Hosting Idc Vnpt

Hosting Idc Vnpt – Along with server hosting services at VNPT as needed, you get a complete service package with the following items:

Server rental is suitable for companies operating in the following areas: communications, online advertising; digital content, online entertainment; OTT applications and services; social networks; online payment gateway; online search engines; electronic news websites, electronic newspapers; E-commerce, value-added services (VAS, telcos).

Hosting Idc Vnpt

Hosting Idc Vnpt

+ Optimize initial investment costs, you don’t need to invest in building your own server room, don’t need to invest in equipment to ensure the operation of the server room, such as network equipment, system air conditioning system, UPS system, backup generator. , fire alarm, fire protection, …

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+ Your server systems and devices are housed in VNPT’s IDC that meets international standards, ensuring safe operating conditions for server hardware. VNPT provides Internet channel infrastructure up to hundreds of Gbps, ensuring stable and uninterrupted operation 24/24, uptime 99.99%. Home & nbsp » & nbspTin VNPT & nbsp » & nbspIDC What is VNPT? About IDC VNPT and Data Center Services

VNPT VNPT provides IDC services on the Internet Data Center platform With cloud computing services, VNPT provides companies with better support in network management, cost savings, higher server efficiency and stronger network security. IDC offers VNPT services, rent a server space or rent a server server, virtual server Call the hotline now: 0866.001166 for consultation and register to use IDC VNPT services immediately.

IDC stands for Internet Data Center and this center is where the company’s computer systems are managed IDC has its own management staff, security equipment and is paid a monthly fee to manage the company’s servers By using IDC services, customers can save money on purchasing and managing independent servers IDC helps companies use high-performance servers at low cost and provides customers with regular management and solid security, in addition, VNPT also has VNPT Colocation, VNPT Dedicated, VNPT VPS, Web Hosting, Domain Name, VNPT Mail.

VNPT Colocation is a service for customers to rent servers, racks and network equipment in VNPT’s datacenters. Client’s server is connected to VNN/Internet network with high speed and unlimited data traffic

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VNPT will ensure the conditions for continuous and safe 24/24 operation of the customer’s server for servers, racks, internet connection ports, power supply, air conditioning, explosion-proof…

Dedicated Server Service is a service that allows customers to rent a service package with a pre-configured server or at the customer’s request and in VNPT’s datacenter. The server is provided by VNPT and is connected to the VNN/Internet network with high speed and unlimited information traffic.

VNPT will ensure server hardware condition and server location, internet connection port, power supply, air conditioning, explosion-proof… so that the server can work continuously and safely 24/7.

Hosting Idc Vnpt

A virtual server service (VPS) is a service that allows customers to own a virtual private server at a low cost, perfect for companies that want to manage and use the service server themselves without using a virtual server.

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A virtual server is the partitioning of resources on a physical server to create a virtual server with fewer mining resources. This allows customers to choose the resource limit that matches their needs and pay only for that limit At the same time, the customer has full ownership of the virtual server with the highest administrative rights, which ensures high security.

Renting space on a server is a service to store all information, documents, images such as World Wide Web (www), file transfer (FTP), mail…. When you rent web hosting, companies can store website content or data. In that place to post on the world wide web

To access the Internet, the Website must run on a powerful configuration server that can operate continuously 24/7 with an Internet connection with a fixed IP address and is maintained by experienced technicians to manage and configure the web server, firewall, security, anti. -viruses, etc. If you are doing these things yourself it becomes very complicated and expensive for website owners as they have to equip themselves with equipment, servers and static IP addresses. , internet connection, paying for IT technicians etc. There is another, easier and more economical way to use web hosting services from internet hosting providers. With this service, their website will be connected to high powered internet and run on very powerful configuration servers installed with specialized software managed by a team of rich IT technicians.

A domain name is an identifier for a website on the Internet Domain names are usually associated with the company’s name and brand Domain names are unique and first-come, first-served

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A domain name is a sequence of alphabetic characters used as a proper name to help identify a computer’s location (IP address) on the Internet.

It is a service that provides a synchronous email sending and receiving system for companies/organizations (….) under their own domain name that fully supports low-cost protocols aimed at providing customers | Professionalism while engaging in business activities

Cloud-based virtual server rental service (Cloud VNN, VCloud) is VNPT’s cloud-based virtual server infrastructure service. The service helps customers set up computing infrastructure that scales from a single cloud server to systems of hundreds of cloud servers.

Hosting Idc Vnpt

24/7 Technical Support: VNPT’s technical support department with years of experience will provide 24/7 customer support from cloud infrastructure to connected network level ensuring low downtime with a single point of contact for service support.

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Target User: Organizations and companies that need to deploy enterprise applications without investing in initial hardware costs.

A content delivery service, also known as a CDN (VNPT CDN), is a transmission network that aims to deliver content as close as possible to Internet users to help increase access and availability of content websites. Content is replicated and stored on the CDN provider’s edge servers, which provides faster access, reduces the load on the backbone, and reduces “bottlenecks” compared to accessing the system’s centralized servers. Content includes web applications, file downloads (audio, image, software, documents, …) real-time transmission, video on demand.

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