Hosting Company That Have Baremetrics

Hosting Company That Have Baremetrics – Every online business has to deal with a lot of complex data. But doing it manually leads to inaccurate results, frustration, and wasted time. With a variety of business intelligence tools available that perform these complex tasks for you and provide accurate reports for optimal decision making. Two such famous tools are –

Baremetrics is subscription analytics software for companies offering subscription products. It is a SaaS analytics software. It shows all subscription related metrics like Monthly Recurring Revenue (MRR), Customer Lifetime Value (LTV), Bounce Rate etc. which are useful for subscription businesses. For non-subscription businesses, these metrics aren’t very useful.

Hosting Company That Have Baremetrics

Hosting Company That Have Baremetrics

On the other hand, it is useful not only for subscription businesses but also for other non-subscription online businesses. This includes all kinds of online stores, startups, accountants, etc. So business growth metrics are there for everyone. Metrics like total sales, top selling product, top customers, MRR, LTV, bounce rate… 153+ metrics in total.

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Baremetrics started its journey with Stripe integration and offered Stripe analytics and Stripe metrics. Along with the Stripe integration, Baremetrics added three more services to the list – Braintree, Recurly and Chargify. Additionally, it added the Baremetrics API. PayPal support will be added in the future. If you use services other than those listed above and need to upload data to those services, you must use the Baremetrics API.

Started its journey with PayPal integration. It continued to add more and more services and today directly integrates with 15+ services. They include:

In addition, the API allows you to connect to other services mentioned above. Get all your business metrics and reports by easily connecting them to whatever you want.

As a result, Baremetrics directly integrates with 4 platforms, i.e. 2 payment gateways and 2 recurring billing programs. Integrating directly with more than 15 platforms – the most popular payment gateways, popular shopping carts and Google Analytics.

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Your shopping cart or e-commerce platform does not have the most recent and accurate transaction data. The payment gateway is the most authentic source of transactions, but the payment gateway does not have enough product and customer data. Even small errors and omissions give you a distorted picture of your business. You cannot rely on a single data source. You need to consolidate to get an accurate business report.

Combining multiple data sources leads to duplicate data, which can cause errors in the overall count – sales or orders, if no action is taken. Therefore, the deduplication process is mandatory to remove duplicate data records and provide only one matching record.

You can connect multiple data sources to Baremetrics. But combining different sources doesn’t allow you to see metrics from a single data source. You can only see aggregate statistics for all connected data sources.

Hosting Company That Have Baremetrics

You can also connect multiple data sources. The advantage here is that you can see individual statistics for each of your business metrics, as well as combined statistics. includes an automatic deduplication process that removes duplicate data created after combining multiple data sources. So you always get accurate data every time.

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So when you connect multiple sources to Baremetrics, you won’t be able to see individual reports, only aggregated statistics. But with help, you can see individual and combined reports.

Whatever currency you use in Stripe will be set as the default currency in Baremetrics reports, and all other currencies will be converted to it. If you wish to view reports in a different currency, you will need to contact Baremetrics Support.

On the other hand, supports multiple currencies. automatically converts currencies to give you a single currency global dashboard. Be it dollars, euros, pounds, rupees.

With Baremetrics, reports are generated in the currency you use in Stripe. Using , you can directly select the currency for which you want to see reports from the drop-down menu.

Chargebee + Baremetrics

E-commerce analytics and e-commerce reporting are the heart of any business. Most of the data you need for your business is available in these categories. This includes dashboards and metrics, as well as other supporting tools and sales growth metrics.

Aimed at subscription businesses, Baremetrics reports include a global dashboard of all important subscription metrics. Monthly Recurring Income, Annual Rate, Compensation… a total of 20 metrics on one dashboard. Next to the dashboard is a real-time feed of recent transactions – updates, failed transactions, customer rejections, etc.

