hosting prices offered by Dracoola, there are no extras to confuse customers. Fixed price, of course, and no other fees.

Whatever your domain or host setup complaints are, they are always well served, including providing domain setup services. For example, if you want to create a custom domain, they do not offer any fees. Likewise for other settings, they respond quickly to the wishes of their customers.

With the features possessed by Dracoola Multimedia, in terms of web base or hosting security, customers are always their top priority.

Cara Beli Domain Tanpa Hosting

Non customer or customer if you want to ask questions about anything related to domains and hosting they always respond very quickly. Even the non-technical ones.

The name is also a review, so there is no weakness. It is true that there are no disadvantages, or please visit the website directly at

This is a small summary about Dracoola. You don’t need much because what bloggers often look for when buying a domain or hosting are affordable prices, guaranteed quality, fast servers, fast and attentive customer service. Dracoola Multimedia is the best local domain hosting we use for several blogs we manage. For those of you who want to start creating a blog or website to earn money, of course the first thing you need to prepare is the domain and web hosting. Speaking of web hosting services, you can really choose to use Indonesian or foreign web hosting services.

Hosting Lokal

Since you can choose to rent web hosting services from Indonesia or abroad, many people are confused about which is better than the two. So how? Should you use Indonesian web hosting services or should you use foreign web hosting services?

Penyedia Hosting Dan Domain Di Indonesia

If you are looking for which web host to use if you want to create a monetized blog or website, you can learn more about it in this article.

Before discussing which is better between Indonesian and foreign web hosting services, you should first understand what exactly differentiates Indonesian and foreign web hosting services.

The first thing that differs between hosting services in Indonesia and abroad is the technology used.

When it comes to technology, it is clear that web hosting services abroad are much better than those in Indonesia, considering that the latest most essential technology related to CPU (Central Processing Unit) is owned of the western world.

Cara Membuat Server Sendiri Untuk Pemula

However, this should definitely be compared to the equivalent. So the comparison should be the best web hosting services in Indonesia with the best web hosting services abroad.

Since the technology used is different, it is clear that this will make more and more differences between Indonesian web hosting services and those abroad.

The second difference between hosting services in Indonesia and those abroad is the problem of hosting.

Hosting Lokal

What is the waiting time? What latency means is how well the hosting can be accessed by visitors. The calculation of the waiting time is usually in the form of a percentage.

Hosting Indonesia Murah

When it comes to hosting, it is clear that the best foreign web hosting can clearly beat Indonesian web hosting services.

The best foreign web hosting services can truly guarantee 99.9% uptime. So obviously, your website or blog will very rarely be unexpectedly unavailable.

When it comes to bandwidth, now there is not much difference between hosting services in Indonesia and abroad.

What is latent? Many people do not know what latent means. What latency means is the length of time your data can be sent from the host to visitors.

Yallabistro: Fakta Mengenai Hosting Indonesia Yang Terkenal Sebagai Hosting Murah

When we talk about latency, the main consideration is the target visitors of your website, whether they are foreign or local visitors from Indonesia. For overseas purposes, you will of course be better off using a foreign hosting server like the US. But if you intend the website you manage to be for local visitors, it will be more profitable if you rent hosting only in Indonesia or what is commonly called IIX server (

So, if we look at the discussion about the differences between Indonesian and foreign web hosting services, the web hosting services abroad will indeed be more profitable considering the level of latest technological advancements they use.

But does this mean that all of you who want to create a monetized blog or website should use an offshore website?

Hosting Lokal

As it turns out, the superiority of foreign web hosting services over Indonesian web hosting services does not mean that you should always use foreign hosting.

Pasarbella Suntec In Singapore

The reason is that there are many factors that you should consider if you want to choose to use Indonesian or foreign web hosting services, regardless of which one is better.

Below are the factors you should pay attention to when choosing to use Indonesian or foreign web hosting services:

The first factor that

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