Hosting Can’t Send Email

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Contact Form 7 lets you send email notifications to you and people who submit your form. However, if you don’t configure your site properly, it’s common to encounter problems with contact form 7 emails not sending.

Hosting Can’t Send Email

Hosting Can't Send Email

In this article, we explain what went wrong. Then, we’ll show you some simple solutions to get your Contact Form 7 emails working.

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Sometimes, it might be better to send contact form 7 emails…those emails go to the spam folder so you can’t see them.

Because email spam is such a big problem, email providers like Gmail have automatic spam filters that flag emails as spam without the need for human intervention.

If you use the wrong reply email or don’t implement email authentication techniques like DKIM, your Contact Form 7 emails can easily fall into this trap.

By default, Contact Form 7 sends emails using the wp_mail function, which relies on your hosting server’s PHP mail function. Some hosting providers like GoDaddy don’t support PHP mail functionality, which is why WordPress can’t notify you about messages on your site.

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Even if your host supports PHP mail, emails sent via this method are more likely to be flagged as spam because PHP mail is not authenticated.

These are the two main reasons why emails are not coming from your website. But don’t worry, in the next section, you will learn how to solve this problem.

This first tip won’t solve all problems, but it’s easy to implement, so it’s worth trying first.

Hosting Can't Send Email

A common reason for your emails going to spam is a mismatch with the email’s sending domain.

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If you’re having a problem with your email, you’re likely to see this configuration error: “The sender’s email address does not match the site domain.”

Generic email addresses are often used to send spam emails. So email giants like Gmail and Yahoo Mail are wary of generic email addresses.

Contact Form 7 displays an error in your form setup prompting you to change the email address.

For example, if your domain is:, your business email address should be:

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Follow this guide to create a business email address. Once it’s ready, open your WordPress dashboard, go to Contact → Contact Forms → Mail → Send, enter the new email address, and save your settings.

Next, check if Contact Form 7 sends you email notifications. Visitors fill out your contact form and wait a few minutes for an email notification to arrive in your inbox.

Your WordPress site’s hosting server is optimized for hosting your WordPress site, not for sending emails from Contact Form 7.

Hosting Can't Send Email

If you want to make your Contact Form 7 emails more reliable, you can use a dedicated email sending service instead. Unlike your hosting server, these servers

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You can use the WordPress SMTP plugin to connect your WordPress site to one of these specialized email sending services.

There are many SMTP plugins to choose from. Below, we list four popular SMTP plugins:

Each of these plugins is free, but you may need to upgrade to the premium version to access some advanced features.

Before we begin, remember to backup your WordPress website. New plugins have been known to break websites. If you have a backup, you can get your website up and running in no time.

Set Up Email With Your Domain Using Cpanel And Free Gmail (or

Install and activate the plugin on your site. A setup wizard should appear. Click Get Started and select SMPT Mailer.

The plugin supports 11 different email sending services and a common SMTP option. Some are free and others are premium services.

In our demo site, we opted for free Google/Gmail mail. By using your existing Gmail account, you can send up to 500 emails per day for free, which is enough for the Contact Form 7 plugin.

Hosting Can't Send Email

You can choose a different SMTP provider if you want – Sendinblue and SendGrid are other popular options that have free versions.

How To Make A Mailing List In Gmail: 12 Steps (with Pictures)

Setting up the Gmail forwarding service is a bit of a lengthy process, as you need to generate a Google Cloud API key to use it. Instead of copying the instructions, we’ll link you to the developer’s documentation. We recommend following it carefully.

At the end of the setup process, you will have a client ID and client secret code that you will need to copy and paste into the setup wizard.

Next, Google will ask you if you really want to associate with your Google account. Select Allow.

Google will warn you that has not been verified by Google. Go to Advanced → (not secure) and select Allow.

How To Use Gmail With Your Own Domain Name (2 Methods, 1 Is Free!)

That’s it, folks. The SMTP plugin is now installed on your WordPress website. Next, you should check if the plugin is working properly.

We recommend sending a test email using the WP Mail SMTP plugin. It is very simple. Go to WP Mail SMTP → Tools → Email Test → Send and enter the email address you want to send the test email to. Then press Send Email.

If the test email fails and the plugin throws an error, it’s either an incorrect client ID or a problem with your hosting server. The plugin developers fixed the bug in this tutorial (in the FAQ section) with instructions on how to fix it.

Hosting Can't Send Email

If you get an email, you’re good to go! Contact Form 7 now sends its emails automatically using a dedicated forwarding service, ensuring they reach your inbox.

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Contact Form 7 Still Not Sending You Emails? Try talking to their support team. If that doesn’t work, disable the current form and use a different contact form plugin.

There are a ton of user-friendly, free contact form plugins available. We have already compiled a list of the best WordPress form builders. Check it out. You are sure to find something that suits you.

Some of you will encounter some errors while fixing the ‘not sending email’ issue. In this section, we’ll dive into why errors occur and how to fix them:

Go to Contact → Contact Forms and you will see the following message: “Incorrect configuration causing mail delivery failure or other problems. Now check your contact form.

Plugins Don’t Send Emails? Why Does This Happen? And How To Solve It?

If you don’t see the message ‘Incorrect configuration causes mail delivery failure or other problems’, the error is definitely caused by your form’s reCAPTCHA feature.

Contact Form 7 only allows the use of reCAPTCHA v3, which can cause various types of errors in a WordPress website. The best way to overcome this problem is to downgrade from reCAPTCHA v3 to reCAPTCHA v2 with the help of a 3rd party plugin.

The error usually appears below the option from the Mail tab of your contact form. You can fix this error by checking the email address for typos and formatting issues.

Hosting Can't Send Email

This is a rare bug and usually appears when a new validation item is added to a plugin. For example, in Contact Form 7 5.1.5, the developer added a check item that prevents users from uploading files larger than 25 MB. After upgrading to that version, users started seeing incorrect configuration error.

What Is An Email Domain?

To fix the error, go to Contact → Contact Forms. The contact form displays the following message: “Incorrect configuration causes mail delivery failure or other problems. Now check your contact form.

If Contact Form 7 is having trouble sending emails, chances are there’s something wrong with the plugin’s configuration.

There are two different ways to solve this problem: you can create a business email address with your domain name and use a new email in your contact form settings, or you can install and configure an SMTP plugin and use a dedicated email forwarding service. .

⚠️ Both of these methods are time consuming, so consider switching to a different content form plugin to save yourself a lot of trouble.

Cloud Email Service — Amazon Simple Email Service (ses) — Amazon Web Services

Questions about how to fix Contact Form 7 not sending email? Let us know in the comments section below!

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Hosting Can't Send Email

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