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Hosting Kemdikbud – CMS Balitbang is a content management system developed by the Research and Development team of the Ministry of Education and Culture to make it easier for schools or madrassas to create an informational website.

Warning: This CMS has not been updated or developed since 2013, so we do not recommend using it. You can use a CMS like WordPress, Joomla, or a framework like CodeIgniter. What is Balitbang CMS?

Hosting Kemdikbud

Hosting Kemdikbud

Balitbang CMS is definitely not new in school settings. How could it be that this CMS was actually created by the Balitbang team of the Ministry of Education and Culture, hoping to make it easier for schools to have a school website with a fairly complete set of features. Additionally, school website developers can download Balitbang CMS for free.

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Starting from the ideas developed by the Ministry of Education and Culture’s Balitbang team for online information for school agencies, this CMS is definitely aimed at making it easier for school agencies to manage their websites without the hassle of building a website from scratch. and, of course, facilitate the publication of school information online for the general public, particularly students and guardians of students. So how important is a website to schools, really?

Nowadays, using school websites is really the most effective way to help students learn. On the other hand, in addition to supporting students’ learning, online media will certainly make it easier for guardians of students to follow them anywhere, anytime, without having to visit the school and get the latest information about their proud sons and daughters.

Until this article, the latest version of Balitbang CMS was version 3.5.2. You can download Balitbang CMS from this link: Download Balitbang cms.

The steps to install Balitbang CMS are quite simple, you just need to first download Balitbang CMS from the Google Drive link above. If so, download and install it on your hosting by following this guide:

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The default view will show the folder name cmsbalitbangv35, delete it and leave it as public_html as shown in the screenshot above, then click Transfer Files.

If you have the file, right click > edit. Search for the keyword “readfile” and then change it to “echo file_get_contents” as shown in the following screenshot:

6. If the above steps have been completed, the next step is to create the hosting database. For those who have never created a database, you can follow this guide first.

Hosting Kemdikbud

7. Once the database is ready, the next step is the installation phase. The setup is pretty simple, that is to access your website. At the beginning of the screen you will see the following installation start page and click “I agree”:

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8. It will then be taken to a page where the unit name is selected. Choose which installation to perform. In this guide, we’re using an elementary school setup:

9. This is followed by the second installation step, which is to fill in the database and school profile, in the database, enter the database name, database username and password that were created earlier in point 6. Example of filling:

Then enter the Balitbang CMS admin password. Be sure to use upper and lower case letters, numbers (at least 2 digits) and punctuation marks to make your password stronger and stronger.

Don’t forget to write down the password you entered earlier during the installation. The password is used to login to the Balitbang CMS admin panel.

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11. Installation complete. You can try to check the access to the site to see if the installation was successful.

The Balitbang CMS website is equipped with a website administration page that allows the website administrator to manage the website and add information displayed on the website page according to the current school situation.

It is not uncommon for several school administrators to forget or even lose access to this cms administrator. Then what is the solution to login again? Here are the steps you can take to log back in as a site administrator.

Hosting Kemdikbud

How easy is it to not reset this CMS password? Since this password is the default password and can be hacked, please change the Balitbang admin password again to a stronger password to prevent your site from being hacked easily.

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For those who have never tried to change from the admin page, changes can be made in the menu “Personal” > “Password and email”.

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Hosting Kemdikbud

You can also install Balitbang Diknas CMS directly on a rented hosting server. The host used this time is idHostinger. (See idHostinger Hosting Registration Guide)

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This guide uses a master server that is already listed or joined to its domain. (read How to set up your domain on idHostinger hosting)

You can also do this step with a free idHostinger service domain. (See idHostinger Hosting Registration Guide)

2. After creating your database, scroll down the page to see if your database is already listed.

8. Then open the cmsbalitbangv35 folder and paste all the files you copied earlier into the 3.5.2 stable 1 folder.

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9. If a dialog box appears as shown below, select the Do this for all existing items (found 8) check box to replace the similar folder, and then click Yes.

10. After a moment, the dialog will reappear as shown below. Check ‘Do this’ again to see the 4 conflicts, then click ‘Copy and Replace’.

15. Then right-click until the following menu items appear and select WinRar >> Announce Archive…

Hosting Kemdikbud

16. In the dialog box that appears, select ZIP and then click the OK button to begin the process of compressing all ZIP files.

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17. Go back to your hosting CPanel and go to Home > Hosting > > Website > Import. Then click the download icon to open a browser window on your computer and locate the ZIP file, then click “Download” and wait a few minutes for the download process to complete.

18. If the download process is complete, go to your domain address at and the installation page will appear as shown below. Click the “I agree” button to accept the terms.

21. In the Database section, enter the database name, database user, and database password that you created in steps one and two.

In the Profile section, enter the domain of the school website, website email. email address, website name and website address. The number of SPP and the number of DSP are left as their value (zero).

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In the Admin section, enter the username and password that you will use later to log in to the school’s CPanel website. After that, click the Install button.

Thanks for reading Balitbang Diknas School Web CMS Installation On Web Server…!!! This article was posted by Nasrul Alimuddin. If you want to share this article, you can click the share button or the share button at the bottom of each post. Criticisms and suggestions for Balitbang Diknas School CMS web installation on web hosting server can be sent in the comment box below.

Click “Subscribe” below to follow the latest updates of this blog article using your Google Account, or click “Subscribe” to follow the latest updates of this blog article by email. by post expanded to still respect all online activities, one of which is online learning. To support these activities, the government through the Ministry of Education and Culture of the Republic of Indonesia (Kemendikbud) collaborates on various platforms, namely providing online learning programs.

Hosting Kemdikbud

If you look at the official website of the Indonesian Ministry of Education and Culture (Kemendikbud), you will see several learning programs that teachers can use to teach and learn online.

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Well, this time Master Hosting will review 5 educational programs from the Ministry of Education and Culture that you can use as a teacher, these programs are as follows.

Rumah Belajar is an online learning program developed by the Indonesian Ministry of Education and Culture to support and provide alternative learning.

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