Hosting Gratis Di Rocketnesia

Hosting Gratis Di Rocketnesia – Do you know which type of hosting service is right for your website needs? Otherwise, you better know that there are generally six types of hosting offered, namely: shared hosting, cloud hosting, VPS, dedicated hosting, WordPress hosting, and email hosting.

This article will help you identify the pros and cons of each service so you can decide on the right type of hosting. Happy reading!

Hosting Gratis Di Rocketnesia

Hosting Gratis Di Rocketnesia

Web hosting is a server rental service that stores website data for display to Internet users accessing them.

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Every hosting company offers different types of hosting services. However, there are generally four types of hosting services that can be found, namely:

In this section, you’re invited to identify the pros and cons of each type so you can choose the best web hosting service.

If you have no experience building and running a website, shared hosting is the right choice. Also, this hosting service is suitable for websites with low traffic or low number of visitors.

On the Internet, shared hosting services are also known as unlimited hosting. If you’re wondering if this service is right for you, let’s take a look at the pros and cons!

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Shared hosting is a great choice for beginners because of its ease of use. This type of hosting is fully managed. In other words, server management and configuration is up to the provider.

What’s also interesting is that this hosting service is often offered at affordable prices. For example, you can purchase this service for IDR 10,000 per month.

For more features, you can choose between two options: cloud hosting and VPS hosting. For those who want convenience, cloud hosting is a more suitable choice. However, VPS hosting is best if you have the technical skills to manage a server.

Hosting Gratis Di Rocketnesia

Shared hosting is easy to use and inexpensive. However, this type of hosting offers very limited features. Also, multiple websites use shared hosting servers. Therefore, an overload on one site can affect other sites.

In addition, users of such hosting do not have the right to change server settings to suit the needs of the website.

You have no technical knowledge but your website needs more functionality? Cloud hosting is the answer. This type of web hosting offers the ease of shared hosting, but with more storage space and bandwidth.

As we just mentioned, cloud hosting is a type of hosting that is also easy to use. Like the previous types of hosting services, cloud hosting is fully managed. This way, your attention and time can be more focused on managing your website or virtual store for website owners.

However, the main advantage of cloud hosting lies in its mechanics. User site data is replicated and stored on multiple servers. If there is a problem with one server, another server will come up so that the site can still run.

Also, cloud hosting server resources are not shared like shared hosting. That way, your site won’t slow down if another site gets overloaded.

Although cloud hosting offers sophisticated features, the cost that users have to bear is not low. For example, cloud hosting services start at IDR 150,000 per month. Also, such virtual hosting does not provide access to server configuration.

VPS or Virtual Private Server hosting is an option for users who need a lot of resources and more flexibility to adjust server settings as needed. The good news is that VPS hosting services are often more affordable than cloud hosting.

Hosting Gratis Di Rocketnesia

However, VPS hosting resources are dedicated. In other words, your site’s performance won’t be affected by issues occurring on other users’ sites.

You can get these features for a lower price than cloud hosting. At , there are several types of VPS to suit your needs. Interestingly, the cost of renting VPS hosting starts from just IDR 99,000 per month.

So if you want to use VPS hosting, server knowledge is the main thing you need to have. This is because many existing server configurations require command line experience, depending on the server’s operating system.

If you are not technically proficient but need more storage capacity and bandwidth than shared hosting, then cloud hosting is a better option for you.

Dedicated hosting is an “upgrade” from VPS hosting. It functions in the same way as the type of web hosting we just discussed. However, the server is for one user only.

With a server dedicated to you, you don’t have to worry about downtime. Plus, you get significantly more storage capacity than what the three hosting services above offer. Therefore, dedicated hosting is perfect for websites with a lot of data and visitors.

Plus, dedicated hosting offers the benefits of VPS hosting, including root access, a dedicated IP, and the freedom to choose your operating system and control panel.

Just like VPS hosting, operating dedicated hosting requires a high level of technical knowledge on your part since the servers are not managed by the hosting provider.

Hosting Gratis Di Rocketnesia

Also, the cost of this type of hosting is the most expensive compared to other types – the average price is more than one million rupees per month.

So, for those familiar with WordPress, this host is the right choice. Because you can immediately focus on business development instead of technical website issues.

The best WordPress hosting services offer a variety of powerful features to maximize website performance. Start with WordPress Accelerator to speed up your site, WordPress Management to manage your site, and more.

You can have your WordPress site up and running right away without a lot of technical tweaks. Because the server configuration has already been done. Thus, the performance of your WordPress site is greatly optimized.

Nevertheless, you can still access cPanel. Therefore, you can still independently modify the technical details of the network if you wish.

Since it’s designed for use with WordPress, there are bound to be some limitations with this hosting service. For example, its server access or configuration is not as easy as other types of hosting such as VPS. Because everything is set by the sysadmin.

Also, hosting resources are not as good as VPS or Cloud Hosting. The reason is that WordPress hosting uses a shared hosting system where the server is shared with other users. So together there may be overload or interference.

In addition to the above types of hosting, email hosting is web hosting specifically for email. This means that you are using a server designed to send and receive email professionally.

Hosting Gratis Di Rocketnesia

Email hosting offers a more complete set of features than regular or standard email hosting services. With weekly backups, email keeps consumers safe from spam, enabling thousands of emails to be sent every day.

And, no less, you know the quantity. Email hosting allows you to send 100 to 400 emails per hour. This means that your sending quota is up to 9600 emails per day. A lot, right?

Also, email hosting is also on a different server than web hosting. Therefore, the performance is more optimized.

Despite these advantages, email hosting also has some disadvantages. First, you can only create email accounts using your primary domain.

You also get very limited features and functionality. No add-on domains, subdomains and park domain features. Regarding storage space, the amount depends on the plan you choose.

You can think of web hosting services as a long-term investment. So, you need to know what type of web hosting is right for your website. If you make the wrong choice, your website may not perform as expected and your money will be wasted.

To choose with more confidence, we have summarized the pros and cons of the four hosting services from the previous section in the table below.

So which type of hosting is right for you? The answer depends on the type of website and the technical skills you have. Below we describe examples using each type of web hosting.

Hosting Gratis Di Rocketnesia

– Users who have a high demand for sending emails on a daily basis, require large storage capacity, and do not need technical configuration.

In this article, you have learned about the characteristics of four web hosting services namely shared, cloud, VPS, dedicated hosting, WordPress hosting and email hosting. In addition, it also guides you to choose the appropriate type according to your website needs.

You can get all the above types of hosting services (except dedicated hosting) at affordable prices – starting from IDR 10,000 per month.

In addition to low cost, web hosting is packed with advanced features, including LiteSpeed ​​web servers that increase website speed and Imunify 360 that protects you from malware and hackers. In addition, we offer a customer support service that is ready to help you 24 hours a day.

What are you waiting for? You can create your own website and get many of the benefits mentioned above! When buying web hosting, you will get special hosting prices due to many promotions.

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