Hosting Evercoss R50a

Hosting Evercoss R50a – In a post about 2 Evercoss phones with large batteries, Kang mentioned that one of them is the Evercoss Winner Y2 Power. Therefore, since you need a phone with more battery and longer battery life, Xiaokang also introduced the Evercoss Winner Y2 Power R50B for Xiaokon to use. Below is an unboxing video as proof.

Evercoss Android phones use the default operating system developed by Evercoss. It already has an app installed, which is probably a collaboration between Evercoss and the app developer. You don’t need all the default tools. Even more annoying, Evercoss Android phones have ads. Sometimes a pop-up window appears suddenly when we use a mobile phone (

Hosting Evercoss R50a

Hosting Evercoss R50a

The default Evercoss app you don’t use and suspect is an ad-supported speaker. In addition, applications that you thought were not installed were suddenly removed.

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Kang is still not satisfied with some default applications of the Evercoss system, because some default applications can only be installed.

Of course, it is increasing the storage space. Kang wanted an OS without unnecessary built-in tools. COMPISCO

It also lists the device name R50a. Maybe change to R50b again if you can do it yourself. For you, this is not a principle.

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