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Hosting History

Hosting History

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Whether you’re an entrepreneur, business owner, or just a casual internet historian, it can be helpful to know how to dig into domain history—something that sounds more complicated than it actually is. You can quickly find a lot of information by simply typing a domain into the text box. Next, learn how it works and how to access domain history

Note: If you come to this article trying to find out what domains are and what they do, we have a guide on that as well as how to register your own domain.

The history of the domain provides a lot of information that cannot be gathered by looking at the current website.

You can learn a lot about your competition by looking at their domain name and website history. How long has it been? Has the domain been sold before? What was the price? Answering these questions will give you great insight into the value of a particular domain.

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By considering your competition’s strengths and weaknesses, you can begin to develop your own marketing and SEO strategies.

Maybe you want to buy a domain name for yourself, but you know that what you have in mind is already owned. If you look up the history of that domain, it will tell you what reputation the domain has with search engines and email services (where it is found on your website and your contacts, respectively).

Maybe you’re thinking about buying an entire website. Viewing the history of a website for sale gives you a clear view of its past popularity, the number of times it has been sold, and whether people have had good experiences with this domain in the past.

Hosting History

There are times when filling out contact forms on a website results in a lack of response. When you need to communicate directly with the owner of a website – whether it’s about buying the domain or simply getting information about a product you’ve ordered – digging into the history of the domain can help you find the right contact.

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Viewing your domain’s history can help spot scammers, spammers, and fraudsters. If you are considering doing business with a company and have questions about their business, check their domain name to see if their website is associated with any scams or excessive marketing efforts.

An important domain history tool is the WHOIS lookup. In short, WHOIS is a system for finding information about the owner of any domain name. By default, each domain name corresponds directly to the owner’s full name and contact information.

You can also find out which company the domain is registered with, which can help resolve disputes related to the domain. (By the way, if you’re looking to buy a domain after you’re done here, check out this list of the best domain registrars.)

There are two main types of WHOIS searches: basic information searches and historical searches that provide more detailed information. A

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A WHOIS lookup will show you the domain’s current status, where it’s registered, what server it’s pointed to, and other relevant information with only its current location. A WHOIS

Basically, every domain change is tracked in the WHOIS history, and you can see it all with the right tools.

A basic WHOIS lookup will only show you the current status of the domain, but it’s a useful start. Like this:

Hosting History

These results show the current status/registrar of, as well as the domain’s creation date, associated nameservers, and additional information on the screenshot.

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A WHOIS history search requires a similar process. Try using for a simple search and for more detailed information. DomainIQ also offers great reports.

Note: only offers 10 free searches per day, but has the simplest user interface. offers unlimited free searches and only charges if you want to integrate the service with your own app.

This particular domain only has one owner, so that’s all that’s visible here. This screenshot of Whoxy for, on the other hand, shows several different owners throughout the domain’s history:

The Wayback Machine is a project of the Internet Archive. The Internet Archive is, you guessed it, an attempt to archive literally everything on the web, including all versions of web pages. The Wayback Machine is designed to store “snapshots”.

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Websites regularly. It doesn’t show you updates from every day (and some older websites don’t look like that at all), but it’s still the best visual history of each website.

You can use these old versions of websites to find content that is no longer available, including contact information that may still be valid. You can also see if the same people/businesses use the domain or if it has changed several times over the years.

Take for example the online store This is how it looks at the time of writing.

Hosting History

And this is what it looks like on November 18, 2018, which is the first snapshot of the website working properly.

A Brief History Of Hosting

How does this help me? Well, I could see a similar company using the domain a few years ago. In addition, some historical information about the old version of the site is not available on the new one – or at least not easy to find, for example the address of the production headquarters on the contact page.

Go specifically to, you can easily search for the domain you want. You can also save pages and pages here to create a future archive.

Short of hiring an independent researcher, there are some simple and (mostly) free things you can do to analyze domain history.

You’ll find most of the information you need by Googling (or using the search engine of your choice). If the domain has a distinguished past, you’ll find mention of it in reviews, website comment sections, forums, and anywhere else people gather to share their thoughts.

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You can also search for domains on social media sites like Twitter to see what kind of attention the site has received and what people are thinking. Searching these pages directly is particularly useful because not all user posts are accessible to search engines.

If the domain you want to buy is part of an industry that a lot of people are talking about, there are probably communities specific to that industry. It is also not easy to search all these sites.

Find a suitable Discord or Slack server and browse in-person and virtual meetings in your industry. Simply ask people what they think about the domain in question and collect their responses.

Hosting History

Moz Domain Analysis is a free tool that ranks domain names based on several metrics, including traffic, backlinks, and various SEO checks. It then gives the domain two very relevant points: Domain Authority and Spam Score.

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Domain authority is a general indicator of how high a website ranks in search engines based on the reputation of its content. The higher the score, the better.

Through backlinks, you can find reviews (positive and negative) about the website. If the majority of backlinks come from social media, it can influence your social media marketing strategy and show you what your customers think of your business. You can also evaluate a domain’s SEO potential by seeing how many top links it has from search engines.

Two tools that will allow you to see the top backlinks for any domain or subdomain are the SEO and engagement tracking platforms SEMRush and Ahrefs. (Note: You will only see the top 100 backlinks for free.)

While researching domain history can be time consuming, it also provides a wealth of useful and valuable information – often for free.

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While it’s not possible to find contact information for the current domain owner, you can gauge how popular the site has been, what content it’s had over the years, and whether or not it has a good digital or human reputation.

Whether you’re buying a domain name for your business, researching your competitors, or looking for ways to improve your own website, that knowledge is valuable to you.

Domain history (sometimes called WHOIS history or domain ownership history) is a list of the previous and current owners of a domain, along with their addresses, contact information, and other registration information.

Hosting History

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