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Hosting Blogspot – But Blogspot and WordPress are the best. I want you to start your book blog on the right foot and not make the same mistake I did.

In this post, we will compare Blogspot and WordPress for book blogging. Let’s see which one to choose when it comes to Blogspot or WordPress for book blogging.

Hosting Blogspot

Hosting Blogspot

They are a blogging platform. Or we also call them CMS – Content Management System because they manage content for you.

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WordPress holds 60.8% of the CMS market. This is an important number. On the other hand, it’s Blogspot, a Google service.

WordPress and Blogspot are popular among bloggers because they are free and easy to use. The best part is that they are watermark free and allow you to easily switch to other platforms.

If you blog on BlogSpot, your site is owned by Google. I don’t mean your content, but the website. They give you free hosting and free subdomains. It’s like a book on your Kindle. It is there, but Amazon holds the power there.

The likelihood that Google will close BlogSpot is very small. Rare opportunities, but this is their service, and we do not know the future. I mean, look at Google Graveyard.

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You must accept Google’s policies and submit content in accordance with Google’s policies. However, there is no chance for a book blogger to go against Google. These policies are primarily intended for porn sites or websites with modified software.

But they still run their blog and Google does nothing. So you are safe on both fronts.

Everything on belongs to you. Everything, although you have to manage hosting and domain names yourself. With this comes more features and flexibility.

Hosting Blogspot is open source. Nobody owns it. So you have full rights to your book blog. is owned by Automattic and the business model is similar to Google-Blogspot.

Setting Dns Blogspot Melalui Dns Plesk Panel Hosting Anda

Based on this, I recommend choosing as your blogging platform. But if you can’t afford yet, you can choose

Because of the structure of the URL, it’s easier to navigate from to your own site than from Blogspot.

You start your book blog with a domain name like But you don’t need Domain names are not expensive and cost you about $9 per year.

On, you must purchase both hosting and a domain name. But it’s not that hard.

Migrating From Blogspot To Interserver WordPress Hosting

With Blogspot, you get Google Security. You are not stressed as long as you do not tell anyone your password.

On, you have everything here. Therefore, you are also responsible for security. But there are many WordPress plugins to help you.

Blogspot is easy to use. Creating and maintaining a blog is easy. It might seem a bit complicated to start with, but this is But once you get comfortable with Blogspot, you can do a lot of things that you couldn’t do with a free blog on

Hosting Blogspot

There are some features that Google does not allow for Blogspot. To do this, you must learn to program. But in WordPress, plugins do everything.

Dns Error Hosting Problem I Have Blogspot provides several basic templates. You must purchase a premium membership to get more themes or upload your own theme.

Blogspot also provides you with some basic templates and allows you to customize them. There are also many third party Blogspot templates that you can install on Blogspot.

The good thing is that Blogspot doesn’t charge extra for installing external themes. So Blogspot is good here.

SEO – Search Engine Optimization – means optimizing a blog so that book reviews and blog posts appear in Google search results.

Jasa Pembuat Website Landing Page Blogspot Murah Berkualitas Dan Professional

You can only do SEO on a page on and Blogspot. doesn’t let you edit the code, so there isn’t much you can do. Blogspot allows you to edit the code, but there are limits to what you can do.

You are a new blogger. Use Blogspot. I don’t think Google will ever stop the Blogger service. If they do, you can always migrate your blog to WordPress.

Bloggers give you a lot without asking for anything in return. (Excluding some data that may be used to show you certain advertisements). Start blogging with BlogSpot, and when you feel like you’re doing well, move on to WordPress.

Hosting Blogspot

Hello, welcome to this blog. I just write reviews of my favorite books. Also favorite quotes, poems, sometimes other topics, but always related to literature. So join me on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter and connect with me. Both WordPress and Blogger are very popular blogging platforms these days. WordPress is famous for advanced blogging and Blogger is the best platform for beginner bloggers. Blogger is also known as BlogSpot.

Mengenal Apa Itu Pengertian Blogspot

If you are a beginner blogger and don’t know anything about blogging, then BlogSpot is the best platform for you. Here you can learn many things related to blogging.

In this article, we will do a full review of Blogspot and find out what Blogspot is, how Blogspot came about, the benefits of blogging on Blogspot, and more.

Blogger is a self-hosted blog posting platform that allows users to create blogs for virtually no cost. It is now a Google product and you can create a blog on Blogspot using your Gmail account.

Blogger is hosted by Google and obtained as a subdomain from If you’re creating a free blog with Blogger, your blog URL will be “yourblog” will be the name of your blog that you will use in your URL, with the subdomain attached to it.

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If you don’t want to be your subdomain, you can add your own domain. If you are using your own domain, your blog URL will be

Blogspot is available in 61 languages ​​including English including 8 Indian languages. The following table lists all languages.

Everyone wants to make money. You can also make money online through blogging. Blogspot doesn’t have advanced features like WordPress. However, you can make money online with BlogSpot.

Hosting Blogspot

Google Adsense is the best way to monetize your BlogSpot blog. You can also use Amazon affiliate programs. You can monetize your Blogspot blog by promoting Amazon products.

Cara Membuat Blog Dengan Subdomain Di Blogger/blogspot Tanpa Hosting

There are many affiliate programs available in the market. You can recommend these affiliate programs to your readers and you can earn money.

Yes, you can create a blog on BlogSpot for free. If you create your blog on any other platform, you have to pay for the domain name cost, hosting cost, blog security cost, etc. But at BlogSpot, you only pay for the domain name.

If you want to create your own blog with the subdomain, creating a blog on BlogSpot is free. Otherwise, you will have to spend only 600-800 rupees as the cost of a domain name.

Blogspot is a good blogging platform for people who don’t know much about blogging. This is the best platform for new bloggers to learn about blogging.

How To Create A Blog On Blogspot?

Google AdSense is the best advertising network for blogging. Anyone can make money from blogspot with Google Adsense.

Blogspot is best for new bloggers who don’t know anything about blogging, and WordPress is the best platform for those who want to make blogging professional. Sometimes this discussion can be quite confusing. Many users like BlogSpot because it has no technical issues, and many users like WordPress because of its increased power and features. When people ask me which platform to start with, I usually answer:

Start with for a month and once you get used to blogging, launch a new blog on your own WordPress platform.

Hosting Blogspot

Alternatively, you can use as your Launchpad blogging platform, but don’t dwell on it for too long.

Template Blogspot Rasputin

I say this from my own experience because I started blogging with Blogspot and later migrated my Blogger blog to

At that time, there were many attempts to understand WordPress. But now learning WordPress is quite easy with the help of detailed guides, tutorials and videos.

Anyway, in this article, I have shared a detailed comparison between WordPress and BlogSpot, as well as which one is better for specific situations and why.

The Blogger platform (also known as BlogSpot) is very useful when you just want to blog to share your thoughts. When you’re not blogging for money, or you just want a simple platform that doesn’t require any technical know-how, BlogSpot is really great.

Why You Should Start Your Blog On Blogger

While BlogSpot has many limitations in terms of functionality and SEO benefits, if you need a platform to start a blog at almost no cost, then BlogSpot is the right choice.

At the same time, if you’re blogging for money to gain credibility or promote yourself, BlogSpot isn’t ideal. This is because you have limited control over search engine visibility and after a while you become very limited when you want to add new features.

It doesn’t matter if you use WordPress, Blogger, Drupal or whatever.

Hosting Blogspot

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