Hosting Comparation Whp

Hosting Comparation Whp – WebHostingPad was founded in 2005 and markets budget webmasters, such as startups or small business owners, looking for a low-cost hosting provider. WebHostingPad is one of the cheapest web hosts on the market.

WebHostingPad’s prices are very low, with their basic plan starting at less than two dollars a month. And at such a low price, you get what you pay for when it comes to their services. WebHostingPad covers your basic needs, such as WordPress hosting, email, and security features. But you’d be wrong to expect them to go above and beyond to protect your data or make your experience special at a low price. So is signing up for WebHostingPad a disaster waiting to happen, or is it a smart move for the budget webmaster? We say, it’s a bit of both.

Hosting Comparation Whp

Hosting Comparation Whp

If you’re reading these reviews, you’ve probably been drawn to WebHostingPad by their extremely low prices. So your question may be, is this too good to be true? Our WebHostingPad review job is to manage your expectations.

Webhostingpad Hosting Reviews November 2022

There are actually very compelling reasons to sign up with WebHostingPad. They aren’t the best in every feature department, but the price of the package isn’t really bad. Consider the low price closely related to every aspect of their service, and you may be pleasantly surprised. But first, let’s talk about the price of WebHostingPad…

Forgive us if it feels like we’re beating a dead horse at this point, but WebHostingPad is very, very cheap. You will not find a cheaper web hosting service at WebHostingPad. In fact, they are so cheap that they advertise on the home page and you don’t get what you pay for – you get it.

Instead of paying. At just $1.99 per month for their basic package, we challenge you to find a cheaper web hosting service. We’re willing to bet that the low prices are what turned you to WebHostingPad in the first place.

WebHostingPad has a very low conversion rate. Most of their customers have been with them for a long time. This is probably one reason why they are so affordable – they don’t have to deal with opening and closing accounts all the time. They open more accounts than they close. They have over 75,000 active customers. That’s saying a lot, since they opened their doors in 2005. They’ve been open for 11 years, which means if you measure their growth directly, they’ve had more than 6000 customers a year – every year since. they opened it.

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The fact that they feature industry standard power at a low price is huge. Having cPanel at your fingertips makes the switch quick, easy and familiar for someone looking to cut costs from a larger web host. cPanel is reliable, has the ability to provide one-click installation (with correct scripts), and works seamlessly with WordPress. Even some high-priced, boutique-managed hosts like Rackspacedon don’t offer cPanel.

It’s always good to see a company offering a 30-day money back guarantee. Although this is standard, some companies do not offer it. If you look at the customer base – them

Customer base – there may be very few customers who want a refund. Maybe less than two dollars a month, why bother stopping?

Hosting Comparation Whp

It is a situation of fraud and chaos and borders that many web hosting companies pay extra to provide the basic security of your data. This is often true of budget web hosting companies, but not WebHostingPad. With their WordPress plan, you get automatic malware scanning and malware quarantine and removal.

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We were surprised to find that WebHostingPad support is provided via live chat. We were very happy to know that they answered our questions in less than a minute. Again we were pleased when the quick responses we received were helpful. That said, we can by no means claim that WebHostingPad’s support is excellent, on average. Their claim is 24/7 support, but it is very difficult to reach them during business hours. And when their server is down (I’ll expand on this later), it’s almost impossible to reach. They are noSiteGround, that’s for sure. But for the price, WebHostingPadsupport is much better than we expected.

There are some major downsides to WebHostingPad, although the very low price, is likely to be a deal breaker for potential users.

On average, websites hosted on WebHostingPad take twice as long to load as those on other hosting providers. This is very worrying when you consider that almost half of web users will bounce from a page that takes more than two seconds. If you’re trying to monetize your website, hosting with WebHostingPad can seriously hurt your conversion rates. In that case, we strongly recommend that you go with a fast and affordable web host. You might pay a little more, but you’ll fill up more with site visitors who don’t bounce. For the best speed in the web hosting market, check out A2 Hosting.

WebHostingPad promises a 99% uptime guarantee. That sounds like a solid guarantee until you do the math and realize that 1% of downtime translates to over 87 hours of downtime per year, or about 7 hours per month. To make matters worse, WebHostingPad will only compensate you with a free service plan for every 8 hours of downtime in addition to their 99% guarantee. That means your website has to be down for 15 hours a month before you get a refund. This number is hard to swallow when you consider that other budget providers often only meet 8 hours of time throughout the year.

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If you depend on your website to be available to make money, such as e-commerce, it is worth paying a service provider with a good time. Better yet, choose one that will compensate you as soon as they go through with their commitment, not after 8 hours of downtime. For an extra dollar and a half per month you can get 99.99% uptime history with HostGator.

Like many hosting providers, WebHostingPad will throw you a free domain name when you sign up. But there are many conditions attached that lead us to advise against taking advantage of this promotion. For one thing, you must use a coupon code, and this code will cancel any other promotions you want to apply. Second, the domain name is only free for one year. After the first year of service, you must pay an annual re-enrollment fee of approximately $15. Since most domain names can be purchased one time for less than $15, this domain name “price” is not really a bargain. If you want to use WebHostingPad, we recommend that you use a different coupon and purchase your domain name elsewhere. You will save a lot of money in the long run.

WebHostingPad may, at our sole discretion, take weekly backups of customer accounts, up to and including 1GB of website files only. This storage does not include email addresses, email accounts, databases, or anything other than website files. Any account larger than 1GB will not be included in any backup service provided by WebHostingPad. If the customer needs to return the backup, WebHostingPad may charge a one-time return service fee of $39.95.

Hosting Comparation Whp

Lawyers note, at first it may not be clear how much the deal is. “one will” means you can’t manually restore your site if you were to, say, reformat it. In addition, 1GB of files is small, and it is limited to website files only, which means you can lose all your emails and data. More than 1GB of files will never be stored on your site. Finally, if you need to restore the backup, you will have to fork over $40 and this will not even restore your emails.

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This type of headache seems to be very common among bargain hunters. CompetitorGoDaddy, for example, has a terrible backup frequency and they also charge you to restore your site. If you are planning to host a lot of important information on your website, do your research before choosing your host.

WebHostingPad advertises free data to customers who want to transfer their website to their services. But actually this is free only for very small data sites: 2GB. And like their backup, this transfer will not include email, FTP addresses, subdomains, or addon domains you may have.

It is in the nature of many people to gravitate directly to the cheapest option available. And if low prices are your main priority in your web hosting search, WebHostingPad is really a good value for that low price. But for webmasters who prioritize speed, uptime, or backup, WebHostingPad will only cause frustration. Paying even more than a dollar a month elsewhere

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