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Hosting File Video – Home – Featured – Best Video Hosting Cloud Storage Platforms Best Video Hosting Cloud Storage Platforms Looking for some good hosting platforms to store your videos? Here are the best video cloud storage services to keep your videos safe.

In this day and age, almost everyone uses a cloud storage platform. Many cloud storage platforms help users not only store their data, but also manage and share their data. All types of files of different formats can be stored on these platforms such as images, videos, music etc. As for the videos, they can take up a lot of space. Whether you are a content creator/professional or a regular user, saving videos is a hassle!

Hosting File Video

Hosting File Video

To help you with this problem, we have compiled a list of some of the best video hosting cloud storage platforms. All of them have different advantages and disadvantages. Go through the list and choose the one that suits your needs.

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Here is a side-by-side comparison of all the above cloud storage services that are best used for storing videos.

It’s no surprise that pCloud tops this list. It enables file management, sharing, backup and file asset management. It is one of the best cloud storage platforms and is also great for storing videos. The platform offers 10GB of free space, which is available forever.

Speaking of subscription plans, this is where pCloud shines! It has two types of plans, the first is an annual plan, and the second is a schedule. An annual plan starts at $59.88, while a one-time plan starts at $480.

Next on the list is MEGA! Just like pCloud, MEGA is also a popular cloud storage service. It offers 20GB of free storage space. It is great for content creators and professionals as it has great features that help collaborate with others. Large storage space provided.

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MEGA has several plans, including monthly and annual plans. For example, the monthly Pro-Lite plan gives users 400GB of storage space with a transfer limit of 1TB for €4.99.

You may be a little surprised to see YouTube, but yes, you can use YouTube to host your video files. And the best part is that there is no storage limit. You can upload multiple videos to YouTube and keep the video settings private, making you the sole owner and viewer of the videos.

Videos listed as private will not appear in YouTube search results. YouTube’s systems and human reviewers can review private videos for ad appropriateness, copyright and other abuse prevention measures. So, if the videos are not too personal/intimate, you can save them on YouTube.

Hosting File Video

IDrive is a fast and secure cloud storage platform where users store and manage their videos and other data.

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The free plan offers 5GB of storage space, while paid plans for individual users and businesses start at $59.62 per year.

Of course, Dropbox made an appearance on the list! The platform is a modern workspace and cloud storage platform that offers users 2GB of free storage space.

Dropbox has several monthly and annual subscription plans for individual and business use, starting at $11.99 for 2TB of storage space.

Sync is another versatile cloud storage platform that makes it easy to store and share videos. Users get 5 GB of storage space. In the free plan, up to 5GB of videos and files can be shared via Sync.

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Sync plans start at $5 per month. In addition, it has other plans for both individual and commercial use.

Degoo is an outstanding cloud storage platform that offers users 100GB of free storage space. Think how many videos you can store on Degoo!

Besides the free plan, it has two other plans. A 500GB plan and a 10TB plan, from £1.89 per month.

Hosting File Video

Google Drive is loved by everyone on the Internet. It offers users a decent storage space of 15GB.

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Amazon Drive is a cloud storage service owned by But there is a catch! It’s free only for Amazon Prime members.

A Switzerland-based cloud storage platform, Tresorit allows users to store, sync and share their data. It does not offer users free storage space, but it does offer a free trial. It is a secure platform that makes it easy to store videos on it. The cheapest plan starts at $10.42 per month, which gives users 500 GB of storage space. The maximum file size limit is 5GB.

Last on the list is Ice Drive. After signing up to IceDrive, users get 10GB of free storage space.

Special Mention – Adobe Creative Cloud, Live Drive, Microsoft OneDrive, SpiderOaks, and MediaFire are some other video hosting cloud storage platforms that didn’t make this list. Some of them, like Adobe Creative Cloud, are not only cloud storage platforms, but also have other applications.

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Well, this brings us to the end of our list of the 10 best video hosting cloud storage platforms. Try them out and let us know which one you like best! The content is free. If you make a purchase on our site through a referral link, we earn a commission. Learn more

Embedding videos in your posts and pages can create more interactive content that engages your readers. However, there are many different ways to host WordPress video. So, you may be wondering how to best display your clips without slowing down your website.

Block offers several upload and external embedding methods. Alternatively, you can enter video URLs from sites like YouTube, Vimeo, and Dailymotion.

Hosting File Video

In this guide, we will explore several methods of WordPress video hosting. We’ll cover the pros and cons of each option, and help you decide which one best suits your website’s needs.

App Highlight: — Decentralized Video Hosting For Everyone. Built On Livepeer And Filecoin

For most people, the best option is to upload your video to a service like YouTube or Vimeo and embed it that way.

Video Block is a versatile element that allows you to embed or upload video in a variety of ways. Like other WordPress blocks, you can embed it almost anywhere on your website using the block editor.

There are some advantages and disadvantages to using this method. Let’s look at these advantages and disadvantages in more detail.

Block The main advantage is that this method is quick and easy. You don’t have to leave your site or use external platforms or tools. You can fix everything on the page in the block editor.

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👉 We recommend this method mainly if your video is only a few seconds long, and you want to use it in many areas of your site. By uploading a clip once, you can embed it on any post, page and widget section.

Uploading video directly to your WordPress media library has some drawbacks, so we don’t recommend this method for videos longer than a few seconds.

First of all, this method will use a significant amount of bandwidth. Depending on your plan, your web host usually limits how much bandwidth you can use at any given time. If you exceed this amount, your host may suspend your site.

Hosting File Video

Additionally, because videos are so ‘heavy’, your website will likely run slower due to the strain on server resources. It can load more slowly and provide a better overall user experience (UX). This slowdown can also affect your Core Web Vitals scores, causing Google to rank your site lower.

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Uploading videos directly to your site can also limit its capacity. For example, users cannot easily share the clip on external websites. You will also miss out on traffic from popular platforms like YouTube. Your audience will only watch your video when they visit your website.

Finally, third-party video hosting platforms usually have user-friendly features such as multiple resolution options, captions, and more. If you upload your video without these elements, you are less likely to provide your audience with a quality experience.

. It allows you to select a video from your device and insert it into your post or page:

You can search for the clip manually or drag and drop it into the interface if it is already open on your computer.

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This method will put the clip on your website without taking up space on your server. However, you must first host your video on a third-party platform. If you’re going to do this, it’s usually more efficient to use a dedicated block instead.

Block, you can use one of the third-party WordPress video hosting blocks instead. The video itself is hosted on the servers of the other platform, and you will simply display it on your site.

Note that if you choose this method for your videos, you must first upload and share them on your platform. To get started, we recommend checking out our complete guide to the best video hosting sites for website owners and marketers.

Hosting File Video

The most important benefit of this WordPress video hosting method is the improvement of site performance. Since the video is hosted on external servers, it does not use your own website resources. So, you can embed as many videos as you need without significantly affecting your site.

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