In addition to the global dashboard, there are separate dashboards for each of the 20 metrics that highlight all the details. These dashboards have beautiful graphs and all the information you need. Undoubtedly, Baremetrics has done a good job here.

Hosting Company That Have Baremetrics

These three predictions are presented graphically along with some other metrics. Again, pretty easy to understand.

Customer Story With Baremetrics

This information includes: customer name and address, links to social media profiles, credit card expiration date, lifetime value, complete transaction history – upgrades, downgrades, etc.

Baremetrics can send you and your team daily, weekly and monthly email reports and notifications to keep you on top of your business. These reports include data such as the customer’s transaction status – whether they have downgraded or canceled their order. Or maybe the payment was unsuccessful.

Recurring billing and payment processing is a challenge for a SaaS business due to many credit card issues such as failed payments, expired credit cards, blocked cards or limit issues.

However, before such a problem occurs, an e-mail is sent to the customer with information about the status of the card, so that a transaction error does not occur when updating or changing tariff plans.

Monitor Your Revenue Performance With Baremetrics

Baremetrics says: One-click order analysis and review, no setup required. But these ideas are not separate. In fact, these are just the metrics discussed in their dashboards and reports section.

Overall, Baremetrics has a nice user interface. Metrics, colorful graphs, statistics are also quite good and necessary for users to understand the business. It also has some other features like cohorts, goal annotations, plan comparisons, and revenue distributions. All of this makes Baremetrics a great business software for subscription businesses.

Using it, you can get a big picture of your business as well as separate dashboards that contain both business information and website analytics in one place.

Hosting Company That Have Baremetrics

In addition to an overview of the business, it offers 6 detailed dashboards covering 153+ important metrics and KPIs. These are:

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With direct Google Analytics integration in addition to payment gateways and shopping carts, you get combined e-commerce and website analytics reports in one place. Such indicators:

The point is that Google Analytics data is too complex to understand and if you don’t track refunds, you’ll end up with the wrong sales numbers. But with , you don’t have to worry about sales numbers or other data. They are always punctual.

Looking for a deal? You will get the search results you want in less than 5 seconds. search works with exceptional speed.

If the payment gateway order management process is getting you stuck, say goodbye to it. Using , you can easily manage the ordering process without any hassle. Stopping, canceling, reactivating and refunding your recurring subscription is easy.

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You can also refund the customer directly with help. Just two clicks and the process is complete. You can even choose which products to get cash back on or what percentage is returned.

Send loans or discounts to customers or transfer money to people in need anywhere in the world. You can easily send them money in the currency of your choice. The only thing required for both sender and receiver is a PayPal account.

Customers are a company’s lifeline, so special attention should be paid to which customers prove to be the most profitable. These customers can be discovered using a unique RFM technique. This is the best way to understand different customer segments.

Hosting Company That Have Baremetrics

After thorough analysis, 11 different customer segments are created – top customers, regular customers, churn customers, lost customers, etc.

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For example, the Champions segment has 119 customers. These customers are your best and most profitable. They shop frequently, spend a very good amount, and have recently made a purchase.

On the customer dashboard, you can see all the customer details you click on – name, address, transaction details, etc.

It also includes RFM analysis. In order to make customer profiles look more attractive and user-friendly, a little more detail should be added. These features will be released soon.

Offers more than just the metrics discussed on the dashboard. But also actionable ideas/development tips that are completely unique and developed based on an in-depth analysis of your business. Here is an example below:

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This includes the deep digital processing of your data, its analysis and the subsequent generation of results. In addition to information and metrics, you’ll also get practical advice from leading business people from around the world.

Has been an audience favorite for the past 6 years and one of the most trusted business intelligence and reporting solutions for all online businesses. Moreover, it is constantly being improved. New innovative features are coming soon. In conclusion, it has a nice UI, attractive dashboards, valuable metrics, integrations, features, etc. It is very easy and convenient for users to understand their business and develop it with the help of the program.

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Hosting Company That Have Baremetrics

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