Hosting Gratis Dari Siteground

Hosting Gratis Dari Siteground – Among the various hosting services for WordPress, SiteGround is one of the best solutions available to all users looking for easy-to-use hosting with good performance.

I reject claims like “best hosting” a priori. Simply because there is no best hosting in the full term.

Hosting Gratis Dari Siteground

Hosting Gratis Dari Siteground

SiteGround is an ideal hosting for first-time WordPress users, who find an easy-to-use control panel and the ability to install WordPress in just a few clicks. Users with more experience with WordPress can count on more advanced features such as support for Git and the ability to make backups.

Hosting WordPress Gestito? Siteground è In Offerta

On SiteGround, which guides you through the process of setting up your SiteGround account, and through the steps to properly install WordPress and activate an SSL certificate to take advantage of the HTTPS protocol for your website.

I will explain why SiteGround is the best solution if you decide to build a website with WordPress. I also chose SiteGround as my hosting solution for this site.

The main advantage of SiteGround hosting is its ability to balance high usage, good performance and value for money.

One of the most sensitive aspects of hosting services is certainly support. SiteGround can offer you 24/7 support (including Saturdays and Sundays), where you can explain your problems in writing and wait for a response from SiteGround operators. Generally, the answer comes within 10/15 minutes at most.

Miglior Hosting WordPress: Non Fare Il Mio Errore

Choosing SiteGround means you can count on high-quality hosting and that translates into pages on your website that load quickly. A fast website obviously means happier visitors.

In addition, with SiteGround you can choose to activate your hosting plan at the location closest to your visitors. This hosting has data centers located in 3 continents: America, Europe and Asia. In Europe, the 3 largest server farms are located in the UK, the Netherlands and Germany. SiteGround’s data center uses Google Cloud infrastructure.

With SiteGround you always have the opportunity to benefit from the most advanced hosting technology. From the fastest SSD drives to the latest PHP versions. Thanks to the responsible SuperCacher system, your website pages will load faster. This means that in most cases you don’t need any additional caching plugins for your WordPress site.

Hosting Gratis Dari Siteground

Their hosting service provides a free SSL certificate from “Let’s Encrypt” and this allows you to activate your website with a secure HTTPS protocol, which I recommend that you already do during the installation process WordPress. I have talked in other articles about the advantages, in terms of security and speed, you can have with HTTPS and HTTP / 2 on SiteGround servers.

Siteground: Opinione Personale Con Pro E Conto

By purchasing a shared hosting plan from SiteGround, you get a 30-day money back guarantee. So if you’re not satisfied after signing up for one of our hosting plans for WordPress, you still have 30 days to request a refund.

Let’s take a look at how to run a WordPress hosting plan with SiteGround. Click this link to go directly to the page dedicated to WordPress hosting plans. If you want, you can watch all the steps in the video, if you want to read them, I have listed them below.

The three most popular hosting plans offered by SiteGround for WordPress websites are called: Startup, GrowBig, and GoGeek.

These three plans, in increasing order of price, offer a suitable solution for most users who want to create a website with WordPress. The StartUp plan allows you to host only one website, while the other two allow you to host multiple WordPress websites.

Il Miglior Hosting Per WordPress? Ecco Perchè Scegliere Siteground

To choose the best hosting plan for your needs, you need to evaluate your average website traffic in terms of monthly visits (if you already have one that you want to transfer to SiteGround) and the features you need.

For example, if this is your first WordPress site, the StartUp plan may be the best solution. On the contrary, if you already have a website with good traffic and you need more advanced features, more disk space, active caching, the ability to duplicate your website, you should activate a plan like GrowBig or GoGeek better.

The next step concerns domain selection, which is your website address. SiteGround, like many other hosts, allows you to use a domain already registered with another provider (eg, Godaddy, Namecheap …) or register directly with SiteGround for free. It should be noted that domain registration is provided free of charge during the first year.

Hosting Gratis Dari Siteground

If this is your first website, you may not have registered the domain yet. Then proceed to select the option “Register a new domain” and enter the domain name of your choice in the appropriate field. From the drop down menu you can also choose between different domain extensions, such as .it, .com, .net and more. After that, click on the “Continue” button.

Ulasan Siteground Indonesia 2022

If you try to register an already registered domain, SiteGround will show you an error message. Therefore, you have to try other names until you find a free domain name, that is, it has not been registered by someone else or a company. For domain names, use only lowercase letters and no spaces.

In the video you will see on this page, I also show you how to use a domain already registered on your SiteGround site.

On the next page, enter your email address and choose a password that will connect to your SiteGround account. If you already have a SiteGround account, click the appropriate link in this section.

Once you are logged in to “Account Information”, you can continue filling out the section called “Customer Information”. Here, in addition to entering your name, surname and other requested data, you must choose who will register your SiteGround account: natural person, freelancer, company, NGO or other person. Depending on the option, other fields may appear, such as the company name and VAT number.

Migliore Siteground Alternative (il Numero 1 è Semplicemente Fantastico)

If you have previously chosen to register with SiteGround, on this page you can choose how to set domain privacy, i.e. the domain registration data you want to see. everyone. I recommend avoiding “Partial Reveal”.

In the section “Payment information”, as you can guess, it is necessary to enter all the details of the credit card, necessary to pay your account.

If the information you entered earlier is the same as your billing information, leave the “Billing address is the same as contact information” option selected.

Hosting Gratis Dari Siteground

If you can’t or don’t want to use a credit card, you also have the option to pay with PayPal. To do this, you must click on the “Live Chat” button at the top of the page and tell the operator who will answer that you want to pay with PayPal.

Cara Koneksikan Domain Dan Instal WordPress Di Siteground

For example, you can decide to change the chosen plan, if you happen to decide that you want to buy a more powerful plan.

You can choose the location of the data center and, if your website is aimed at an Italian audience, I recommend choosing “Milan”.

. This means that if you choose the 36-month term, you can benefit from a reduced rate for the first 3 years of hosting.

Recently, SiteGround introduced the ability to pay for their hosting services on a monthly basis. This is the cheapest option, but also the most expensive. I recommend you start with the 12 month option.

Cara Instal Gratis Ssl Dan Cdn Di Siteground

Among the additional services, in addition to domain registration, you can also activate the “SG Site Scanner” option, which allows you to increase the security of your website through daily monitoring activities. You can also decide to activate this option later. So, don’t choose it now.

You are one time

After the payment is completed and successful, SiteGround will send a confirmation email with your username that you need to access your account management panel.

Hosting Gratis Dari Siteground

Log in to the page (however, the link is included in the confirmation email that will be sent to you) and enter the username that you found in the email sent by SiteGround and the password you just selected during your purchase. concluded.

Web Hosting Terbaik Di Indonesia Dengan Harga Terjangkau

Once you are logged in to your account, click on the second tab at the top, called “Hosting” or “My Accounts” (if you have multiple accounts on SiteGround and the control panel is set to English (like mine).

In this panel you can manage all the technical aspects of your website, as well as the billing and support section.

In this section, you can view all the hosting plans you have purchased from SiteGround. By clicking the “Site Tools” button for the account you are interested in,

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