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Note: WordPress org (self-hosted) and WordPress com (hosted) are different, so you can’t choose carelessly. To create a website using WordPress you need to tailor it to your goals.

Hosting Gratis Untuk Blog Self Hosted WordPress

Hosting Gratis Untuk Blog Self Hosted WordPress

I’ve compiled this guide as the first step to creating your own WordPress organization (self-hosted) website. So make sure you don’t go through every step of creating a website with WordPress.

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Before comparing WordPress Org and WordPress Com, you should first know what is WordPress? WordPress is a useful platform for creating websites.

WordPress (WP) was founded in 2003 by Matt Mullenweg and Mike Little. After the end of B2/cafeblog WP blogging platform became famous as blogging platform.

WP 1.0 was released in 2004, revising the basic functions of B2/cafeblog’s blogging platform. This year marked the beginning of WP’s journey till now it is one of the most popular CMS platforms in the world.

By using an open source system, anyone can use WordPress for free and modify it. Very interesting?

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Apart from this, WP also offers various free and paid plugins and themes/templates. You can use these plugins and themes to add features and enhance the look of your website.

FYI, there are many types of websites. Personal/portfolio webs, blogs, communities (forums), online stores (e-commerce) etc. With WordPress, you can create websites like this.

Even now, 35% of websites worldwide use WordPress as their CMS. So WP is the #1 most popular CMS (currently).

Hosting Gratis Untuk Blog Self Hosted WordPress

By bringing an open source system and having many users and developers, it definitely makes it easy for you to create a WordPress based website.

What Is The Difference Between And

For example, websites owned by the Indonesian government use WP as their CMS. ie Moreover, they also use WordPress.

Of course, you already know that there are many useful features available in WordPress. But as you know, there are 2 types of WordPress, namely WordPress Com (Hosted) 100% Free and WordPress Organization (Self Host) Not Free.

Before creating a website using WordPress, please first understand the pros and cons of WordPress Org and WordPress Com. Because it should be in line with your goals.

WordPress was created by Matt Mullenweg as a blogging CMS that is 100% free for anyone. Since it is free, it has some limitations.

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WordPress com offers additional features by paying a certain amount. There are at least 6 plans available in WordPress com as follows: is a free website builder CMS (platform) perfect for those of you into blogging or those who want to learn how to create a website blog to complete school assignments.

If you want higher capacity storage memory, you have to pay a certain amount according to the specified plan.

Hosting Gratis Untuk Blog Self Hosted WordPress

As I mentioned earlier, WordPress com is free but has limitations. Here I summarize 11 disadvantages of WordPress com that you need to know:

Free 30 Day Cpanel Web Hosting Trial

In my opinion, WordPress com inherently has these weaknesses because they are a business and users benefit from upgrade plans.

If you want to use more features, you must upgrade the plan first. And the price couldn’t be cheaper.

If you are just starting to learn how to build a website, be it a blog, personal, online store, I recommend using WordPress Organization. Why try to see the following reviews:

WordPress Org Website Builder CMS (Platform) is an open source system and 100% free. So, earlier, wordpress com was free, but wordpress org was also free, so what’s the difference?

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Okay, let me get this straight first. Do you remember the What is WordPress section before? I explained that WordPress is a 100% free website builder CMS (platform).

CMS is free as there are many other CMS that are free or paid. Yes, this is also an advantage of WordPress.

Return to the WordPress organization. All you need and pay more for is a domain and hosting. This is the reason why WordPress Org is often referred to as WordPress Self Host.

Hosting Gratis Untuk Blog Self Hosted WordPress

But don’t worry, domain and hosting prices are not expensive. Approximately the price of a .com domain is between IDR 100,000 – IDR 200,000 per year. Meanwhile, hosting prices start from around IDR 25,000 per month.

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So the savings is around IDR 35,000 – IDR 45,000 per month. I personally think it is very cheap as we only have to shell out 1,000 – 1,500 per day.

Note: I do not sell domains and hosting. So I will not use any preachy language in this article. This article is purely based on my experience.

Where can I buy a domain and hosting? There are many good local hosting service providers. I have bought domains myself and hosted on Domainasia, RumahWeb and NiagaHoster. And there are many more service providers. You can search on Google.

