Hosting Gratis Indonesia 2016

Hosting Gratis Indonesia 2016 – The 1 million domain name program is one of the flagship programs of the Ministry of Communications and Informatics of the Republic of Indonesia and is part of the main program of the Directorate General (Directorate General of Informatics Applications). The goal of the 1 Million Domains program is to increase positive and productive content on the Internet. By using domestic servers and .id domains which are trusted Indonesian domains.

One million domains free to public for 1 year. One million domain names has both short and long term impact. Contributes to the optimization of short-term domestic Internet access and speeds up access to local content. In addition, the long run of the 1 million domain name program is to make Internet access cheaper, as access to foreign domains requires expensive international bandwidth.

Hosting Gratis Indonesia 2016

Hosting Gratis Indonesia 2016

The 1 Million Domains program is designed for small and medium businesses, schools, Islamic boarding schools and communities with Indonesian domains and web hosting. For business domains, use,,, .id. Schools and Islamic boarding schools when using the and domains. The domain name associations and organizations used are and .id. The domain name used for Desa is Each UKM, business, school, Islamic boarding school, community, institution and village has different requirements for obtaining a domain name. In Phase 1, mentoring was conducted in 10 provinces in West Java, Central Java, Yogyakarta Special Region, East Java, Banten, Lampang, Riau, West Sumatra, South Sulawesi and Bali.

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SMEs and businesses have the following requirements: have products in the form of goods or services offered on the Internet, show interest in online sales, reside in Indonesia, connect to the Internet, obtain government approval. business, an Indonesian citizen of at least 17 (seventeen) years of age, a responsible person with an address in Indonesia and a contact phone number ready to prepare the materials/products/goods/services listed on the website.

Schools and Islamic Boarding Schools have the following requirements: Primary School/Ibtidaya Madrasa, High School/Madrasa Tsanauiya, High School/Vocational High School/Madrasa Aliya or Islamic Boarding Schools/Public and Private Schools at Madrasah Level/or Resident Internet Connection in Indonesia existing Islamic boarding schools, the responsible person is the principal of the school/madrasa or the head of the relevant Islamic boarding school, the responsible person has an address and contact number in Indonesia. , ready to prepare material for display on the Internet site.

There are conditions that must be met when registering a domain name in the village, namely, the village is located on the territory of Indonesia, meets the requirements according to legislation, is ready to prepare material for display on the Internet and is registered. country. id by registration of state administrative bodies. There are also requirements that the association must comply with, for example, the association is located in Indonesia, has a responsible person who is an Indonesian citizen aged 17 (seventeen), has an address in Indonesia, and is a business establishment, school and/or that requires the preparation of material for display on the Internet. contact phone number should include members verified by membership list and not villages.

The One Million Domains program is planned to be implemented over three years, each with 350,000 domain names in 2016, 350,000 in 2017 and 300,000 in 2018. Steps to achieve this:

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To take advantage of the free domain option, SMEs and schools or Islamic boarding schools can register by visiting 1 million domain websites at Requirements to be met by prospective domain name registrants. Here’s how to enter it:

First of all, you need to scan the KTP and additional documents according to the requirements on the Internet, and then open the hosting list. Click ID, then Register, then register according to the existing conditions, upload KTP and scanned supporting documents, fill in the requested data correctly and as clearly as possible, and then fill the form if approved. Kominfo you can go to the next step, but if you don’t need to go back to the first step, after approval, the domain name will be active and you can use it with CMS and cPanel logins, then you can immediately connect to Help. The benefits of learning how to fill content on the web is that if you join the help, you can use the web for free for 1 year.

Events organized by 1 Million Domains i.e. free socialization and domain registration was held at Aston Tanjung Pinang Capri Hotel on 5th October 2016. Other events were held at Harrison Hotel Lampung on October 13, 2016.

