Hosting Dotnetnuke Indonesia

Hosting Dotnetnuke Indonesia – DotNetNukeĀ® Indonesia Local Featured Speaker (User Groups, Conferences) Founder of DotNetNuke Gold Beneficiary Focus on DotNetNuke business seriously.

6 DotNetNuke Overview Highly extensible framework allows customization at all application levels Intuitive user interface provides exceptional end-user experience and handles 90% use cases Sensible default settings Standard designed to run on a shared hosting account that can handle higher demands . Traffic sites.

Hosting Dotnetnuke Indonesia

Hosting Dotnetnuke Indonesia

300,000 pageviews per day > 4.0M+ pageviews/month Community Discussion Forums Blogs RSS Feed Source Directory Banner Advertising Business Identification Web Server 1 Web Server; 1 database server

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Source – Include full source code provided – Runtime components Starter kit only – Microsoft Visual Studio Distro installation zip file to local system Creating database (SQL Server) Editing web.config Creating ConnectionString Website Searching website URL (auto-installation) Inserting custom XML templates.

10 Site virtualization allows you to manage multiple sites through a portal, from one application to analytics site information into one database, with each site having its own membership; security aspects; pages, There are files and content. Enable “subhosting” workflow, ideal for managing multiple departments or teams within an organization.

12 Portal Framework Each site (portal) can have an unlimited number of virtual pages; Each virtual page can contain an unlimited number of modules Use Modules to manage content Multiple content can be displayed on multiple pages Content viewing and editing permissions can be governed by roles Apply At the page and/or module level

14 Providers “A provider is an agreement between an API and a business logic/data abstraction layer.” A combination of factory design patterns – data designed for application scalability; authentication; caching; HTML editing; record taking; membership; guiding profile role Scheduling; Includes searches.

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16 Scanning Separate application logic and content from its presentation Recognize the differences between web designers and web developers

Package in zip file for distribution (designer) Mark changing sections with [TOKENS] (designer) Add your portal (admin) design design skin to any editor (designer)

Allows DotNetNuke to be extended without modifying the underlying framework. Custom assemblies written in .NET code (C#, VB.NET, etc… ).

Hosting Dotnetnuke Indonesia

Module Change Custom Functionality Implementation (Developer) Package Package Module for Installation (Developer) Create Design Module Project (Developer) to install on Portal (Admin).

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20 Clearing Static Localization Text from a Language Pack Application A Simple XML Format Integrated Language Pack Editor Runtime Deployment

Source files (Translator) Package for distribution in a zip file (Translator) Translate text (Translator) Install on your site (Admin) Create design source files (Translator)

We record and share user data with processors to operate this website. To use this website; You must agree to our Privacy Policy, including the Cookie Policy. DotNetNuke, also known as DNN, is a web content management system that allows a programmer to create an application and website development on Microsoft .Net. The leading DNN development company in India offers custom module development services in DotNetNuke development; We offer leading services with expert staff for skinning or migration from existing platform to modern DNN development. Have experience. We measure, We build secure and stable business complex applications. Our DotNetNuke customization services enable the client organization to better maintain websites; Allows you to access and edit databases anytime, anywhere.

If you need a leading DNN solution from a Microsoft-Silver certified company; You have reached the right place. We are one of the best DNN solution providers for designing a business or corporate website that is easy to manage. By leveraging the robust features of a content management system; We can easily partner with organizations to design world-class websites. Every customer has some unique needs and your business goals, Because we focus on providing customized DNN modules to get end users and business value.

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Our DotNetNuke developers have also gained experience with the latest DNN version DNN 07.00.05 to support custom module development using VB.NET and C#.NET. For custom module development services; PostgreSQL The data layers were designed using the NetTears code generator, which has options for using various database systems such as MySQL and Oracle. ASP.NET 2.0 / 3.0 / 3.5 / 4.0; XML / XSD / XSLT; HTML / XHTML / CSS; SQL 2000/2005/2008; Ajax and Silverlight; Technologies like the DotNetNuke Web API Service Framework make us the best to use. For DotNetNuke services.

Our main goal is to improve the visibility of the business; To come up with solutions that will maximize ROI and increase sales. Contact us today to contact us for our services.

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