Hosting Dengan Dua Domain

Hosting Dengan Dua Domain – Some people who simply want to start an online store or run a website for their business sometimes get confused about whether to buy just hosting or to buy hosting and a domain together. Some of you may not know the benefits of buying hosting and domain at the same time. But before we get into the benefits of buying a domain and hosting, let’s step by step explain what a domain and hosting are.

A domain or domain name is basically the same as an actual address. For example, satnav requires the area code or route name in order for the system to navigate to that location. It’s the same as an internet browser that needs a domain name to point you to a website.

Hosting Dengan Dua Domain

Hosting Dengan Dua Domain

There are actually two main elements to this domain name. For example, let’s take the domain name, which is the name of the Facebook website and the .com domain extension. So if you want to buy a domain, you can use your name or your company name as the domain name.

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A domain name is like a shortcut that takes us to a server that currently resides on your website. Without a domain name, people enter an IP address to open and access your website. This is very complicated because IP addresses are actually long and hard to remember. Also, IP names that are too long are inefficient for advertising, right?

Distributed domain name registration is currently managed by an organization called ICANN, which represents the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers. ICANN determines the current domain name extension. He is also the one who maintains the database to keep you focused on where the domain name is going.

Hosting, or what most people call Web Hosting or Rental Hosting, is a rented place to store the data needed for the website so that it can be accessed via the Internet. The data in question can be files, e-mails, scripts, database applications, or even images and videos.

The definition of storage space can be compared to a stand or space in a supermarket. So the manager of the supermarket rents a stall or a place where he has all the equipment, from electricity, telephone and other equipment, so that people can do business there. Each stand or location has its own manager. They also get different decorations and process them in their own way. As with all booth rentals, maximum time and space must be provided.

Perbedaan Antara Domain Dengan Hosting

For example, one of the best hosting providers in Jogja offers such hosting with the best equipment, starting with hardware, website, email and everything else that helps you start or create a website. Managed servers already have multiple clients and each of our clients has a specific disk space or usage level.

Of course, hosting and domain are requirements of every website owner. Both are very important features for a website. That is why having the best domain and hosting is essential for anyone who wants to create or create a website. But what are the practical advantages of buying hosting and domain at the same time?

The first benefit when you decide to buy a domain and host it together is time savings. For website owners who have a lot of visitors or a lot of visitors and are very busy, buying a domain and hosting at the same time is an absolute advantage. Buying a domain and hosting at the same time can save website owners a lot of time. This gives website owners more time to spend on other things that have a positive impact on their website.

Hosting Dengan Dua Domain

Finding the best hosting provider and domain is very difficult for most people today. The options are very scattered, with many attractive offers. With so many options, you will of course need more energy if you have to buy the domain and hosting separately. First, you need to find the best hosting provider. A lot of time and energy to waste. Needless to say, find the best domain provider. If you still want to do it separately, be prepared to lose power when you create your site. This is one of the advantages of buying a domain and hosting at the same time. All you have to do is choose the provider you think is best, then buy the hosting and domain at the same time.

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The next advantage of buying hosting and domain together is that it is cheaper! This benefit is what many have been waiting for. Most hosting providers also offer free domains for the first year. Surely the offer is attractive? Especially for those who have just created a website. Getting a free domain for the first year and a low price the following year is definitely a great deal. But even though many offer cheap and free domains, you still need to check the quality of your hosting. Also, do a little research to make sure the prices being offered are reasonable. It’s better that way, isn’t it? You get it at the cheapest price and below the market price, but it turns out that the quality of the hosting is not good. This will definitely affect your website in the future. Make your website more frequent and you will end up losing a lot of visitors.

The next advantage is special services. Generally, hosting providers that sell domains provide special services to those who purchase both a domain and hosting from their company. Of course, it’s not uncommon for these hosting providers to provide phone numbers so you can call them if you have a problem with your site. You can also get other bonuses like software for your website security. Remember that web security software is also important for your website. This is only true if someone wants to attack your site. With the added “bonus” of making your site more secure. Well, you usually get such special features when you buy hosting and domain at the same time.

Here are some of the benefits you can get when you buy hosting and domain at the same time. But again, make sure you choose the right hosting provider. Check quality and tracking records carefully. One of the poorest hosting providers in the world of hosting services. You can see a good record of big names using their services. Creating a professional website requires at least two main parts: hosting and a domain. Hosting is a place to store web files online. Whereas a domain is the address you need to access a particular website. So you can get both support parts above, services or facilities are required to be able to create a website. This place is Web Hosting.

Of course, many parameters must be taken into account when choosing the service package provided by the web hosting company. In this case, provides the best service, so they are ready to help you, especially in building the site. Niagahoster differs from other web hosts in that, in addition to guaranteeing a fast and reliable web server, Niagahoster makes the domain permanently free for anyone who wants to build a website there, plus full domain admin access. Are you interested?

Cara Menghubungkan Domain Dengan Hosting

In this article, I will try to show you step by step how to order or rent domain hosting at Niagahoster Web Hosting. For that, here is the full review:

1. Please visit official website. You can then click on the Hosting menu or scroll down a bit on the main page to determine which hosting plan you are using. For example, I chose a student package.

2. After clicking the Select Now button. Please specify the hosting package and the duration you are renting with the package. If you click Next.

Hosting Dengan Dua Domain

3. Then enter the domain address and extension and click the Search Domain button. If the domain is available, a message will appear. The good news is that this domain is available. Then click Add to chart.

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4. The data of the hosting package and the ordered domain are displayed on the next page. If you are sure that nothing has changed, click Next.

5. If you do not have a Niagahoster Cpanel account, please register in advance in the New Users menu. But if you already have an account like me, all you have to do is sign in with your email address and password in the form provided.

6. Fill in all purchase information on the Checkout page. Decide which payment method you will use. Don’t forget to check the terms and conditions list. Then click the Checkout Process button.

7. If a page with a thank you message appears, the order process is complete. Check your email inbox that you have registered as a Niagahoster account to find the payment details of the target account number and information about your Ciagel member/Cpanel account in Niagahoster.

Panduan Membuat Domain Dan Hosting Secara Gratis

8. Pay the domain order to one of the accounts recommended by Niagahoster. If you have transferred money, please confirm the payment in your account. Go to the Niagahoster membership page, then click on the payment confirmation menu.

10. And as a final step, fill in your payment confirmation details so that your hosting plan and domain are activated and ready to use.

Now the next step is to rent a domain and hosting from If you already have hosting and an active domain, you can use it to host your website files through the Cpanel hosting tool available on Idhostinger. Or you can install a CMS like WordPress, Joomla or Drupal as you like. However, if you run into any difficulties, don’t hesitate to contact Niagahoster’s live chat department, they are always there.

Hosting Dengan Dua Domain

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