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Hosting Lemot – Why hosting is slow – Slow loading speed of a website is a threat to the website owner. Why not, it can reduce the interest level of visitors to read the information you provide on your website. so at the end of the day, this will also have an impact on not achieving the goal of building an optimal website.

No one likes a slow website, visitors don’t want to waste their time, visitors don’t want to wait too long to view the entire website.

Hosting Lemot

Hosting Lemot

Well… in this article we will share information about hosting. We hope this article will provide you with information about the impact of slow website hosting, the reasons your website hosting may be slow, and tips on how to make your hosting more efficient.

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Speed ​​is an important factor for a website. Google, the owner of Google Search, uses a website’s page speed as a ranking factor when providing a list of recommended results in its search engine.

If your website has speed issues, it will be difficult for your website to compete with your competitors in the search engine rankings.

Based on a survey, the average user wants to wait just 3 seconds to view the entire page, if it’s more than that, 57% decide to leave.

A whopping 67% of UK consumers change their decision to buy a product because the supplier’s website is slow.

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The delay time allowed by the visitors is also not more than 2 seconds. These 2 very important seconds change the visitor’s actions.

Whatever the goal of the website you are creating, make sure it is achieved. If you have a website to attract customers or clients, don’t let them turn around and leave your website.

Generally, there are two sets of factors that cause slow website access. The first factor is the user’s own (

Hosting Lemot

The key to a website’s performance is the server. The server stores all the website files and is tasked with serving data requests from all visitors worldwide.

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If the server you are using is not optimal, surely the service process for requesting data from visitors through your website will not be optimal either.

Each user has their own website management configuration. Using the right configuration can give good results in terms of performance. but make no mistake, wrong configurations can also have a bad effect.

Reduced performance and frequent error messages, the meaning of which you yourself will not understand, let alone your visitors.

Websites using the WordPress CMS (Content Management System) are highly recommended to follow all WordPress updates. Using an old version has a bad effect on your WordPress.

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The latest functionality, security and features that keep your website running are always available in every patch or version update provided by WordPress.

. What function? its function is to reduce the server load from user data requests. A CDN distributes data to multiple servers around the world.

By using a data CDN scheme that is distributed across multiple servers in multiple countries, users’ data requests will be responded to more quickly because they are available on the server closest to the user’s location.

Hosting Lemot

If you are one of those who have not taken advantage of this CDN service, then it is a good idea to use a CDN as a solution to speed up the performance of your website.

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A large database obviously affects the performance of your website. A large database can be affected by the volume of messages with large files. Not only that, but the database is affected by junk data files that are no longer needed.

Unfortunately, few have problems with the high bandwidth required by a website to display images. thus, server performance is more demanding.

One of the direct solutions is to optimize the image files so that the required bandwidth capacity is lower, optimizing the use of the images.

An example of what you can do is to use a format that is lighter but doesn’t reduce the quality of the image.

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Javascript has a rendering-blocking effect that delays data requests from the server. so it will take a few seconds for your website to display perfectly.

Flash content such as video, animation or sound brings your website to life. but that doesn’t mean it doesn’t have an effect.

The large file capacity of flash content makes the server load even higher. especially if the content is applied inappropriately.

Hosting Lemot

It not only affects the performance of the hosting, it becomes slow, it also has a bad effect on the visitors.

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Caching itself is the temporary storage of files such as html, css or java script on the server, so that when there is an additional request, the website does not have to worry about responding to the same command.

As a WordPress user, plugins are one of the advantages. With various features available, you no longer need to worry about creating a functional website.

Did you know that using a lot of plugins equals using a lot of resources? so the bad effect burdens the performance of your hosting server.

The next reason for slow hosting is using heavy themes. There are many options of themes that you can use. The theme makes your website look beautiful.

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The larger the files in your theme, the higher the usage of your hosting resources.

Advertising is an extraordinary resource for websites because it is a source of income. the use of ads leads to increased data requests to the server as well as the display value of the website.

In addition, the amount of spam will also strain your server. Therefore, it is important to control spam on a website in order not to reduce the performance value and aesthetic value of your website.

Hosting Lemot

Speed ​​is an important value for a website. Whatever your goal is when building a website, the main measure you need to adjust is the access speed of your visitors.

Penyebab Website Lambat Dan Cara Ampuh Mengatasinya

We have described above the impact and consequences if your website hosting is slow along with the factors that cause slow hosting.

We hope you can understand the importance of a fast performing website and find the right solution or action to build a fast website.

Among the above factors, one of the most important is the performance of the hosting server. Please use a hosting server that is anti-slow and can meet all your needs. There are many reasons why slow websites are accessed by visitors. The impact when your website is slow is, of course, immediate

There are causes that are essential, but there are also causes that are only supplementary. You can significantly increase your website speed by focusing on the essentials first. Over time, you can gradually address the underlying causes.

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So what are the reasons your website is slowing down? How to speed up the site? In this article, we will try to find a solution for you!

There really aren’t many reasons why your website might be slow. Only 3 essential points, each with derivative support.

Expensive, the performance is very different. In more detail, here are the top server issues you need to fix right away.

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Server memory is full. In fact, large files that fill up website storage and RAM also affect access. If the reason is storage and memory, run it

Apa Itu Hosting?

. Then there is a website that has problems on that server or a website that has too much traffic. This automatically affects all websites connected to the server as well

Especially if you use blogger, wordpress or other. The reasons for a slow blog or website can come from the following things.

The websites that appear often are in CSS and Javascript. For example, you change some sections, they actually don’t read well or they collide with other code.

Apart from internal and server issues, there are actually other reasons that can come from your website visitors/accessories. In more detail, here are some of those reasons.

Penyebab Website Lambat

Slow internet visitors cause slow access to your website. If this is the reason, then there is no problem with your server or website.

Websites with the latest features and a large number of dynamic (moving) websites place a heavier burden on devices to access.

, bugs or virus-infected devices can cause visitors to access your website slowly. This is not an error on your website.

Hosting Lemot

These are: GTMetrix, WebPage Test, PageSpeed ​​​​Insights, PinDom tools, KeyCDN Website Speed ​​Test, WP Speed, etc.

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There are actually 3 parameters that appear when checking website speed with PageSpeed ​​Insight. In other words: red (0-49) means slow; orange (50-89) means medium/normal; and green (90-100) means very fast.

There are many ways to optimize the image, the size that was originally 3 MB can be reduced to only 300 KB without significantly reducing the quality of the image sharpness. With manual image optimization you can start reviewing all posts individually or you can use a batch optimization plugin.

Generally, if you use an image size optimization plugin, the format that was originally JPG, PNG or JPEG will be converted to WebP.

This will significantly increase the speed of the website. It’s like widening and smoothing the highway. More vehicles pass on the highway, faster and more easily.

Kenapa Website Bisa Lemot?

We believe that using a CDN can increase website speed up to 300% faster. When the CDN is active, image files, animations, CSS, Javascript, etc. are stored on the server

To the CDN server, so that it doesn’t overload your website’s main server. So what are the causes of a slow website and the right way to deal with it. Based on some of the explanations above, is the fastest way with a slow website? 6 Ways to Overcome Slow Websites – Slow websites are a problem for everyone, both website managers and internet users. the subject

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