Hosting Dengan Traffic Visitor Unlimited

Hosting Dengan Traffic Visitor Unlimited – A visitor is the total number of visitors to a blog or website over a period of time. Or simply put, anyone who accesses your blog page is called a visitor. But visitors are not only in the form of people who access them, some programs, commonly called bots, are also considered visitors. However, bot visitors are usually very small.

Bots themselves are divided into two types, beneficial and harmful. On the plus side, there is a Google Bot whose job it is to crawl blog pages so that they can then be accessed through the Google search engine. While the ones that are harmful can be automated visitors in the form of bots or commonly referred to as crawlers. These auto visitor bots can usually only work on someone’s behalf, be it for entertainment or other purposes. But the bottom line is that auto visitor bots are very harmful for a given blog owner.

Hosting Dengan Traffic Visitor Unlimited

Hosting Dengan Traffic Visitor Unlimited

Now in this case we will talk about how we can see visitors to our blog without using any additional plugins or software on our website. Specifically in Cpanel using the Metric function called Webalizer and Metrics.

What Is The Difference Between Domain And Hosting?

There are two ways to view visitor traffic on cPanel, namely through the webizer and also through the visitors feature in cPanel. Here are the steps

Before starting the tutorial on how to view visitor traffic on Cpanel, as always, you must have a hosting account that is integrated with Webalizer and Metics, you can choose this option.

Cpanel login you can easily follow the following guide to login your cpanel how to login cpanel.

After entering the webizer page, the webizer menu will have domains and subdomains. Select what you want to check for visitor traffic, then click the “View” button

How To Drive Traffic To Your Website?

The second step is to use the visitor metrics feature, but for this method you need to activate the visitor feature first. Here are the steps:

As usual easy cpanel login you can follow the following guide to login your cpanel how to login cpanel.

Finally, you can simply go back to the Dashboard page from the cpanel, after that you can find the Visitors feature by typing in the search box.

Hosting Dengan Traffic Visitor Unlimited

After clicking on this feature, you just need to select which domain or website you want to check for visitors and then click on logo view.

Apa Itu Hosting Web? Pengertian, Fungsi, Dan Jenisnya Lengkap!

On Webalizer and Visitor Metrics you can see complete statistics of visitors or visitors, all you need to do is change what you want to see by hours, days, weeks or months of visitors.

(PT Technology Indonesia) is a provider of quality cheap hosting services and Indonesian and international domains with 99.9% uptime guarantee. Cheap Web Hosting 2022 This review is the result of 12 months of research from October 2021 and the result of purchasing cheap web hosting packages from 16 of the most popular hosting providers in Indonesia. This review can be useful for both small and medium businesses and personal use.

Stable uptime, high speed and good support are the three main indicators when choosing a web hosting service.

I know many websites and blogs can do well on a cheap hosting package, but when you’re looking for cheap hosting, you certainly don’t want a cheap web host, do you?

Apa Itu Hosting? Berikut Pengertian, Jenis, Dan Manfaatnya!

Unfortunately, none of the 16 hosting providers I reviewed scored well in all evaluation factors.

So, frankly, it’s hard to recommend any Indonesian hosting provider right now. Even so, I can explain which provider is better between the two.

If you are still interested, I have summarized the 7 best cheap Indonesian shared hosting providers based on research data from the last 12 months and other factors such as guarantees, upgrades or improvements, and features offered by each hosting provider. Below is a brief overview.

Hosting Dengan Traffic Visitor Unlimited

Disclosure: Your support helps keep this website running! We use affiliate links where we get a commission (10% to 70%) from your hosting purchases at no extra cost. We even managed to negotiate lower prices on some providers. Read more.

Web Hosting Vs Simple WordPress Hosting: Manakah Pilihan Anda?

DomaiNesia is a balanced choice for those who want quality hosting, relatively low prices and reliable support services.

Available in the “Starter” package offered at IDR 12,250/month (2-year contract) or IDR 14,000 (1-year contract)

The advantage of the ‘Starter’ package or DomaiNesia’s cheapest hosting package is the amount of resources you get compared to the price you pay.

Perfect for those looking for a cheap hosting package with more than enough resources to build a new website, right?

Cara Test Website Support Mobile Friendly (ramah Seluler) Yang Benar

DomaiNesia is one of the few hosting providers that can keep its servers stable with an average uptime of 99.948%. Their servers are average

In 22 minutes and 36 seconds in one month. This is a good score or #2 of the top 16 providers I reviewed.

