Hosting Exchange Colorado

Hosting Exchange Colorado – Exchanges are quick, but the connections you make will last forever. Open your eyes to the world through exchange and build a global family.

Access 300+ student profiles from Europe and Asia. Find the right student for your family by filtering the list of students.

Hosting Exchange Colorado

Hosting Exchange Colorado

Hosting is a great way to volunteer. Open your home and enrich the lives of your community and family!

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Can’t finish an academic year or semester but are excited about the idea of ​​a cultural exchange? Become a hospitable family for 2-3 months and be hospitable.

We bring more students to the US every year than the high school exchange program. Since 1979, our organization has connected more than 100,000 international students with foster families in America. We are proud to work with the US Department of State to promote public diplomacy through our program.

We only accept students who thrive on intercultural exchange. Our thorough screening and preparation process sets our students up for success.

Once you are accepted into our program, you can choose students from 13 different countries. Our EF team will help you find the best match.

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We provide active information and personal support to host families and students. Our local and regional coordinators are within driving distance.

Our host families come in all shapes and sizes, but they all have one thing in common: they open their homes and share their lives with exchange students from all over the world.

Join our next online informational meeting to learn what it means to be accepted as an exchange student. Learn more about this exciting volunteer program and get your questions answered.

Hosting Exchange Colorado

Hosting an exchange student doesn’t require anything fancy — just a warm welcome and the love you give your family. For our exchange students, it’s the little things that make their year special.

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Our mission is to open the world through knowledge. We strive to create life-changing cultural exchange opportunities for students, host families, and schools regardless of gender identity, race, sexual orientation, or religion. Our goal is to create cultural understanding, global families, and an inclusive experience for all program participants.

We recognize that everyone is unique and understand that each of us brings something different to the table. Diversity is a fact.

We are committed to breaking down the barriers that have prevented some of us from receiving fair treatment and opportunities in the past. Fairness is a process.

Everyone can contribute to the success of this organization, regardless of where they live, who they love, their spirituality or the color of their skin. Joining is a behavior.

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You are nobody, this is your power. Ownership is the freedom to be authentic in EF.

Are you ready to experience a new culture at home? Talk to us and start your hosting journey now.

Here are answers to some frequently asked questions about accepting foreign exchange students

Hosting Exchange Colorado

Host families provide the student with room and board and are expected to treat the student as a member of the family, not as a guest. Students cover travel expenses, health insurance, school expenses, cell phone and spending money. EF and the US State Department have set specific requirements for all host families. For example, a host parent must be at least 25 years of age or older, pass a background check, and have a stable and suitable household. If you’re interested, let us know and we’ll help you determine if your family is eligible for the program!

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Our families represent the diversity of American culture and we encourage families of all shapes and sizes to apply. There is no such thing as a “typical” host family. Some families have young or teenage children, while others may be single or newlyweds. We have singles, same-sex couples and grandparents in our family and we think they all make great hosts. The most important thing for us is a caring family, a comfortable and stable environment and the interest to welcome the exchange student into your everyday life.

Host families are not paid. According to the US Department of State, host families do not receive financial benefits from participating in student exchange programs. This policy is designed to ensure that host families are participating in the program for the right reasons. However, in recognition of their role as citizen ambassadors, host families may be eligible for a charitable tax deduction on their tax return.

EF exchange students come from 13 countries in Europe and Asia. They come from different communities and backgrounds, which helps to offer students an interesting wide range of choices.

Yes, our exchange coordinators and staff will work with you to find the perfect student. We’ve spent more than 40 years connecting students with American host families and high schools. If you have an idea about which student would be the best in your family, let’s talk about it!

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We are confident that exchange students and host families will have a great experience. If problems arise, you can rely on the local exchange coordinator, regional coordinator and full-time EF staff. In the rare case that we cannot all solve the problem together, we will find a new home for the student.

Become a coordinator Learn about the benefits and rewards of being an international exchange coordinator in the Association. Additional information

Refer a loving host family Refer a great host family and earn money while they host. We are always looking for more host families to spend a life-changing year with us. More information Do you like to travel and experience new cultures? Why not bring the world into your home by hosting a high school exchange student?

Hosting Exchange Colorado

Our academic year program is a cultural exchange between American host families and international exchange students who come to the US to study for a semester or academic year.

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See why the CHI Academic Year Program is so beneficial for you and the student you host.

CHI strongly believes in the power of home practices to promote trust and understanding among nations and create a more peaceful world.

Field staff are knowledgeable and experienced and work to oversee your program with efficiency, patience and enthusiasm.

To express your interest in hosting a student, please contact CHI through our host family inquiry form, through the coordinator, or through the administrator.

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After we receive your completed application, we will work with an exchange student that is good for your family. We provide orientation to the host family and help you and your family prepare for an exciting experience.

Once your student arrives, we support your family and your student to ensure you both have the best possible experience. Your task is to provide the brave young student with three meals a day, the comfort of home and the kindness of an open heart!

We will be available when you have a question, and we will contact you at least once a month to ensure that you and your student have a great experience and always feel supported.

Hosting Exchange Colorado

We hope you have a great experience and will choose to host again! Many of our host families continue to provide hospitality over the years. Once your app is in our system, hosting is easy again! International student exchange offers great benefits to both students and host families. 95% of students say that exposure to another culture has had a positive impact on their worldview, and host families also say that their lives are enriched by adding another member to their family. If you want to help students gain valuable experience and expand your family’s cultural understanding, it’s important to work with one of the best student exchange programs for host families.

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, we’ve been connecting families and students around the world for over 40 years. We have helped more than 40,000 high school students and host families learn about new cultures and welcome new family members. We help people learn new cultures and build lifelong relationships through foreign exchange.

Read on to learn about the top features of the best student exchange programs and why you should become a host family!

, we are proud to be one of the best student exchange programs for international student host families. Our many years of experience, the support of representatives and successful matches make us one of the preferred choices for student exchange programs. A good student exchange program will make sure you are prepared for what it means to be a host, which is what we do. We will guide you through the entire process and never leave you (or the exchange student) alone!

The best student exchange programs for host families have some key features that make the programs unique. These are the main features:

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Being one of the best student exchange programs means that we have a personal approach to working with families and students. As a non-profit organization, we focus on building quality relationships. Our people are passionate about cultural exchange and they:


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