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Hosting Elevator – We are a manufacturer of escalators and moving walkways in China. To provide professional escalator solutions for various large shopping malls, train stations, airports and other public places. Comprehensively improve the carrying capacity of escalators and moving walks to meet the needs of different public transportation in different occasions.

Safety measures are installed in all parts of the escalators. The control system has important device recognition and powerful fault diagnosis capability, which comprehensively improves escalator safety.

Hosting Elevator

Hosting Elevator

Drive technology of a special frequency converter in escalators. Use new-generation voltage control and AC vector control technology to achieve smooth transition during automatic adjustment of acceleration and deceleration, making the operation more stable and comfortable.

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ET1 25 / ET1 60 escalator reducer uses zc gear, which has high torque, compact structure, low noise, low vibration, stable operation, etc. The noise is lower than 57dB and the transmission efficiency is higher than 88%. during normal operation.

By detecting the passenger flow and automatically adjusting the operating speed curve, effective energy savings are achieved for the entire escalator operation; By detecting the DC bus voltage of the driver and automatically returning the renewable energy of the system to the grid, the energy saving effect is greatly improved.

A professional installation and maintenance team can come to the site to solve problems if the project requires it.

Reminder: Please inform the parameters and purpose of the elevator you need. We can provide you with a detailed quote

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As a leading elevator manufacturer in China, we have developed core technologies to supply passenger elevators, high-speed elevators, observation elevators… We are a manufacturer and supplier of residential/household elevators from China. We provide residential elevator solutions to users around the world in any environment. Our solutions are selected according to your needs. We are committed to providing customized floor transport solutions for our customers.

As a leading manufacturer of home/residential elevators, we provide quality and cost-effective products to real estate developers and dealers around the world. One-stop service from installation to maintenance can meet the mobility needs of various residential applications. From shopping malls and malls to airports. Our solutions for your building range from features Most standard for fully customized elevators.

Download our Home Elevator PDF to learn about our premium home elevators. Enter the relevant information and let us serve you better!

Hosting Elevator

Hosting offers flexible customized solutions for residential elevators and offers elevators suitable for different building structures, with a variety of types, series and styles to choose from.

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We have been manufacturing elevators for 30 years, have strong R&D and manufacturing capabilities, and know the preferences of customers around the world.

Our agents are located all over the world and are committed to serving our customers faster and better.

We are proud of our work and are constantly innovating, developing and designing ideal elevators for our customers.

Hospitality has been deeply involved in the elevator industry for many years. Hospitality closely follows the development of the industry, understands in depth the trends of the time and holds a number of authorities in the field.

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Many factors affect the final installation cost of an elevator. You will need to contact Hosting Elevator’s sales department for an accurate cost estimate.

Most residential elevator manufacturers offer a two- or three-year limited parts warranty. Hosting Elevator complements the manufacturer’s warranty by offering a one-year limited labor warranty on all of our installations.

There are many interior options. Let your taste guide you. If you choose a standard cabin made of unfinished veneer, you can paint or stain it any color you want. You can also add architectural details with your finish carpentry to personalize your home elevator. Also available is the modern look of the glass car.

Hosting Elevator

Generally, the exterior of the elevator shaft looks like all the other interior walls and doors in your home. Apart from the lobby button station on the wall by the door jamb and the lock inside the door, you can’t even tell the elevator until you open it!

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In addition to site construction and preparation, Hosting’s sales team supplies everything you need to get an elevator that meets your specifications, is safe, and works (including shipping, sales tax, installation, elevator control wiring, and licensing fees). It is entirely up to the homeowner if options or upgrades are needed.

Any option you choose is at your discretion. Working closely with Hosting salespeople will help you understand which options suit you best, your lifestyle and home design. The most important thing is to make sure the elevator is sized and functional to meet your current and future needs.

You should confirm the elevator type and your specification with Hosting sales team to help you confirm the elevator room size.

Example: A standard 36″ wide x 48″ deep (internal clear) elevator with all doors on the same side typically requires a 52″ wide x 56″ deep clear internal shaft.

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Production can take 4 to 8 weeks after the unit goes into production by sending the “approved” lift shop drawings back to the manufacturer. Some special order models may take longer.

The answer depends on the progress of your home’s construction or renovation. Our installers can usually get most of the work done quickly, usually 3-5 days on site in total. However, if preparations for the construction site are still underway, preventing us from completing the lift, there may not be consecutive days when we return later. Some examples of such items are: unhung doors, unfinished wall finishes or not ready for electrical and telephone service. In addition, elevators must be inspected and approved by a local or state elevator inspector before being put into service. The inspection itself is usually done towards the end of the construction project, just before the “final inspection” by the local building inspector. In addition to completing the elevator installation,

Most home elevators require a pit depth of 9 to 12 inches – below the top of the basement, but this depends on the style, model and brand of the elevator. Better too deep than too shallow though. Contact a Hosting sales representative for more information.

Hosting Elevator

Elevators provide easy access to all floors of the building. This feature can make people’s lives easier every day or even years from now. An elevator is an investment that can increase the property’s value by 10%, and its uniqueness sets the house apart from the rest.

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Reminder: Please inform the parameters and purpose of the elevator you need. We can provide you with a detailed quote

As more and more home elevators enter our homes, more and more people hope to install elevators in their homes to make their lives easier or improve property value.

How much does a residential elevator cost? What is the difference between cable reels, traction, pneumatic vacuum and hydraulic drive? What kind of interior can I get with my residential elevator? What is needed to install a home elevator? The difference between a home elevator and a home elevator What is the elevator opening of a home elevator? How long does it take to make an elevator? How long does it take to install an elevator? What size home elevator does a wheelchair need? Does a home elevator need a machine room? How big should it be? Do I need a framed wall to support the lift? Is the home elevator accessible from all directions? How often is it necessary to repair home elevators? 1. How much does a residential elevator cost? On average, a residential elevator can cost between $5,000 and $60,000, depending on the floor served, the configuration of the elevator car, and other considerations. Prices include taxes, licensing fees, shipping and installation fees. You’ll pay $5,000 to $40,000 for equipment and $1,000 to $20,000 for installation. The price depends largely on the type. Outdoor lifts range from $2,000 to $10,000, while pneumatic vacuum types range from $35,000 to $60,000. Below are several parameters that affect the price of the home elevator: The number of floors (stops) served by the elevator. . The type of machine used (compact coiled cable reel, overhead coiled cable reel, overhead line pull, hydraulic or vacuum rope). The total number of feet the elevator moves. The number of elevator car door openings. Cabin Size: Standard (36″ W x 48″ D) or larger cabin size. Cabin Interior: Standard or optional cabin interior design upgrades. Other options like raised panel cabin, electric door, electric door etc. 2. What is the difference between cable reels, traction, pneumatic vacuum and hydraulic drive? Types of residential elevators/characteristics of the most suitable home elevators Building type/features Cable drive New building elevator Chain elevator Space-saving and durable elevator MRL New construction elevator, durability and existing houses Space-saving hydraulic elevator Pneumatic elevator Existing house with basement 3. What interior

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