Hosting Di Ip Lokal

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In the following I will share a little of my personal experience, the technique of making our LOCAL web server (intranet web server) so that it can be accessed from the Internet using MIKROTIK ROUTER and a Telkom SPEEDY connection or other connection to the provider. If previously I shared the port forwarding trick from a Linksys ADSL modem (without Mikrotik), then this time we will make our Mikrotik our local WEBSERVER controller (even several local web servers at once).

Hosting Di Ip Lokal

Hosting Di Ip Lokal

Well, if we use Mikrotik as our router and this Mikrotik can be accessed with the public IP address that we have from anywhere. If we use SPEEDY, we can do Mikrotik settings as in this guide:

Optimize Wan And Lan Application Performance With Tcp Express

Now, after our Mikrotik has set the public IP address as shown below, our Mikrotik Router can be used further, including setting up our web server on the local intranet so that it can be accessed from the internet. Wow… that’s fun… being able to have your own web server without hosting…

Second: change the WWW service or service that was originally/usually used to access Mikrotik WebBox from port 80 (default) to the desired port, for example in this example I use port 1007.

Fourth: then enter the NAT (network address translation) menu, then add a NAT rule (click the + symbol).

Fifth, before we proceed to further setting up NAT rules, here we have created a local web server with the IP address Pay attention and study carefully the IP address and NAT settings, because this is where the success of our port forwarding web server lies.

Tidak Bisa Akses Ip Promox Di Virtualbox, Ganti Ip Dan Network

Also pay attention to the status of XAMPP (Apache web server and MySQL database server) that is already running and the local website at the IP address can be accessed from the LAN as shown above.

Sixth: from the Winbox menu -> Firewall -> NAT -> then on the GENERAL tab menu we will add a new NAT rule, select or set it as in the menu below:

Seventh: After the settings above are complete, we check access from outside (from the Internet) to our Public IP, then…. Taaaaaaaaa…

Hosting Di Ip Lokal

Okay, then we start again, from the Winbox menu -> Firewall -> NAT -> then on the GENERAL tab menu we will add a new NAT rule, select or set it as in the menu below:

How To Set A Static Ip Address On Windows 11

After the settings above are complete, we check access from the outside (from the Internet) to our Public IP (don’t forget to write the port like this), then… Taaaarrrraaaa…

Once our configuration is successful, we just need to set it up with our domain nameservers. Like the guide below so that we can directly access our website name and not just a public IP address…

Ok.. this tutorial is quite clear, you can try it on your proxy. If this still doesn’t work, contact your nearest hospital immediately… Regards… I’m currently working on a project and I want to test it on two laptops at home where one laptop is connected to localhost on the other laptop. I use XAMPP. How should I do it?

From 4 different computers (the main computer hosting your website, as well as the Mac, Windows, and Linux distributions connected (wireless or not) to the main computer.

Ip Address Arsip

Request. You need to provide the virtual hostname as well as the root/main folder of your website. To do so, add the following line to the end of this file. You need to change

It actually means you need to edit the hosts file on your computer. Every time you type a URL into your browser, your computer tries to figure out what it means!

To the IP address. This will be done by first looking at the hosts file on your computer to see if it can match the IP address to the one you entered in the address bar. If this is not possible, it will query the DNS server. The trick here is to add the following to your hosts file.

Hosting Di Ip Lokal

From now on, whenever you type symfony.local on this computer, your computer will use the loopback interface to connect to symfony.local. It will understand that you want to run localhost (

Akuisisi Dewabiz, Komitmen Idcloudhost Menjadi Perusahaan Web Hosting Lokal Berjaya

First we need to know the IP address of the computer hosting the website (which is what we have been working on since the beginning). In terminal, on MAC and type LINUX

.. The trick now is to use the IP address of the computer we are trying to access/talk to:

To view your site beautifully on different computers! Note that you can apply the same strategy if you are an OSX user to test your website in Internet Explorer via Virtual Box (if you don’t want to use a Windows machine). This is well explained in the article Create a Windows/IE Test Environment for OSX.

You may be wondering how to access your local website from a mobile device. In some cases, you cannot change the hosts file (iPhone, iPad…) on your device (except jailbreak).

Load Balancing 101: Nuts And Bolts

Well, then the solution is to install a proxy server on the machine hosting the website and connect to that proxy server from your iPhone. It’s actually explained very well in the following post and the installation didn’t take too long:

On Mac I would recommend: Testing Mac OS X websites using local hostnames on mobile: Using SquidMan as a proxy. This is a 100% free solution. Some people can also use Charles as a proxy, but it costs $50.

On Windows, this can be done using Fiddler. The solution is described in the following post: Monitor iPhone traffic with Fiddler.

Hosting Di Ip Lokal

Edit 11/23/2017: Hey, I don’t want to change my hosts file @Dre. Is there a possible way to access the website from another computer without manually editing the hosts file? let’s say I have 100 computers that want to access a website

Rekomendasi Hosting Murah, Layanan Terbaik Di Kelasnya

You should make changes to your network so every machine knows where your website is hosted. Most everyday routers don’t, so you’ll need to run your own DNS server on your network.

Suppose you have a router ( This router has a DHCP server and allocates IP addresses to 100 machines on the network.

You have to allow incoming and outgoing “domain” packets going to and from port 53. Of course! This is the DNS package and if

Doesn’t solve it, your DNS server is not reachable at all. Go ahead and open that port 53. On Linux, you usually use iptables for this.

Mengenal Ip Address Dan Fungsinya

Sharing what I came up with, but most likely you should be logged into your firewall and understand everything well.

At the moment. In most cases you can simply go into your router and change it manually which is very easy.

Hosted, and as soon as it receives a response from the DNS server, the appropriate HTTP request is sent to

Hosting Di Ip Lokal

I let you play with it and enjoy the ride. These 2 steps are a basic guideline, so you should spend a few hours debugging if it’s your first time doing this. Let’s say it’s a slightly more advanced network, there’s a primary DNS server, a secondary DNS server, etc. Good luck!

How To Perform An Attack Over Wan (internet) « Null Byte :: Wonderhowto

To test both laptops over the same wireless network and over the Internet, you can use a service such as or

This tool really saved me because I don’t have admin rights on my machine and I already have nodejs installed. For some reason the configuration on my network doesn’t give me access to other machines by simply pointing the IP address in the browser.

Optionally specify the second IP address of your computer as a secure IP address.

On your PC, you enter: http://localhost/ in your Firefox or Internet Explorer browser to access your data on your web server.

Dedicated Ip Address Vs Shared Ip Address (debunking Myths)

For all of this to work, you need to properly install a web server (such as IIS, Apache, XAMP, WAMP, etc.).

If the ping fails, it means your connection is blocked by a firewall or a bad network cable. Reboot your modem or network switch and machine.

You can also try another port number: http: or http: or whatever random number at the end

Hosting Di Ip Lokal

It is a note if you are still unable to access localhost from other devices after following the steps above. This is probably because the apache.conf port is configured to be served locally ( and not externally.

Pernah Dengan Istilah Ip Public? Apasih Bedanya Dengan Ip Private?

If you’re on Windows, use ipconfig to get the local IPv4 address then specify it in the Apache configuration file: httpd.conf, like so:

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