. I’m trying to send 10 virtual users (or visitors) to explore the DomaiNesia test website using the open source tool The goal is to see how well the DomaiNesia server handles fairly heavy traffic and compare it to other providers I’ve reviewed.

Hosting Dengan Traffic Visitor Unlimited

The results are not very good. The average server response time is relatively high (high means slow) which is 3642.86 ms or only #14 fastest out of 16 providers.

Tips Cara Melihat Jumlah Pengunjung Website

I once asked Mas Willih Angga as the CTO of DomaiNesia about their poor load testing results. Here is the answer:

At DomaiNesia, we believe that providing good customer service is not only about the best and fastest hardware used, but also about the customization and optimization that happens by default when hosting is first implemented, where most people get it (it just works), so customers get the best performance when the service is activated and simply focus on the display content. In Hosting 3.0, in addition to optimizing nginx, which is faster and more efficient, we also make further customizations than before, new scripting features that may not be available in other hosting providers, which we believe is another advantage for our customers 3x- for replication. Usage data that may not be provided by all hosting providers. Willih Angga (CTO – DomaiNesia) Strengths and weaknesses of DomaiNesia

Ambiguous explanation of daily backups (hint: your website is actually only backed up every 2-3 days, not everyday/daily)

DomaiNesia’s latest hosting price now (Hosting 3.0) with monthly payment terms increased by 25% compared to the previous price (Hosting 2.0)

Istilah Dalam Web Hosting Untuk Pemula

And you can choose to pay for monthly, quarterly, six months to 3 years hosting with the fairest pricing structure compared to competitors.

What does it mean? There is no price game they play to get customers to choose a longer payment term to get a much cheaper hosting price.

Since I started monitoring IDCloudHost server performance in August 2019, I have always said (of course based on data) that IDCloudHost is one of the worst uptime providers.

Hosting Dengan Traffic Visitor Unlimited

I’m just happy to discover the fact that IdCloudHost’s tracking data for the last 12 months shows a stable average uptime with a score of 99.961%. And of all the providers I’ve compared, they’re the most stable at #1.

Best Web Hosting Sites In Singapore

Our main data center is in Bogor since 2020 The main obstacle for data centers in Indonesia is fiber disconnection. At first we thought about a network backup, but it happened that both the primary and the backup were down. , today the connection from our data center to Jakarta / Telkom / APJII / IIX / OPENIXP is a total of 6 different lines, we also experienced 4 dead connections at the same time, but since there are 2 other backups, all maintain user side uptime. We currently use shared storage technology for our Cloud VPS. When the HV / server is down, you can turn on the VPS / Cloud VPS on a non-dead server, which also reduces the downtime of VPS users. IDCloudHost currently has servers in the following locations: DCI IDC BaliFiber DC Atria DC Bogor DC Network Only Cyber ​​​(APJII) Network Only Telkom DC Karet (achieved smooth connections from internal network) Telin 3 Singapore Epsilon DC Singapore Alfian Pamungkas (CEO – IdCloudHost) S

What about hosting server speed? Based on my load testing, the average server response time is pretty good at 1653.4ms. This value is the fastest to #5 out of 16 providers. However, as with other 14/16 providers, server response time is erratic or slows down as the number of virtual users increases, which is not a problem.

In fact, 14 providers also received the same score. The only provider whose average server response time remained stable during the test is Dewabiz.

IdCloudHost’s biggest weakness is its support service. In a recent support test, they wouldn’t fix a bug on a WordPress website that I made on purpose.

Cloud Hosting Ssd

Compared to the previous two tests in 2019 (they were able to fix errors in 22.3 minutes) and 2020 (they successfully fixed the error in 105 minutes) there is a clear year-on-year decrease.

Slow and unreliable support service (rating 0/5). I also found quite a few users reporting the same thing in the comment column about IdCloudHost review.

I think their control panel is a bit slow or unresponsive, same as DomaiNesia. Some users have also complained about the same.

Hosting Dengan Traffic Visitor Unlimited

I don’t think you need the Advanced Pro hosting plan and all the corporate plans. Get a VPS package if you’re already at the corporate level.

Hosting Terbaik Indonesia 2022 (review Uptime & Speed)

The cheap hosting package ie ‘Starter PRO’ has the same package name

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