Back to the topic. Besides domain rental and hosting costs, what are the benefits of this WordPress organization? For that, don’t miss the following reviews:

How To Build A Website Using WordPress In Ten Steps

If you use WordPress Org to build a website, you have complete control and are free to do whatever you want.

Many beginners often wonder about the difference between WordPress com and WordPress org. So, I will summarize some frequently asked questions especially for you:

Depends on your goals. If you’re just creating a website for a hobby (like blogging) and don’t plan to make money, WordPress is less than perfect because it’s free.

Hosting Gratis Untuk Blog Self Hosted WordPress

Why While you can earn less using WordPress with an upgrade plan, the results you get may not be worth the cost of a rental plan. Meanwhile, with WordPress Org, you can get more for less.

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Because in my experience, many professional bloggers use WordPress Org for their sites. Not just blogger, there are many famous sites using WordPress Org like DPR RI website, Disney, etc.

You can use the help of Woocommerce plugin which is available only in WordPress Com and WordPress Org e-commerce packages. Please see M Journal’s Woocommerce Guide

No WordPress com does not allow you to monetize the site if using Google Adsense, MGID or anything else.

Monetization from website is not only from Google Adsense, MGID or other ads. You can also use affiliate links. And you can on However, income from affiliates is not as easy and big as advertising monetization.

Is WordPress (really) Free? What Should You Expect To Pay To Use It?

Only you can decide whether to use WordPress Com or WordPress Org. Make sure it suits your needs. If you want to discuss WordPress, please visit the M Journal WordPress forum.

Then install WordPress… There are 2 different guides depending on the hosting panel you are using (follow the tutorial according to your hosting panel).

Give me a cup of coffee to stay up late to help you create quality guide content and solve your problems. We know wordpress is a service to create blogs like blogspot, there is a difference between blogspot and wordpress, we can do with wordpress. Create premium blog word every year paid professional and can also create free wordpress blog, if blogspot service we can create free blog forever without any premium service.

Hosting Gratis Untuk Blog Self Hosted WordPress

When creating a free blog on WordPress you cannot have many features in the package, if you only do articles see, because you cannot enjoy other features. Like a limited selection of domain names, plugins, ads, templates until you upgrade your WordPress account.

Wp Basics #1: Why WordPress Is The Right Cms For You

1. You can create a blog on for free as above without thinking about hosting, managing hosting etc, because here WordPress takes care of hosting, all you need to do is manage WordPress domain. Although this subdomain is already provided, the concept is similar to Blogspot, just don’t use hosting.

2. You can create a WordPress blog with your own hosting using WordPress cms, you can get it for free at, but since you are using WordPress CMS yourself, you need to think about hosting and domains, not only that. Payment for hosting and domains is to be paid annually. This version is commonly known as wordpress self host.

So this article provides a tutorial on how to create a free WordPress blog with self-hosting on 000webhost and non-self hosting (WordPress hosting).

Create a blog address, because in this tutorial you will create a free wordpress blog, then you will get the last address, just maximize the name, not too long, do not use numbers, so your blog readers will find your blog address they can remember your blog And always visit if its articles are interesting and of good quality.

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Then choose free, use wordpress subdomain, you can only change domain/blog address but you have to upgrade to premium/personal first or transfer your purchased domain to another domain provider.

Then select the WordPress package, use Free according to the blog title. For the free version there you can only use subdomains, templates/themes are limited, you can’t change domains until you upgrade to a personal/premium/business package, maybe for starters you can learn how to manage wordpress before paying.

Then enter the email address, then the username that becomes the profile and password in WordPress, you can immediately enter your Google account ==> click continue.

Hosting Gratis Untuk Blog Self Hosted WordPress

At the end of the email confirmation, WordPress sent an email message to the email address registered in the above WordPress account.

Import An Entire WordPress Site

So all you need to do is enter your email / gmail, if there is a notification that your wordpress account is active, click ==> confirm ==> then when asked to login it will immediately direct you to your wordpress account. In WordPress, fill in the previously created WordPress account with email and the same password. done

Use wp-admin at to enter the WordPress dashboard for other WordPress settings In my opinion it is better to use the wp-admin dashboard because it is more visible.

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