Hosting History Lookup Free

Hosting History Lookup Free – A. The Domain Name System (DNS) is a naming scheme for a computer, service, or resource connected to the Internet or a private network. It links various information to the domain names assigned to each participating entity. Most importantly, it converts easy-to-remember domain names into numeric IP addresses, which are needed to locate and identify computer services and devices around the world.

Every web2.0 has an A record associated with an IP address. When you type in a domain name and hit Enter, the first thing your computer does is check with the Domain Name Server (DNS) to convert the website’s URL to an IP address so it can find it wherever it is in the world. The site remains to be found and brought to you.

Hosting History Lookup Free

Hosting History Lookup Free

Checking your DNS history can help you when you buy an expired domain. And the tools I recommend allow you to see all the changes to a particular domain name over time.

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New domain owners often want to see DNS history out of curiosity. If you have access to an older version of domain name providers, you will get an idea of ​​the services that handle hosting, email, etc.

The tools below are free to use and available online and on mobile to check your DNS history.

They have been scanning DNS records since 2009. Their database currently contains over 650 million domains and over 2 billion DNS records.

These guys host the largest database of DNS record history with over 2.2 billion observed name server changes updated daily. Their premium history viewer lets you search up to 5,000 domains at once.

Is There A Totally Free Background Check? only lists NS records. But I found that since 2002 they can get NS details of

There are many other options. However, I find and easy to use.

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Hosting History Lookup Free

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Whether you’re an entrepreneur, business owner, or just an Internet historian, it can be helpful to know exactly how to delve into the history of a domain name—something that sounds more complicated than it really is. By simply typing the domain name into the text box, you can get a lot of information very quickly. First, learn how it works and how to find your domain history

Note: If you came across this article while trying to figure out what domain names are and what they actually do, there is a guide for that, as well as a guide on how to get one yourself. register the domain.

The history of a domain name provides a lot of information that cannot be obtained just by looking at an existing website.

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You can learn a lot about your competition by looking at their domain and website history. how long has it been Is the domain already sold? How much did it cost? The answers to these questions can give you great insight into the value of a particular domain.

From there, you can start formulating your marketing and SEO strategies, taking into account the strengths and weaknesses of your competition.

Maybe you want to buy a certain domain for yourself, but you know that what you have in mind is not used. Searching the history of that domain can tell you what reputation the domain has with search engines and email services (which affects your website’s visibility and traffic).

Hosting History Lookup Free

Maybe you’re looking to buy the entire site. By looking at the history of a website that is for sale, you can get a clear insight into its past popularity, how many times it has been sold, and whether people have had good experiences with the domain in the past.

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Sometimes filling out contact forms on the website doesn’t result in any response. When you need to contact a website owner directly—whether it’s to buy a domain or just for information about a product you’ve ordered from them—browsing through the domain’s history can help you make the right contact. get to know

By looking at the history of a domain name, you can spot fraudsters, spammers and fraudsters. If you are considering doing business with a company and have questions about their business practices, research their website to see if their website is linked to misleading news or exaggerated marketing efforts.

An important tool for domain name history is the WHOIS lookup. In short, WHOIS is a system for finding information about the owner of a particular domain. By default, each domain name is automatically associated with the owner’s name and contact information.

You can also find out which company is registered with which domain, which can help resolve domain disputes. (If you want to buy a domain after you finish here, check out this list of the best domain registrars.)

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There are two main types of WHOIS searches: a basic nut and seed information search, and a history search that provides more detailed information. ONE

A WHOIS lookup will only show you the current status of the domain, where it is registered, what server it is pointing to, and other important information related to where it is currently. WHOIS

Basically, every major change to a domain name is tracked in the WHOIS history, and you can see all of this with the right tools.

Hosting History Lookup Free

A basic WHOIS lookup will only show you the current status of the domain, but it’s a good place to start. Here’s how to do it:

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These results show the current status/registration of as well as the domain creation date, associated nameservers and additional information that you can see in the screenshot.

Searching the WHOIS history requires a similar process. Try for simple searches and if you need more advanced information. DomainIQ also offers some nice reports.

Note: only offers 10 free searches per day, but has the simplest user interface. offers unlimited free searches and costs only if you want to integrate its service into your app.

This particular domain only has one owner, so it appears here. This Whoxy screenshot for, on the other hand, shows several different owners throughout the domain’s history:

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The Wayback Machine is an Internet Archive project. The Internet Archive, as you might have guessed, is an attempt to archive almost everything on the web – including older versions of websites. The Wayback Machine was designed for “image views”.

Cities at regular intervals. It won’t show updates every day (and some old sites won’t look completely accurate), but it remains the best visual history of almost any site.

To find content that no longer exists, you can use older versions of websites that may include contact information that may still be valid. You can also see if the same person/company is using the domain or if it has changed hands over the years.

Hosting History Lookup Free

Take this online store,, for example. At the time of writing this article:

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And this appeared on November 18, 2018, which is the earliest image of the site actually working.

How does this help me? Well, I see the same company using this exact domain a few years ago. In addition, there is some historical information on the old version of the site that is not present on the new one – or at least not easy to find, such as the address of the production center on the Contact page.

Specifically, go to where you can easily search for the desired domain. You can also manually save pages and websites here to create a record for the future.

If you hire a dedicated researcher, there are several simple and (mostly) free things you can do to analyze domain history.

How To Check The History Of A Domain Name

You’ll find a lot of the information you need just by searching Google (or the search engine of your choice). If the domain has a significant history, you’ll mention it in reviews, website comment sections, forums, and anywhere else people gather to share their opinions.

You can also search for domains directly on social media sites like Twitter to see what kind of attention the site has gotten and what people are thinking about it. Searching directly on these sites is especially useful because not all of them provide user posts to search engines.

If the domain you want to buy is part of an industry that a lot of people are talking about, there are probably industry-specific communities. Not everyone will

Hosting History Lookup Free

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