Hosting Homestay Students

Hosting Homestay Students – “Hosting is one of the best things I’ve ever done. My children have made so many friends hosting international students over the years. We really enjoyed the process and highly recommend it!” – TL Wee, host family

Hosts play a valuable role for students, whether they are students from regional WAs or from abroad. ASC International prides itself on our homestay program, which ensures the safety and well-being of our students. We have a range of accommodation options for short and long term stays. Your home will be an environment where students feel safe, supported, and included.

Hosting Homestay Students

Hosting Homestay Students

All are welcome and encouraged to become family hosts. We recognize that hosts come from a variety of cultural backgrounds and diverse family compositions. Hosts can be singles, couples, families, single parents, empty nesters, the list goes on. We do not harm the composition of the house, religion or culture. We focus on the host’s ability to provide a positive homestay experience for their students and pay special attention to matching the right student with the right host. Please read our FAQs

How Not To Host A Japanese Exchange Student

If you are interested in becoming a host family with us, please apply via the online link below. The application process is best completed on a desktop computer with a Chrome browser. The application process will take approximately 30 minutes.

The Anglican Schools Commission recognizes and pays tribute to the traditional guardians and elders of this nation’s past, present and future and to the continuing cultural, spiritual and educational practices of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples. King’s Academy is looking for Christian families interested in providing a safe and welcoming home for 7th grade international students

. is a “home away from home” for international students from over 40 home countries across 6 continents. Our Homestay program is a unique opportunity for students to accelerate their cultural and language learning by becoming an authentic part of a local American family.

The Homestay program is administered by the school’s International Student Program office. Host families receive a monthly stipend during the school year. They are responsible for providing for the student’s needs, including food and transportation. Students will return to their home countries during the summer.

Become A Host Family

If you live less than 30 minutes from the school, apply for a Statement of Faith and have an extra room, you can apply. Host families are chosen after an application, background, and personal home visit have been completed and reviewed by the International Student Program Office.

If you would like to take advantage of this unique opportunity to make a difference in a young person’s life, please complete the required form on the right side of this page so that we can contact you with more information.

If you have any questions or would like to find out more about hosting an international student at The King’s Academy, please contact the International Student Program Office at +1561-686-4244, ext. 336 or email from your ISP. Homestay is not well known in the FIRE community and I want to help change that! I think hosting students is such an amazing hybrid of hack and hustle that everyone on the FI path should consider it.

Hosting Homestay Students

That’s why I created The Homestay Series, a series of articles that will tell you everything you need to know about hosting. I will write about:

Apply To Become A Host Family

I released The Homestay Series while on vacation in Korea. Why? It’s because of a special student that we took in during some difficult times in our lives. Here’s the story…

Looking for a house/side stir that you can make at home? Homestay is an amazing “job” that fits the bill (plus you’ll get to FI sooner)!

The best benefits of hosting students are non-monetary. If you’re not sure about hosting, read on. I will totally convince you by the end of this post!

Want to know how much we earn by hosting students in host families? Curious about how hosts get paid? Is hosting worth it? I will share the numbers and tell everything.

Hosting Homestay Students: A Personal Story

Preparing for homestay accommodation is quite simple, but it is good to have some prior knowledge. Let’s go through this step by step.

Homestay hospitality has changed our lives for the better in so many ways. I would love to help more people discover and experience it for themselves. Please feel free to let me know at any time if you have any questions, comments or suggestions on the topic.

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Hosting Homestay Students

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Host Family Information

Hi, I’m Crissy! I am an FI fanatic and I want to help you reach FI sooner. Join me as I share how we achieved FIRE at 42 and 45, in dear Vancouver, with kids, on a single income! Few experiences can spark interest in the world like opening your own home and becoming a host family for an international student. Being a host family is a uniquely rewarding, fun and educational experience for all family members and an opportunity to build lasting relationships. As a homestay provider you will have the chance to meet new international friends and enjoy a great way to share and learn about differences in languages ​​and cultures.

With you, you can become a host family and welcome an international student into your home. You will experience a true cultural exchange and represent and represent your community on the global stage. As a host family, you become a vital part of our students’ time abroad and their experiences. The Homestay program makes you a student’s home away from home and our host families provide a safe and comfortable environment for our students to ensure they have the best possible experience abroad.

By becoming a homestay provider, you are giving our students the chance to experience total cultural immersion, living like the locals – with the locals. As a host family, you give them the opportunity to gain insight into local everyday life, learn idioms much easier and come home with a more authentic accent.

Our host families play a key role in fulfilling our mission to break down the cultural, linguistic and geographic barriers that divide us. Become a host family for international students today and join this great cultural exchange.

Host Family Pre Arrival Orientation

Is looking for Canadian host families, in and out of our locations. Join our host families today and offer our students an in-depth experience that can change their worldview and yours as well.

On this site, you can learn everything you need to know about becoming a homestay option as you browse our accommodation destinations. Alternatively, fill in the contact form now and your local homestay coordinator will get back to you as soon as possible with further information.

Our Locations Our host families are located across Canada and offer a wide range of accommodation opportunities depending on your area. See our host family destinations in Canada and find out where you can become a host family with .Learn more

Hosting Homestay Students

Hosting a student with Hosting an international student is an important decision that requires detailed information. With you, you have all the support from the arrival to the departure of your student. Learn more about hosting with and get all the information you need.Learn more

How We Became A Homestay Host Family

About Education First is the world’s largest private education company, with over 50 years of experience. Learn more about us and our concept and get to know us bored by staying with us Learn more I’m making final edits to this post from our Airbnb in Seoul’s Jongno district. We came here four days ago and have had delicious Korean food the entire time! (I hope to go home weighing 10 pounds heavier.)

Now you’re probably wondering why I’m blogging from Korea on our family vacation. Well, that’s because I thought it would be appropriate to launch The Homestay Series while we’re here. “Why?”

I’ll explain it to you with the story of a special student we received at a very difficult time in our lives…

We are here in Korea to visit family. But we are not Koreans and the family we have here is not blood related. Instead, they’re linked by the bond we’ve built over nearly 12 years of knowing each other. We met our Korean family through a lovely student whom I’ll call “Min” (to protect her identity).

Looking For Abbotsford Families To Host Japanese Students

In June 2007, Min arrived in Vancouver to study English and experience life with a Canadian family. But unbeknownst to all of us at the time, Min was joining our family on the cusp of a very difficult time in our lives.

Shortly after Min’s arrival, I became pregnant with our second child. Child 1 was only two years old at the time, so we were still sleep deprived and new parents. In addition to all this, my mother (and grandmother) was very involved with Kid

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