Hosting Gratis Indonesia 2016

Thus, the 1 million domain program is the flagship program of the Ministry of Communications and Information to teach Indonesians to use the .id web domain in the business world, community, school and others through direct and free notification and registration. Also education to populate .id website content. . (cut)

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Digital Literacy (241) RUU PDP (111) Personal Data Protection (92) Digital Transformation (78) Fake Covid-19 (71) Corona Virus (64) SPBE (57) National Data Center (54) Smart City (54) UMKM Online Go (48) Digital Startup (47) Data Leakage (45) Negative Content (45) Digital MSME (45) Cyber ​​Creation (42) Digital Guide (39) G20 (34) 1000 Digital Startups (34) Personal Data (33) ) Digitization of the sector Strategic (31) Hosting issues in cyberspace. When building a website, I think about hosting after choosing a domain. My principle is that quality hosting supports my website maintenance performance. But how to choose a quality hosting without losing money due to trial and error?

One way is to take advantage of a free web hosting provider. In fact, many hosting providers offer these services. Usually, hosting providers offer a free trial for up to 30 days. However, it should be noted that while there are many people who are satisfied with this service, there are also many who are not satisfied with only 30 days.

Choosing hosting is more difficult than choosing a partner because of many considerations. A 30-day trial may not be enough for some people. For this, I will provide a tutorial on how to create a website with free web hosting. Not just a 30 day trial, but forever.

1. The first step is to open Hosting24, which has a dedicated page for free web hosting in Indonesia from 000webhost. The full url is at Remember, just use a PC or laptop, so it’s not complicated. This free hosting includes PHP, MySQL and ad-free.

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2. Step two, fill in a valid and active email address, set an easy-to-remember but secure password, and provide the name of the website you want to build. The next step is to check the “I’m not a robot” box to make sure you’re not a robot and still want to eat nasi padang. If you’re sure you’re not a robot, click Register.

3. After the short data filling process, the third step is to wait for the email from 000webhost to confirm the email. You need to confirm smooth registration on 000webhost admin page.

4. After email confirmation. You will be taken to the cPanel login page. The cPanel login is a little different from a regular cPanel login. The display looks fresher, cleaner and more organized, and much more user-friendly for regular users.

Hosting Gratis Indonesia 2016

The 000webhost cPanel display is as follows. You can create your own website, use the platform, or upload your own website. Because I like mainstream. I chose WordPress to install. Because WordPress is the most loved and best website platform in the world today.

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5. Click the Install Now button under the WordPress logo to install it. The installation process does not take much time, the entire process can be viewed in cPanel. Once the process is complete, select “Go to configuration page”. You will be prompted to enter a website page that you have created. In fact, since we installed WordPress, the login page display is WordPress.

6. After logging in, the sixth step is to customize the WordPress we installed. Select “Appearance” then “Themes”, the menu options are located on the left side of your WordPress dashboard. After entering the themes menu, select the desired theme or themes. Choose according to your preference. If you are not satisfied, you can buy the theme you want from online template stores like Theme Forest.

7. Have you chosen a topic? Don’t forget to activate the required plugins to support the theme. Remember that each theme requires different plugins. Also don’t be surprised if there are themes that require a lot of supporting plugins. Like the Sydney theme I chose and installed. Only 2 (two) plugins are required to support my chosen Sydney theme. If the plugins are not activated, a crash may occur or some features of the theme may not work properly.

8. Select a theme. Activated plugins. Now that you have a free website forever with 000webhost, the next step is to enjoy how our website looks. Below is a demo of the website I created. Great, right! Fill in the content bro.

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Even if you get free web hosting with PHP, MySQL and ad-free, is paid hosting still worth it?

Before that, let’s discuss the “minor” disadvantages of 000webhost. The biggest downside of 000webhost is the domain name. Check my domain name. Although the name “Serita-Vacancy” sounds great, there are some things behind it that are quite different from free blogging platforms like 000webhost Blogger and WordPress. I don’t think so

Another disadvantage is limited space000webhost. 000webhost hosting offers only 1 (one) GB of free space. In the short term this is possible, but in the long term it is not enough. Bandwidth000webhost is still standard, only 10 (ten) GB. You know your website is slow as a snail when the traffic is moving fast.

Hosting Gratis Indonesia 2016

The most annoying thing about 000webhost is that every time a website uses it

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